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hahaha @ safety goggles
heh yes
k im going to go sleep and do the epson soak thing in the morning
stupid big nerves
stupid muscles

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last night, yeh

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dx^: shitty

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honda clutches are easy
just kinda drop
im going to try and do a ton of little things this weekend
maybe try and do the timing belt
have to remove most accessory belts, heh

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mrtube: hai
havent mailed boards =\
stuck at home, sciatica bullshit
big huge nerve comes out of your back splits and goes down your legs
i have some issue with my tendons pinching it against my hip or something
like, im not sure if its because i was doing somewhat heavy lifting
or because i stopped riding my bike
its happened a few times because i stopped riding my bike
ha, yeh
loys of people say that
if i had a manual i wouldnt even try and go to work tomorrowq
its my left leg, and i have an auto
ive been playing racing sim with my good leg for a few hours

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they always have cute girl persons working there
i bet they are happy to see non gheys!
the paaaaaain!
haha man i got my new license
i hadnt shaved in a few days!
also my hair is poofy

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car head?
shaved head?
wtf are you talking about
i need to go to beaty supply shit and get something to get my hair to behave
like hairgel that doesnt dry out so much
i can use three flowers, like an essay
get a hairnet, too
*beauty supply shop

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think its worktime for him
i like obama
even if he is just a tool to impliment globalization
scary shit, he has charisma, he potentially has more hitler capability than little bush

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macegr: omg scary

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