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no not for a job
to send jobs to
i just want a place that can put holes in sheets of metal and stamp it out and press it into chassis pieces
ok wasnt sure, heh
yeah i think thats prob what will end up happening
theres gotta be like a chinapcb place but like, chinacnc
oh, huh
yeah i never really thought about that, local places prob looking for more work
well, now you have a cnc shop for everything, cuz people cant really make alot of shit now

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i need a chinese place that will fab rack chassis for me
dammit dx
youre the mechanical engineer
but yeh i have no idea where to find these people, either
Need CNC Programmer / Machine Shop for Archery Components, Need to start ASAP
haha yeah, it popped up when i googled beijing machine shop
if that craigslist had more users it maybe be a way to find machine shops there that spoke english

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lianli = manufacturing ninjas
also i guess my instability issue was the psu, cuz with the 650W coolermaster thing it runs at 3200+ and ddr400 fine

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the fit/finish of my lian li easily makes this the coolest $100 ive spent on a pc
like, when i pull the front face off to dust the fan sceen, it just politely pops off
it doesnt feel like im breaking something
goes back on same way, with like zero interference with drives and bay covers
also i looked close at how they made the little front panel jack door snap shut perfect
its because that shit fits exactly perfect and the little handle to pull it open keeps it from pushing thru
thats pimp, if thats lasts a year im never going to buy another type of case again

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you cant get it working anymore?

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timecop: k
like what?
spi dac, wavetabs, tiny chipamp
heh, boost psu for buzzer!

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laundry is defeated
and chinapcb has emailed me like, they started the order, not to worry
wtf like normally i am supposed to worry or wat?

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twingy: yes, sometimes almost boiling

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we have solar water on our roof
also someone keeps jacking up the hot water heater
yeahbut its way hot at night
prob closer to 180
heh, we have an electric water heater in our kitchen sink

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hello der mr timecop
so when is your next fail schematic for me to work on?
you can pay me in the chinaDSO instead of money

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dx^: hallo
sota and felix are from cars
im trying to remember what felix was about
but sota was here cuz he wants to talk to twingy about panel stuff
sourbot is joshua_'s, im pretty sure
laundry, mostly
yes most of it
but we have mul;tiple washer/dryer
so it goes pretty quick
down some stairs and maybe 10 yard walk
we have side load washers now
awesome washing performance
its faster to use the buildings
because can do loads in parallel
blogger is timecops lordpil.com spybot

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the mig i used at school had big 3 phase twist lock plug

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those plugs crack me up

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twingy: http://www.motoredbikes.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=6667&d=1209942822
has freewheeling crank and rear hub
datz510 from #cars doing that
hes gonna play with some air motors to make a tiny supercharger for it, heh

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neat @ land
i need to flip my room so im close to the a/c
this is gonna suck
annoying, not so helpful, ill blow the breaker more
because like you rob the intake as much as you blow the cold air
i made a vent
er, duct, like a manifold thing
that dumped out by my chair and pc
but it made the cardboard cold more than it cooled me off

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well, yeh
cleaning my room
its sad how much stuff isnt trash
grey yellow white
that works

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yeah weird i think the tl494 is switching transformer coils which are coupled to switch larger transistors which push-pull thru another set of transformers
which feed the psu rail outputs and 3.3V regulators
and the feedback source for the TL494
so the main switches and rectified mains rail are isolated
likely you can do this way simpler without the custom transformers, heh
im not sure...
but i think they are using ripple voltage off the isolated mains for the 5V transformer
so 120Hz input instead of 60Hz
hmm im not even sure whats going on there, really

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its swtching thru a coil, i think

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czechs reverse and fix atx psu instead of buying new ones
fucking hardcore.

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i think so im just cleaning up and playing videogames today
if i do work its on the nc so ill be like 5ft away
yeh fires r bad
i need foods

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oh hai
fuck what was the trigger...
he has a script hooked up to something monitoring the inverter
itll give enbergy savings in like, money, barrels of oil, coal tonnage, and i guess calories in a twinkies
hes at several Ktwinkies
who knows

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