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ccfl_man: morning
eggsalad: how r u
nice ear

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okay, mr tubes stuff is paid for
they said they would start the job tomorrow
oh look
it is 9am
time to be respectably late to dnb

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and you need to work some amount of hours here before they will cert you
kk, going to race for a bit, then ima bother china and go to dnb
tvs are weird
ive had ones with buggy firmware
but yeh, our shit always fuckin up
stupid super digital control things

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thats neat
sometimes i think i should learn about electrical shit
like city codes, and shit, work for some guy to get my hours for a cert
cuz yeah, CNC machines always involve wiring into a building
yeah but its the hours
you need to work before they give you your paper
im already dne with the education section of some higher tier electrician
some state program
yeah but i dont really want to do house stuff
i want to do machine installs and maybe shop wiring
because i know the electronics and software for the control shit, and the machining stuff ok, and have an AS in cnc programming
so if i could install them, too, i could prob get a decent job as a cnc tech for some manufacturer
yeah but you have to remember alot of stupid code stuff
which turns out isnt usually so stupid

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okay when i go out to music
if its a standing room club, i will crowd the floor speakers
so i feel all the base, but the tweeters fire behind me
those things will kill you
i dont think very many places setup the system with a guy on the floor
sucks =(
big places they usually have the sound guys in a little booth in the middle of the audience
that works
yeah tv drivers usually just mids and thrashy highs =(
they are getting better, heh
i think i want to get an 80s ghetto blaster
and redo the power sections, and stuff the fuck outta them
heh @ 60A

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im sure
its not like theres anything special about good designs that could have been done 50 years ago
well, magnet tech
but everything else is just coils and materials
heh, weight, w00t
they sell stereo with shitty little cabs now
and like 6" speakers
wai =(
theyll give you like 5 or 7 of them i guess to make up for it
what dome material?
wow neat
my silk ones never sound harsh or ringy
im pretty sure most pro audio tweeter drivers are metal
sometimes that shit will ring funnym, drive me nuts

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they jumped out of my backpack =(
i need to get my hearing checked
this is 10" 5.25" and 1" silk dome
i put new mid and high drivers in
dunno i really like the highs
but i dont really like highs
like my cabs are under my desk
so the tweeters cant hit me
most the impressive shit ive heard was pro audio stuff
either really tight sounding small venue or just wtf massive setups
walls of vega earthquakes with end to end 2x15+horn things on top
heh, transformers

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i hate house
and breaks is like slow drum n bass, kinda
i dont mind it
i guess they do breaks sundays at the same little bar
i might check that out too
house is like the definition of a non intelligent drum beat =(
for eternity
tho house the mouse girls in jeans shakin their asses
if i drank more, im sure id be just as into it as my friends =\
think ima buy some real 10" drivers (fischer cabs, heh, remember?)
and then use the biamps boards inside
oh it doesnt have a c
all i had was shit stereo systems as a kid
so anything half decent sounds awesome to me
tho i really miss having good headphones

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im trying to get china to respond like, i want to order pls to say gimme money
maybe they took this saturday off
theyre little msn guy is like (Offline)
im going to up the street, some guy in #dnbradio pointed out there is drum n bass up the street from me
tonight at 9p
cant miss that

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rab: no
floppy cable
single sided board bridged with pin headers
i used project jumpers and then scotched taped them together
jumper boa rds with pin headers
like the sli things

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usually diode bridge and a cap
and inductor with most smps config

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okay thats way more complex
you dont wanna use a superfat transformer, probably
prob with switched fets
resistors in series with fets
that block diagram is basically what you want to build

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okay i can prob do that
snap some clear pics of the top and bottom, try from like two angles each

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sorry phone
ok so what exactly did you want done
reversing the motor controller thing?
22:25 < dip> San Fernando Valley dnb tonight mang
22:26 < dip> 5507, Reseda Blvd Tarzana, CA 91356
thats like, 1mi from me

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i have rFactor HistorX installed and setup
hey china prob awake now
but yeah, i did 3 laps around machwerk figuring out realtime realfeel mod plugin setup
my fucking god these games are useless without feedback
like you cant feel the car, so you steering input has nothing to do with road condistions or car orientation

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