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not sure what you mean
make sure its 250VAC
prob is, and ZC switch faster, so less noise, more power capability
both shuold be fine
yeah looks ok

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what do you mean size them?
one is a pulldown, anything from 10K to 1M should be fine
the one from the optotriac to HOT controls current into the power triac gate
and then one controls the current thru the led

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04:35 <@Twingy> ok, you don't exist anymore :)
because i dont have kids?
dude, youre gonna die
kids dont change that
so youre genetics live on
who cares?
there is zero reason to breed considering that state of the world today

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meh, screw kids
waste of life

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wait nm i was already in nop
03:13 [freenode] -!- Cannot join to channel #nop (Bad channel key)

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#nop is keyed now?

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new psu and case seem to have fixed the stability issues
i has 3200+ again, yay

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hmm weird

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