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dude nibblers nibble
oh shit i has a heat gun

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meh fucked up
eagle wont let me close it or close this project without crashing
meh, i have to go to sleep
eagle5 is dumb except for like one thing and maybe attributes
stupid floor workers are going in at 5a tomorrow

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theyre like $500 i think
for a pretty decent box brake

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hes saying shit that like makes sense and doesnt read broken lately
eggsalad: are you real?

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no its very asian up there
mostly japanese but more of everything than down here i think
oh i have a car now i can get to north hollywood
that means i can get to melissa DJ'ing reggae/ska/dancehall and til 4am thai food

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man life is so bland since my thai cook sold his place
awesome thai cak go fuck itself
was all about thai pot

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ccfl_man: how id the old tech set the vacuum table on fire?
i always do that
eggsalad: how did the old tech set the vacuum table on fire?
im sure he does

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