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$1.75 rrio 21nv/sqrtHz
offset voltages comparable with LF412/TL072
damn nm
ciz i was shopping for 5V supplies
theres another one thats dual, tho...
maybe all the ones i was looking at were 5V
the datasheet i was looking at for higher must have been for something more $$$
why do you need rrio?
with 18V

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ac-130u: why do you need that?
no im saying why do you need a $5 ultra low noise chip
the ones im using are like $1 and 20nv/sqrthz

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heh wtf

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okay last quote submitted
ac-130u: im getting 20 of the death of cmoy main boards and panel boards
also sandi is coming over

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er, sato
k bbiab

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id assume 1/8W unless you bought 1/4W
just use it on 1/4W parts
like most of the shit is fine 1/8W
low voltages and 10K and above i bet 1/8W is okay
yeah, figure it out for your rails, but parts above around the value and above and parts clamped to lower voltages somehow, 1/8W should be no problem
yeah thats why
1/4W in TH just means 'normal resistor'
ooh, i have bbq
mrtube: im eat and then ill do final quote and pay them
then im play some rFactor historx
ima be takuma sati in a porsche 914

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and the other is fixed
and can reload the other
ac-130u: not always
you can get 0805 in 1/4w tho

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mrtube: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/mrtube_biamp/bi_amplifier_2008.07.3_silktop.png
hmm, no
couple clobbered labels, ill fix
M1, U1, a cap in same area

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macegr: this is amazing
eye blaster into folky bass and HEY HEY HEY HEY

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02:43 <renesis> im doing the eagle now
just sounds wrong
and painful =(
like it?
oh because one sided no vias?
or thru hole plate

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greyhound is prob pretty good at maintenance

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and i really dont think i wanna work in production metyal unless its way high end, and well paying
yeah you can make one i guess
like tie them together
take two keys to work
anyway ima go to work
stupid bus die die die die
haha watch it breaks down now
fucking scary
old shit or new CNG shit?
our cng shit doesnt even smell
its pretty awesome

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solidworks is great for this shit
2.5D, so i dont even gotta learn anything new
they do now =D
heh yeah sure
when i hit him with my set of contracts and said i couldnt work, he seemed sad
first thing was like, 'but theres this software training this for alphacam, in carlsbad, i was gonna go halfies with you if you wanted to go. =('
hahaha, like he wants me to pay for half of the software training
which i might, depends how much and where, but ima see if i can just get him to pay, cuz wtf
if i wasnt being the AI compenent of the ultimate mexican powertool, id have time to learn the software 100%
well it does alot of stuff
and surely there is tricks which arent well documented
also i can stamp on a resume
no idea, i just used its default lib stuff
alphacam seems pretty standard in wood industry

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one because of the excess data from the other
cutxz perfect but it would do one part of the curve at 400ipm
then come back and do the mirror part at 60ipm
so i think its overlap in the polyline segments
alphacam will connect automatically, prob what the G2/G3 bullshit is
well, supposedly its a precision issue when going from autocad to alphacam
but yeah, its my job to decrease waste
directly stated to me
auto nesting is as bad as autorouting
its just not that smart
so what needs to happen is we need to cut like 2 or 3 orders at once
instead of single orders
its also complicated because we use 3 diff types of wood
so doing small orders one at a time, there will be waste because you only need a small piece in one type of sheet
just wasteful doing single orders at once
also file management is non sane
all files in one dir
and not part based
sheet based
so i have to convert all the old old designs into parts
so i can insert them one at a time into sheets, as many as i need, without designing over and over
which is what im doing now, from floor worker drawings

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so when the wifi net goes down, i cant use the cam app
no its fucking bullshit grafted onto obsoleted bullshit
i dont wanna play with it because i dont even know wtf is going on
i think my office is wifi to the lower office
and eth to the cnc
maybe thru a linksys 1u rack router or switch
they also have a WRT thing, little blue guy
some windows 2k server on a pc prob 15 years old
rawking a 640x480 13" monitor and shit
theres no reason i should lose my link to the cnc
itd be better to use rs232 direct than this failshit
tho this is better, just normal file management
but the controller is fail, dos looking, on xp, and drip fed program from an rs232 app on the same machine
and i think its lagging out
cant spit code fast enough into the controller software
like i did a .1" segment polyline 109" long
converted spline wavy curve
and itd fly thru sections
then totally fuck up for awhile
tho it might be G2/G3 ending up in the poly line code somehow, cuz of precision fuckups, or both problems

