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14:58 <@Rab> Analog TV is the new frontier since commercial broadcasting is turning off here in February 2009.
wait omg
we can has analog rab?

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oh guys i forgot to say yesterday
tony snow is dead
you can start dancing in the streets now

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you get to make icons
i figured china out
its like $50 min tooling, and then unit cost has to do mostly with board size
i think options are like $5-20 each added to tooling
like color masks and 2oz copper
you burn that reset pin?
ghettoboard hell
test with dmm?

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like you pot row of button below or on the side and define their function with the display
oh yeh what you said
do it like that

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i did their leaf/drop corporate-accepted yin yang logo
yeah 8 at 7 char tall and a 1px space
21 chars across
5 wide with single px gap
graphics, bishniggy
you know what would be the shit?
soft keys

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motocycle batteries.
i think i wanna solidworks a gokart
electric gokart
tho ive never done the add-on shit
but i can do assemblies and shit fine
assemblies is fun
learn mates
yes rly
if its mated it should work right
and if you mean move while mated, yeah fuck that ill figure that out when im bored
you can mate things smart and turn boundary detection on and it basically does that
maybe it sucks at existing
but yeah i need to get better with modelling weirdly curves irregular shit
with 3d stuff in general
heh, boss has me doing 2d logos in CAM now

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blackmoon: omg fool
switches work better than changing them
you have like 5 main batteries and a reserve
and like cascaded switches
no i was thinking those little sub miniature dealies
the ones not so miniature, little paddles
hahaha @ 750cc

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mrtube: hai
starting schemas now
well, finishing schemas now

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draw it like a sane person
stubby schema ftl
i cleaned the bathroom =(
well for like 4 days
a month ago
weed economy is as fucked as the real economy
real economy and medical herb shops have jacked everything up

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dx^: hai sup
01:34 <@BlackMoon> its not my fault STUpid banned him.
haha @ STUpid, i cant believe i didnt think of that or see that before
yeh i feel stupid about it
what do you need sir?
hai u

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i made little panel boards with breakouts for 3 aps/bourns/panasonic 12mm dual pots and an led
ill have pics later
today is like document that and mrtubes boards day
also i ficed my dc jack lib
it was backwards, lib fuckup not pcb editing fuckup =(
thats still unfixed
also aluminum female threaded hex standoffs in many sizes are really cheap at mcmaster
cuz yeah only way to do jacks proper seems to be to do boards floating 7/16" up with shit on the bottom

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it felt like an english essay until that
okay bbl
ill see if i can find the asm i did
the serial comm shit is dome im pretty sure, its just the data fetch that might not be 100%
tho i think when i left it, it just needed test data to run
my sister moved in an my shit got buried
macegr: i order headphone amp stuff
i put the preamp and the headphone amp in one board
with DC jack and enough space for 9V

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i have asm i havent finished testing
i think it just needs color/config data
and i think it may still be horrible space inefficient with the data (because the config word resets)
but yeah looked fine on the sim thing, i gotta go like right now tho, dr apptment
macegr: i think its fake
Tucked in a folder of an old notebook at the very bottom of the box was the essay that follows. Written in longhand, it was the first assignment from the first class in my first semester.
right its a class essay for a teacher
english class
and frankly you dudes out there reading this, if you are not making use of this kinda help then you are not getting full value outta your chick.
no thats before the bottom
its two paragraphs above the ***************************************
its an odd thing to say in an english essay
oh i thought you were saying maybe thats when i said that
yeah but he never says anything like hes writing this for people, until there

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nd that.s how I ended up with the tattoo of the swastika and WHITE POWER on my arm, right up there by the bicep.

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Anyways the best thing that happened to me this last summer was when I finally got outta prison based on that DNA evidence.
this guy is awesome

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i was thinking 8800gt
because it sounds like gf4 ti4800 in terms of value
and supposedly pretty low power even in SLI
other people been saying the gx2 and single core version
i might just do pair of 8800gt tho
hai, reading
jezus fuck i hope so
im trusting you
dude i to go in 30minutes im not sure its possible
well, whatever reading bbiab
no dont spoil not reading not reading (no really i still look at the keyboard when i type, habit)

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i figured out how to do true scaled prints in autocad at work the other day
so does that make me a professional draftman now, or wat?
(secret is the viewport parameters.)
you think its like two sets of view scales, but really its 3 and the one you dont know about is the only one that matters
blackmoon: what gpu(s) did you end up getting?
i need to figure that out soon

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yeah you can go faster or slower with cutting fluid
you can use higher speeds and feed faster, the tool gets the same chipload
runs at higher heat
oh, yeah too brittle
carbide breaks more than it wears
like, you can ruin a tool and still finish a job sometimes
because itll still cut with the sharp broken edges
itll look awful but itll do it
oh, yeah prob took the edges off
like, if you can get a working speed/feed setup, carbide lasts awhile
its neat, my welding instructor did a demo for us
i dont remember so much but i think my textbook has a bit about it
but yeah go pretty light and keep an even feed rate
it shouldnt make too much noise or feel loaded

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try 1000rpm or so
i usually do like 1000rpm or so and feed at like 5-10ipm or so
that size endmill
not deep, on my machine i usually do like .005-.025 cuts
they dont pull current
on the control pin, is the big diff
theyre like variable resistors used in linear applications
you can go quick
about 2x the heat of HSS before they just eat it
but typically, you wanna feed as fast as possible
because it means you finish the job in less cuts
yeah also youre not loitering
its like electronics, its mostly heat management

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hallo der
blackmoon: sup?
join #motoredbikes
datz510 has a pretty neat setup
hes currently shopping for compressed air motors to run backwards for superchargers
yeah above 1/8" shank is usually same diamater as the cutter
hmm, depends on feed
if its centercutting, yeh
you wanna go pretty light, tho

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