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rab: i did not see the Z
<3 1st gen Z

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haha @ stu dragging a fiesta

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dx^: nice stubby schema
dx^: you want me to reroute from scratch?
prob go much faster since i dont have to go nuts over the via shit

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ima have an organ donor dot on mt license anyway
cuz like my best friend is instructed to make sure i am burnt at all costs
so if anyone needs parts
oh wait you didnt say organ donor
maybe it is called diff in canada
or no maybe i think you tricked me

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maybe hardware dependent, fuck knows
i dont think they fixced lib editor
ok no choice
must learn CLI eagle
if i never come back it means the germans asploded my hed, k
yeah sure iunno

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okay guys
so eagle 5
they made right click menus in editor
they changed to alpha blending but for some reason this needs white background
oh no shit, tit finally has part locking
wow new era shit
they seem to have pimped device name/value/attribute/whatever stuff
# The DRC now always checks all signal layers, no matter whether they are currently visible or not.
that wasnt default behaviour?
* The default output format for EXPORT IMAGE is now PNG on all platforms (on Windows it used to be BMP).
blackmoon: cmon did you know that?
eagle has select all
well im def going to download it now
omg i hope so WTF was that about?
and its way bigger than that
well, kinda bigger

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omg fine
its ok you like GA Tech so you will stay longer!

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has a vacuume table on it?
wood cnc is pretty neat
watch out wood cuts is like papercut from the devil
yeah the thing at work is a pretty normal rs274 interpreter
some differences, but thats kinda normal
so like gimme notepad and autocad and i can make that shit do anything
i have to use cam app at work tho =(
pay for ticket and i can have your room till you get evicted?
k i will think about it ask tomorrow
is my day of i prob work on your board thing
do laundry
clean room
work on car
oh damn
i didnt think i was going anywhere!
i have to mail the porsche 917/30 model to tigeraid, too
he gonna do that shit up with darker tech logos and paint scheme
haha hes gonna hate doing it but im paying him

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dx^: i have day off tomorrow
i guess they are ahead of schedule now
like maybe he thought i was gonna spend two days cutting those table tops or some shit
they have one at techshop?
and how giant
mine is like 5x12 or something
is that real RS274 NC or proprietary junk?

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Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 0%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 100%
#cars found that at the same time

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nail via

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man what should i do for 15 minutes
i cant rute your board i only have wood cnc software here
and fb2k
oh and putty tray
omg thank god i dont have to bike/bus home today
all my pr0n at home
tho i dont see why i cant use my usenets acct from here

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wait whats stu's weight
im probg like 240 right now
er, iunno maybe not i been working for 2 months
might be closer to 220lbs again
i cut 25x 1" SHEETS TODAY
oh thats alot
that might be bigger than the biggest chick ive boffed
stu doesnt look that big unless the pics i seen are like from 5 years ago
but yeah wtf, wood is heavy!

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thats the best one
theres also this bubble gum flavor drink by another company
i dont like it as much but some people <3 that shit
im going to google for sevs around here and go pick up some cigs
car is so neat!
bike range was like, two liquor stores only had camel filters and marlboro reds
i have to pull out previous owners fail stereo, fix or disable the auto antenna
put my alpine mp3-cdrw player in it

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