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kevtris: but yeah board on the bottom right, i forgot to add the led breakout until the very end

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buy parts for some of the headphone amps and cnc some altoid tins
oh and i need to buy screws and standoffs
blackmoon: need anything from mcmaster?
also did you ever figure out the chain link dealy?

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i think i calced for 20mA and did like 5mA on the values and put the equation so he could use whatever he wants
calced for 20mA on the board, 5mA on the schema values
also he has 16 of them
or will when he gets his package
so they were meant to be pretty versatile, work with or without the crossover, or use the buffer input bandpasses as a shallow crossover
so yeah, who knows maybe i stick some bigass leds on the ones i build (im prob gonna convert these big fisher 3 way cab speakers)
meh, i gotta do a digikey order

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efnet is like a 40 year old muscle car doing 120mph down the freeway
like eternally seconds from vibrating itself to pieces
thats a mirc thing
i remember getting those
shit man you prob been here longer than i
shouldnt be news to you, heh
i did but i dunno what the leds are like
so i calced for 10mA i think
no like i dunno know how much current
because theyre leds in tubes speakers
yeah so i calced for 10mA or 20mA
70s leds, who knows what kinda current they want
haha, i know how to do that
very bottom right on that schema i posted
it has the calc for the parallel resistors
thats early schema
so resistor values kinda like whatever

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i have two of the boards
$60 in chipamps alone
i have the supplies already tho
they have really really good PSRR so you dont need to use a linear supply
fat caps right at the chip is per natsemi spec, besides just being tradition with those amps
tube bought some insano caps to replace the old cans
its better than before
well, as far as netsplits

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it drops the voltage identical
if you use the equiv of the paralle resistance of the feedback resistors
so it cancels bias current
but not bias offset
no sane way to compensate for bias current offset
well, yes
it removes the error offset
but not the amps spec offset
youre just fucked with that
but even on transistor input its low
yes its almost uneccessary for jfets
but ne5532 are way lower noise
and theyre transistor input
the current is prob WHY theyre way lower noise
but yeah
most people dunno what that resistor is for
but they see it in alot of designs
so they will put it, even for a buffer with direct feedback
which adds offset
unless youre way lucky and the amps current offset parameter is way fucked
and you error it back to perfect
well i did it in case
because the 1/8W were much more available
you can always just leave some off

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whgy to people put bias current compensation resistors on voltage following buffers?
like, hai sir if you calculated that, your result would have been zer ohms
yeah but its the feedback resistors in parallel
no i mean in general ive seen it on internet schemas alot
so on voltage followers you dont need it
yeah thats to set impedance
this is from that node to the input
i know listen to me
ok sec
yes thanks
so whats equal impedance on a v follower moon
its nothing
jfets its low
you dont even really need it
'anyway sec
you calc the feedback resistance in parallel
on a + input
in the buffer circuits
1210 and higher voltages

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just uses coupling caps and output resistors and luck
also im pretty sure you can run the amps without the servo circuit
cuz power and signal have to go right by there
the via shields around the tied parallel outputs
which ends?
oh, its weird because then it goes over signal to half the amps
also it used to power the external xover
before mrtube decided he wanted me to do xovers to
24db/octave is just a linkwitz riley xover, 12db/oct is actually cowclops' design
just following orders, heh
i changed his design a bit to follow more convetional opamp design stuff, heh

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200W + 50W biamp
the 200W from bridged/parallel gainclones
psu = fat toroid, bridge, fat chassis mounted caps
oh, no
sorry, yeah its a replacement for a power section and crossover
the red things are crossover modules
they plug in, but it works without it
replaces that
chipamps, gainclone chips
i dunno that thing scares me
i seen a schema
it drifts
this is nationals design, uses servos to deal with temp drift
omg wat
ive built the vanilla one

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and mostly i trip on all the random little shit
because when i do boards, its the little shit you werent focused on ends up being the bitch
yeah like ram and expension slot routing seem like a bitch
okay last board was minor, but it was the led power breakout
im like, DONE YAY o wait damn
did you see that?
bottom right green stuff is altoids headphone preamp/amp
also 2008.07_chinapcb_order_top.jpg
oh, the gumstick boards?
oh, yeah black and red is a job for mrtube
thats a ground shield around the tied parallel amp output