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obviously, because he didnt know wtf he was doing
also, boss says holz-her service is great
so i dont understand why no maintenance was done
its all in the manuals and the only stuff im not sure about im sure the service techs can tell me in 10 or 20 minutes
just what grease to put where and what it is that we have already
nothing is labeled and the shelves are a mess
its like a treasure hunt
i found alot of stuff tho, but no cdrom with the programming manuals =(
their shop is there shop
this is my office
the former realm of bernardo, CAD ninja gone back to argentina
and then mr whatley
mr cnc fail, bant from the steel industry
bernado left me alot of good drawings
unfortunately theyre on the file server
and the system, is down
(dunana nuh)
fuck that
i got a usb floppy
to post to the cnc controller
and my files are local
thats not my job
they got a guy called arsen to do that
he seems ok, hes their software guy
i think everything except alphacam is from him
for some reason the alphacam dongle is on the bosses pc
wifi linked or some bullshit to the workstation in my office pod

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ramone def the boss
they all cool tho, a couple speak ok english
it doesnt matter, working the machine
too loud for speaking so its all hand gestyures and facial expressions anyway
in tech it doesnt matter so much
they know how to draw and write in inches
and manuel can verify what im drawing is correct
we havent scrapped very much
pretty much
its one of GD&T's goals
non ambiguity thru symbols
i need to make cad templates
his first tech was maybe ok with the machine
but he was a really good draftsman
i dunno what the 2nd guy was doing
breaking shit, browsing the web, downloading music, failing at warez
alot of the tools werent even unwrapped
and you can tell shit was left out on the floor for awhile
grease guns caked with sawdust
i guess he left
boss said the machine intimidated him or some shit

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like, when i removed the sidepanels okay the chrome tubes
okay the chrome tubes
but when i removed panels from the machine, they were like what are you doing?
'oh wow, the old guy def didnt do that'
haha neither did i, i couldnt fit
like my chest gets stuck 2" past my shoulders
the little guy, emilio, just jumps in there and crawls over the internal steel square tubes
im kinda thicker than average person tho, like my ribs and shoulders
i thought id be to fat, haha
but i couldnt even get past my upper rib cage
and my arms to short, couldnt get the rag around the screw
and i wouldnt feel comfortable pulling on it from one side like that
it autolubes
ramone told him
he kinda seem annoyed, he was stapling some shit together

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i redid it, shit is perfect now, good machine
shit controller
on long programs i think theres drip feed lag
tekrad: link to which?
they might have them there, i can maybe get one
ac-130u: heh
i think my job is to flip the shop
its backwards now, ALL design is done by the guys on the floor
im basically like the AI for the cnc
im just another shop tool
the operator comes up with drawings
and i program them, in alphacam
autocad to alphacam import if its anything involved
well, they dont say anything
i dont speak spanish dude
this is dfrawings and numbers
and the tech is a floor worker, knows the designsa
he verifies
i should be printing it and showing it to ramone
there his designs, now
all in his head
i like the floor workers, boss can be a prick but now that pay is sorted and he knows i know m shit, hes alot cooler
hes not really a tech
hes just the guy that pushes the button
the old tech wasnt a tech
he was just a lazy cad draftsman, i think
he didnt know how to do CNC, its pretty clear

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so yeah, i show up at 11a, 4 hours later than the floor workers
cut a board i setup day before, go up and do a cad floorplan for cleaners
boss isnt bothered im late, and sounds happy that i even showed up
and i think is even maybe happy about it because hes paying me less
not pcb
sec, pics
thats mostly what they do
all the cabinets and trims, for cleaners
i run this...
directly previous generation of that
thats a 515, ours is a 510 from 2004
they already broke it a little
popup pins to locate boards and, you can see 3 under the edge od the vacuum board in that pic, same as ours
also there are bakalite composite tool holders in the carousel
2 are broken
well, missing
and 4 are upstairs
dude tooling data was ALL fucked up when i got there

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also did you get you board?
prob today if not yesterday, think its 2-4 days
works, thanks

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is hadron in there?
theres prob linked bots in there
thats lame stu doesnt even go there

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