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its a bleeder nipple moon =(
like, if you fucked it up, your brake system is no longer a sealed system
your brakes are fail!
and next time you do your drums there will be mud, oh yeh
so um
theres these little pegs i guess for a spring to attach
3 of the shoes have them
one doesnt
my parts are fail
heh, i had to come up to get my respirator

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bastards fuckers
honda says use special tool to install drum spring
die die die die die
i will inspect
if they have alot of shoe left, im like fuckit
also i asked the guy for wheel cylinders and he didnt get them
those things are always fucking up
fuckin cheap ass bleeder nut metal, corners are almost stripped

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you prob have to take apart the suspension a little bit =(

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they dont say how fast the bikes go
man thats so bad for bikes =(
like, she *looks* like shes going fast
imagine getting your fin stuck in the chain
omg its blue out
time for cornflakes and drum brakes
then i get to do front pads
thatll prob take like 15min
i think there was an accord with rear disks
i needs that!
i should find out of they just bolt on

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The Russian-invented design -- and both inventors are also part of the Wavecrest management team -- is surprisingly simple and scalable. In the bicycle hub motor, which is essentially the same width as a standard bicycle rim, they are lined up in tandem pairs around the center of the motor. In future automotive versions, the pair will be rotated ninety degrees and then stacked together in multiple rings. The more rings the more powerful the mo
yeh cuz in soviet russia, wheel powers you
youd have to hook a cell phone to some sort of crossbow thing
war movies about mufuckers going over handlebars with 150 lbs of gear on their back
i wonder if any navy seal peoples cant ride a bike
i dont think they ever train at that
so like theoretically, maybe some special forces peoples cant ride a bike
im pretty sure
but not very fast youd prob just wheelie alot
need like a special bike
oh, like those ones you sit down in
with your feet forward and up

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build it into a cf wheel
they make them now?
so my friend noted that maybe since my hip things only happens when i stop riding my bike
i should just not stop riding my bike
like i should exersize on purpose, not just because i have to go someplace

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did i show you pics of datz510's bike thing?
hes got a 2 cycle motor on it
and frywheel crank and rear hub
chain from the motor, mounted in the middle of the bike, to the crank sprocket
yeah i should go to sleep more
take some aleve and chill until 10 or something
monorail tire?
hahaha nice
like a pc fan
easy to do analog
well, yeah the hub motor thing is
but its a packaging advantage
its all unsprung weight, tho, so its prety bad for handling
macegr: just need mounts that wrap around

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i havent gone over handlebars since a kid
tho ive been thrown forward because the bike wheel got pulled to one side and bike kinda fell away
also the robinson was soooo light
you could do turns way to fast if you leaned
but if you start pedaling to early, you would catched the concrete with the tip of the pedal
and the bike would lift up the rear wheel
so all you forward momentum is into the front wheel or sliding the bike out
anyway that always ends me sitting on my ass watching the bike flip sideways out in front of me
you have to lift the inside wheel to turn like that on that bike =\
cuz the cranks so long, but the bike chassis is so low

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new pads?
yeah bike brakes can be stupid to adjust
if you wheels arent true its like impossible kinda, heh
cuz of the engine?
see if you can get a wheel with more spokes if that one ever becomes useless
they make them for crazy downhill mofos
my bmx has more spokes than normal, im kinda abusive to it, wheels are still straight
oh yeah, thats true
yeh careful
i like back brakes on bikes

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drums are useless
drums dont have enough stopping power to make a car jerk
stfu =O
i dont think that was the pads, quite honestly
that was likely the metal shims that the pads mount on
yeah change your brakes, stupid people
even girls can change pad brakes
he was just on drugs
tighten everything the fuck down
the slide on pins
nothing needs to be loose
yeh rly
the brake pads on the honda are really thick
i was impressed
new old accord honda compared to civic honda
thats so unecessary
cuz you can lock bike brakes with almost anything

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you should switch at audio freqencies so it makes noises like bugs in a jungle
pcb algae, fere
i need to do my brakes today at least
car is all up on stands ready
im doing the rear drums
h8 drums
haha jenny was like OMG THEY DIDNT STOP USING THOSE IN THE 1800s!??!
see why isnt auto industry smart like her?
wai wai wai wai

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most efficient, shouldnt matter how many LED are on it if the smps can deal with the input voltage
and then they usually have protection for over voltage and short circuit
well, switchers work down to pretty low speeds
avr is prob capable of doing 100KHz feedback pwm + stuff
yeah your original reason is still prob the most interesting one
just to use the pll timer
i was thinking of making a discrete smps thing
like, counter with an r2r for the saw waves for the pwm comparator
well thats easy those go like 5 million MHz

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sry i been like passed out i think, not sure
using adc for feedback?
dunno seems like a waste pof a tiny, but then again almost everything is so i guess its neat
wat problems
and its capable, more than likely, and maybe even good with external comparator for feedback
most smps use a way slower pwm period
led ideally you would use a low vref switcher in current smps mode

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injuries should be bant, wtf
ha like i was all okay yesterday until jenny came over and i decided to kickit and watch movies with her for like 4 hours
then it got all stiff and broken cuz i wasnt moving, aleve was wearing off
thats a really fucked up way to find out that a pain killer is working =(
wait wat

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macegr: neat
okay so i think ive figured this shit out
it starts as a nerve tendon interference issue
stretching an axcersize can fix that
but it usually turns into a sore/echy joint/muscle thing cuz of the way i limp on it when its messed up
excersize and stretching make that worse, that needs rest and anti-inflamatory pain killers

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dx^: it stopped being a tendon/nerve interference thing
now its ju7st a joint/muscle ache thing

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honda service manual doesnt mention special tools
it has marks
it even has UP with an arrow on one of the pulley spokes
so you know which side is TDC

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you made me feel guilty for healing >[
okay timing belt replacement doesnt look hard
its just a bitch because you have to remove accessory belts and valve cover and timing belt cover and unmount a few of the accessories
i love how in the honda service manual it says 'Special Bolt' like ALL the time
every other assembly has special bolts
wtf 'remove side engine mount' no wai
its a honda its easy
(i has a service manual, feer)

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dx^: =\

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leg seems functional again

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