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i want a wide lcd
its be nice to have usable desk space again
dual 17" is hella functional but wtf at footprint

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ok hopefully china will respond by morning
rab: b will break her, for sure
macegr: shes a lesbian =(
er mrtube gone
my english teacher
no i dont think she brought it
and were not talking
cuz i dont want to have same fucking failconvo anymore
im gettng a new pc after i get a car

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i emailed english teacher icanhascheezburger.com
i wonder if it breaks her
shes a girl, so she obviously likes kittens
mrtube: haha
i got a c in her glass
like 2 semesters ago or whatever

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i want to sw a gokart
i need to buy a new hose and airgun for the cnc
we have fat leaky host and an unscrewed airtool nozzle
thats neat
how many days?
theres is this story on NPR
about a downs syndrome girl with a little CNC business inside her dads shop
they do frames and i guess custom wood shit
macegr: eh?
i meant mrtube
ok need sleep
so i almost have enough for any 90-93 accord i want and insurance
i think i want a coupe
heheh @ 13KTwinkies

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water for me
thats the one with the coily tube with silica sand or whatever?
and it takes bigger shit longer to suck thru
yeah they showed us that like, OK RLY LOTS OF $$$ DO NOT BREAK OR CLOG
i have to sleep
my sony needs digital volume control
ya rly
floor workers doing 5a-1p tomorrow
sometimes bossguy or office lady stay til 3p
no 4:30
i ride like a mile then take dedicated road high speed bus to a limited stop rapid line and then ride the last mile to work

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yeh its not so hard
thermocouple based vreg
it was actually wtf easy with the calibrated amp
i dunno what id test in a gc
water for plants, i guess

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o shit
you have a gas chromatograph?
nuh uh
that shit got me out of full days of class
and i wasnt even doing anything wrong
see sometimes misbehaving pays off, yo
when i was in high school i got training at occidental college to use one
and ran 6 periods of school lab as TA for a few days
that thing was so neat

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you has teh paste?
yeah, heh
is it dirty?
macegr: hai
thats a good idea
you have a garage to run it in?
k pls to have fan or something
cleaning machines is fun =D
what kind of ui does it have for programming?

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macegr: is that the one we went to?
that was maybe the best thai i ever had
only complaint was not enough chiken satay per order
well, sometimes
only because it reminds me of bubble tea in quebec

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ha @ shades of moon

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