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thats neat
i got a 42W sempron thing for the cnc, runs cool with the stock sink
heh, i have a barton 3200+
i can use it to cook
grill some tiny steaks

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thats not bad
i hate ordering a ton of passives
never works, ever
generic kernels will
my kernels, never
for the lunix
same chipset family
but yeah that almost never happens cuz youre usually replacing an older gen mobo

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cuz thats an awesome feature
maybe its $$$ or something
thats for rockshox, no?
burning man thinger
whats his vehicle?
thats cool
no just for connecting shit
how much $?

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also have little panel boards to hold the pots and a panel led
hehe density on the bottomside is pretty awesome
for what?
macegr: find out about cuttent smps
like find a good one, cuz i have no idea
but that shits perfect for led
oh what are you doing?
youre not just like turning them on?
hahaha i wonder if you can pwm a current smps standby pin
prob just blow something up
like directly or buffered?
you mean pll pwm on avr?
i thought they would do a ton of those

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so like, before 0805s...
BOM for single unit buy of death of cmoy altoids amp is like $16
its 40x 0805s
oh and one sma diode, ,17 vishay schottky
i should add that to parts list before i forget
oh and that fucking switch
oh and led
i already added the pots
altoids headphone amp
i put the preamp in it
and made it dc/9v input
did you see boards?
i ordered them with money from mrtubes big boards
ac-130u wants one, also shaan in #cars
i have 20 boards

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08:11 <@macegr> laser cut steel, up to 3/4 inch thick, $1.25 per pound.
wow cool
i think i wanna find a metal shop will fab me rack chassis
prices are so fucked up i can maybe do it cheaper
which is sad
i could maybe just have them cut panels
and cnc frame bits
for what?
i need an arbor press
and yeah, eagle5 seems weird
its faster
just feels smoother, but i dont like the right click menu at all
yeah fuck you for making the ui better, now you add an extra click to everything

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i found it
21nV/sqrt(Hz) Quad RRIO, $1.75
i think thats right around tl072/lf412

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wtf bluescreen
dx^: doesnt seem that hard
dx^: do you care where the headers and pots and leds are?
anyway i routed a bunch of it and killed most the drc errors
then my shit died
and i have to go to sleep because i have a stupid job thing
wow depressing, i didnt save all the drc fixed

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blackmoon: no it has some new alpha feature
so now by default theyre not see thru
just red and blue no purple
uncheck use alpha blending, i cn see thru layers again
does that seem backwards to anyone else?

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does eagle have heirarchial blocks?
is that how you spell that?
jezus fuck thats like top5 most awkward word ever
you are so lazy, draw busses next time
sigh, new right click menu fucking up my life
dx^: how do i change layer alpha
this is fucked up

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i have to find someplace to buy special grease for the machine
and then grease the router head and the dust hood and then im done with all the maintenance
which was prob done like never
cuz wtf all the old tech did was break my machine and set its vacuum table on fire
eagle 5 pissed me off again so i started playing rfactor stock car sim
stupid canadians #cars stockcar redneck
lets try again

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omg midnight wtf
stupid racing games, worse than irc
so i bought a heat gun and now its missing
and i want parts from something
wtf man i didnt even open the box
now i have to go back to harbor freight and spent $10 again
this early schedule shit is fucking me up
and all that

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ive seen datasheet schema with small lc on the outputs?
hmm, thats true
oh huh, so add cap
is for tekrad
he wants like up to .15 or .2A
for some rf thinger
okay so C or CLC
i wonder if they make .5" tall transformers

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macegr: neat
tho kinda scary
blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/regulated_psu.png
is diode better before the LC output?

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i think he likes you
is eggsalad a he?
eggs are female things kinda
stock cars are hard to drive
its like a permanent freeway
but like if you drive like you wanna die

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eagle crashing
because it cant close out this project
and project is open
so when i got to close eagle, close project, or start new project, it dies
wai wai wai
wow so i delete that project
restart eagle
make a new project
close it, eagle dies

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