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rab: seattle yay
you should get sonme teriaki pancakes and some teriaki soda

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oh i gotta mail his and tigeraids shit
yes for a bit now
and i always done computer shit for people for pocket money
haha only thing i ever failed at was this laptop that would not want to install xp
i gave dude his $20 back (he is sisters close buddy)
he took it to a shop, he called two weeks later
'ugh, itll take longer'
i think its got a phoenix vista bios lock
no i still have that job
i didnt go for two days last week
because of my sciatica bullshit
i just do computer shit for people i know
used to be pretty regular but i try and stay away from that now
too much time

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yes i changed the oil pressure switch
and while i was parking, the dummy light started blinking again
so either a bad connection/wire
which is like MUFUCKER NO FUCK YOU
or i need an oil pump
which is like, jezus muther fuck
i wanted to do the timing belts
and since the shrouds were off, the water pump
but fuckit
if i gotta do the oil pump
well i might as well do everything
timing belts, the two accessory belkt, balance shaft belt, water pump, oil pump
probably valve cover and oil pan gasket
cuz valve cover will be off and really it needs a new oilpan
i think mufucker drove it over a parking wheel stop
fast, like he bounced it off the tow hook onto the oilpan and maybe the suspension, steering rack
haha even if i had gotten onto the hot pavement to look underneath, i prob couldnt have seen any of this shit because of the shrouds and the angle

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k me too
ok i have grease in my hair
thats wrong, yo

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error while processing file, please check validation code
dx^: not working

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omg send keyfile
oh it makes it im dumb

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man wtf
the light version of eagle cannot perferm the requested action

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dx^: you want the leds in the same place?
wat works?

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mine is like $3
yeah i have web for kids

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i should put to3 in my valve cover
okay i have to figure out this cms bullshit
i think im sick of wordpress
perhaps i will try drupal
dip my balls in it, see how it feels
fool notepad is for cnc machines
web is advanced technologies
have to use word, save as html
i think maybe my host got more popular/slow

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diodes are pretty pimp
i should put some on my honda i bet it adds 20hp
ill solder it to the exhaust or something

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i has hotdogs
Flooky's, feer
also teh red cream soda
that is confusing
hes is working alot at the new casino place
the new board
iunno, new stuff
okay so pot and pin headers

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get aluminum, i like #4-40 screws, especially the button head cap screws
cnc machine?
you need to be able to poke thru it or something?
see with clear acrylic you wont need to make a hole for the lcd
hahah thats nuts

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im going to try to tonight
i can start now i guess, im waiting for the car to cool off
technology page at outpcb
smaller is prob more $$$
yeah ive been using .016
at home its easier to lace them than the .012
shift mount?
get headers from mcmaster and use acrylic
yeh it does my toroid linear psu is all screwed into wood
sec i will show you what to search...
female threaded hex standoff

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oh neat
macegr is on hackaday
heh sucky

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dx^: no my car has been pissing me off

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