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also its centralized
tho mobo seem to be getting better at integrating all the little shit
alot less random chips
is this new or the thing you youtubed couple months ago?
ha $ 5"
er, @
oh for that, cool
but yeah uC/fpga based routing doesnt seem as difficult as routing a ton of fucking mobo buses
like it scares me
how many signal lines are tied between all the chips
yeah id hope so
the sockets and bridges i bet are very strict about that
dunno with other stuff, tho

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its maybe for quick turnaround on the designs
if theyre getting 16 layer shit fabbed for gpu boards, then 12 or whatever for a mobo prob not such a huge cost hit
also lots of gpu are being integrated
and everything else peripheral is slowly turning bga
but like, if going overkill means you can cut a week or weeks off routing, maybe its worth it
because the boards prob dont cost much compared to the parts
theres a ton of random shit on a mobo, and they gotta be turning over new designs like every 6 months
yeah but thats almost simpler

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(cuz when i started out they were already over 1Ghz)
i think theyre like 8-12 and gpu are more
seems like way too much
but m,aybe they use whole layers for power and ground routing
yeah ive read 8+ on newer shit, no idea wtf theyre using it for if thats true

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drc is just for manufaturing
you need to just know how or have a corporate level app to calc that shit
you can calc those out
its not so hard if you know RF shit, i just forgot cuz its been couple years
well, not mobos, but for GHz linear type shit you can just figure it out
its just transmission lines
they prob dont even allow those apps on the intenet
sell it on a machine with no nic!
ya rly
pc are mutants, as far as fab and high speed tech
prob like that one some of the inner layers too
who knows
it took me years to trust them
like i could not believe what was going on inside my pc

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theyre mostly user uploaded
anyway, all the libs are shit
the more you learn about the cad style in eagle libs, the more you realize how lame they are
theyre just built wrong
its not a problem for me
i dont use it
i havent used eagle libs for maybe couple years
any eagle design involves building libs if i havent already
i will not use devices from the libs
ill sometimes use ref-packages for quick shit
for footprints
of course
so does projects dir
i just turn all libs off in control panel
and turn on my own basic.lbr
and then make anything i need, i dont even look
eagle libs are fail
yeh i done that, fuck that
yes there is
or maybe no
well yes and no

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if it took a second or two, its huge
eagle or autocad
and im on a socket a machine
i did like a 400mm by 600mm panel manually with eagle, that was the only time the ui lagged down
i dont get why you are just doing a command and staring
eagle 4 or 5?
anyway, its not super snappy but its not bad
if you expect game response than i dunno
find another vategory of application
none of them go fast when working with complicated design
every line had a list of attributes
yeah but i cant do work with that
prob bad
well, maybe not at its core
its console cad
if you use it with that in mind, its not nearly as bad
no the GUI is the same thing
you have to think in terms of console cad commands to use the GUI quickly
hehe fuck that man
autocad without cli would be so fail
and slow
all that time to mouse over to fucking buttons
autocad is pretty ultimate
and its a hybrid cli/gui

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drawing symboles is fun tho
draw new symbol, done
lin editor file management is fucked
the subfiles
but the actual lib editor is cool
its not slow for cad
sure it is
autocad and eagle have similar performance
so eagle is fine
because autocad is the standard
no exceptions
who cares
the core app is the shit
i use autocad everyday, its all the little details that make it awesome
theres a reason every other cad app emulates its commands
dude what?
im working
so im doing shit
so its never in an undrawn state for more than a second or two
and its one key to redraw
and i do way more than half my work from console

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prob 3/4 of the cad apps ive used are like that
all of the pure 2d cad apps i can thing of do it
not like eda specific, just drawing apps
blackmoon: not really
if youre working, youre busting commands and mad zooming anyway
i do that shit all day at work
well because on a huge schema that would suck
your app would spend most of its time locked
im not joking
its not 3d
its not using a 3d gpu
its not made for gaming machines
its made for lowest common denominator
thats just the way cad apps are
sure ive done it
i run it on my eeepc
its fine
okay then do it
make sure you impliment all standard cad features
yeah but what about a few thousand lines and curves?
now keep track of all associated properties
yeah but its functional
thats weird
that sucks, but its still a good result
shit ui
good cad backend

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ive never felt the need to use the scroll bars
just pan?
its letting see the whole schema
this is a finished huge project
its letting go the limits of my drawn dimensions
dunno acad works the same way
worse actually
because it has limits in the drawing properties
and it wont go past unless you do some shit like zoom extents
thats normal for 2d cad

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pretty much
my eagle4 still works

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wow new license protection actually seems to work
least i didnt break my old eagle shit

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i never use those
i do eagle the same as i do autocad
zoom out, mouse over new work area, zoom in
blackmoon: i didnt say it was a good thing
but it is the way most cad apps are
well, 2d cad

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eagle 5 right click shit sucks
thats just a cad app thing
theyre all lazy about redrawing
its like an industry standard
dont redraw after the command
wait till the next zoom or pan

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oh i should ty
i can see the tool wearing out in the permanent tool mark, heh
like its all clean for about 6"
then you can see the edges on the tips breaking down
2' later, shit is on fire
he didnt know tool index
i use the .375 for any inner radius
its compression cut, 2 flute
it cuts up and down
so its cutting into the laminate from both sides
then we have .500 for anything else
i think theyre resharpened
theyre a few mils short of stated diamater
tool guy came today, maybe getting more .5" endmills
everything about the old techs work screams he was in over his head

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i just do what ramone says
then i show him a fully dimensioned drawing
then he crosses shit out and writes in new dimensions
then i do it again
until he goes, 'yeh, thats ok'
then i rework the acad designs for alphacam programming
and then i layout sheets
and then i cut the shit
and then i clean it up
and then i fix all the stupid old techs leftover failure
paid dude $18/hr to destroy his machine
mutherfucker cut into the vacuum table
thru a 1/2" spoilboard fixture
into the table
across the zone gasket beads
i just found thise out today
its awesome, i know what design he was cutting
also, he started a mini fire or something
vacuum table is maybe bakalite?
some plastic and wood or paper composite, i think
so yeah, know i know the shit burns
but i moved the spoil board to inspect shit
there is like an 8" square charred area

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wd-40 is so fail
we should use it as fuel
they should call it 'useful lubricant remover'
its kinda like windex for greasy things
they should sell it as a lubricant stripper, tho
not a lubricant
lori asked if i had registered for school yet
no =(
my job is so easy!
1/32 i super precise to them
it will be maybe
i been getting like 35 hours some weeks
hmm, neat

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im prob gonna change the oil pump anyway because most of the bullshit to get to it i have to do anyway for the timing belt
castrol gtx high mileage
it came with coffee
elaborate on wratchet
ratchet, whatever
wont work
turbines suck for shit like that
speed control
and then vary the pressurization of the cylinder?
4000psi is bad in a car
also, planes dont run into shit
you just assume in design if it ran into something, everyone is dead

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turbocharging is nuts
i wonder if you could run accessories from a turbine
inside of forcing induction
i dont believe
i know how it works
hydraulic pin stuff
but wtf i cant believe that works
cars you basically have to make it for prob 1/10 the cost
and it has to be able to deal with like 1/10 the maintenance
i dumped two doses of oil detergent into my engine
it hasnt done the oil pressure thing since, but it hasnt done it since early yeaterday
im going to change the oil in like 100mi
then put in new oil with mad dtergent
then do 100mi
change oil again

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omg that sounds alot scarier
heh, they had to machine that shit
i love how the typical human solution for making something incredible dense is to blow it up from every direction at once
its like how automobiles are so advanced
but really were just blowing shit up still
airplanes will always be like that
because the tolerance for failure is very, very low
and maintenance schedules reflect this

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fuck the engineered fixture
im going to use a fucking screwdriver
i seen that
he knows, dude
he died
pretty quick to, i think
yeh thats bad
wasnt that um...
jon cusack
in the movie
mrtube: the story goes he did the calculations on the spot
and he knew he was the only one that was going to die
like he mad sketches and took measurements and doodled calcs, or something
he knew
he didnt trust a machine that was built to do the experiment
so he did it his own way and eventually died
because his way was a fucking flat head screwdriver
he slipped and the spheres mated
he pushed them apart but it was lng enough to fuck him
oh nuts
so its taking the radiation from the bottom and feeding it back into the top sphere?
i wonder what happened to the screwdriver

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the fuel
dude tube
the first meltdown wasnt chernpobyl
it was los angeles
and i go hiking within probably a mile of wher it happened
that they restarted
and ran for 2 weeks because no one knows why
mrtube: we ran several unshielded research reactors
and fucked up like 4 or 5 times, twice pretty bog
its santa susana
the valley was just orange groves and farm workers
it was OK because no one knew
including most of the workers
yeh alot of them knew
didnt care
just wanted to play with the dragon
they contained it
then they restarted it

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try like 200K years
we need to perfect rockets
and launch it into space a tiny bit at a time
pay me i just solved the worlds biggest problem
its sad there isnt an international standard core
yeah they need to pick one
theyre all one-offs, custom
its heavy, i think
little capsules
launch them into the nothing
into the sun
that way if it explodes, it doesnt ruin you

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they wanted to make sure it wasnt in a position to go critical again and blow up if they recapped it
but wtf
this was in early 90s
so no idea whats up with it now
hiking IN the fucking core
geiger counters
sometimes they walk into places and end up running out
they were mostly ok, physically
yeah but theyr nuclear scientists
it was their job, they decided, to make sure the core wasnt going to go critical again
because no one knew where the fuel ended up, its not like there was an investigation
no its russia
russia never had money like us
they focused much more on reliability in design and recycling and shit like that
it becomes plutomnium after its spent, no?
he prob remembers because hes a freak like that =\
yeh theres elements i think are like millions
well yeah
in human lifetime terms, its forever
1000 generations

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it never gets totally clean
well, think like this
you can clean half of it up in an hour, big nasty shit
another hour you spend doing details
youd have to spend like 4 hours cleaning every piece of gunk out of every crack
and getting it like science clean room clean, like, absolute ideal clean, would prob take days
i think because we put alot of it together and it accellerates the process
i dunno really, tho
maybe it just becomes wasted as an efficient fuel source for a reactor
like it still generates heat but not so much
but yeah i thnk they control the energy by moving rods in an out of shields
or by moving shields around the fuel
so i think it has to do with how much of it is around itself
ya wtf
they ran reactors at the site for years
i dont think so anymore
theres google vid or maybe youtube now of scientists hiking around in the core to investigate what happened
and to reseal the core

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but for injection, yeh?
yeh weird i only seen like that for diabetic prickers
omg @ $700
thats how half lives work
like you can have a couple particles floating around inside you your whole life, doesnt make the 10 day half life thing wrong
im sure thats what the term means, in medicine i dont think its quite as predictable or consistent as in radioactive geology
also your model doesnt work for me
have you ever cleaned anything really dirty?

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fat soluble
prob other ways, but thats wy weed is 2-6 weeks
its like for me
*life for me
flushing out my cannabinoids is fail =\
i needs those!
i think that metabolizes pretty fast
its almost luck
nothing works if you burn alot of fat cells before the test
but you can slam mad water for 2 days and pass clean
herb sucks
coke, meth, water
drink a bunch of water, its gone
except hair tests
weed, could be 2 months later
youll come up dirty if circumstances are just right
i bet its because its fat soluble
at 20-40 youre at 1/4
at 30-60 youre at 1/8

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dx^: get new balance running shoes
you can get them in specific widths
and its official shoe of old people
also breakdancers
so the fucking compressed air line to the CNC burst
in the middle of my flycut cycle
im pissed
food doesnt sound baD
im going to go to harbor frieght i guess and pi9ck up a new compressed air line
anyway, gotta go

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get pumas
so comfy
is time to flycut the spoilboard

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i want a new mattress
i have to find my fucking bed first, tho
so the programer/operator before me was way in over his head
i went to clean out undernweath the spoil board
mufucker put a 1/8" deep toolpath INTO the vacuum table
cut across the rubber beads that maintain vacuume
so there is no zone 1 and zone 2 vacuum because he bridged them

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omg wai?

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because i did that
and used the generated file
and it failed
i remember it working last week but i guess it undid itself
cuz i started that shit and it was all like HAI IM EAGLE LIGHT AGAIN, YOU HAS FAILED
theres some okay shit
the right click menus are a bit retarded
tho the fact it doesnt autoswitch values/names with the silk layers is good
you should 7z!

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you dont have an ftp or something?
just send me the bin dir

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so they had this job was supposed to be done this week (my cutting the shit out is just step one, still have to assemble and do finish work)
and they needed me to cut it like now
haha, it was done a week ago its sitting in the racks
heh, dated project dirs yay

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