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yo wtf is up with text editors failing on my machine
i wonder if its over on the monitor thats turned opff and disabled
i turned on the other monitor
and pspad pops up perfect on the 1st monitor
w t f

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man i hate straight bongs
when dude was like I OWE YOU $30 HERES A BONG i should have been like HAI, NO
its like a $50 bong retail, but i dont need a bong, and i know where he gets them, prob for $20
i had this weird dream where like me and fur were hangin out, and martial law happened
i dont really remember my dreams ever!

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i dont even know what im looking at
is that going to fast or some shit?

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that term doesnt really work when you say it
k that works
tho possibly out of context

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kevtris: neat'

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well like, were are very similar crazy
so to me she is perfectly sane
pls to not destroy the fantasy kthx

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rack server
its his new raid thing i think
okay so my girlbuddy is by far the most sane person i know
well, that i would do it with
how counterintuitive is that

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jennyfur and bf having rent issues =-

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rock the bells

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a bit
yeah then my system bluescreened
i had killed all the drc errors, too
fuck if i know
ima be gone all weekend

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18:32 -!- Topic for #cars: Russia invades Georgia - http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh

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$20 is better than nothing
everything is fucked right now
and money people say its not gonna get better anytime soon

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so i get to teach him shit about his machine
that he should already know, heh

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yeh unemployment is fucked
and people wanna try and act like its illegals
but alot of unemployment is from educated people
who WILL NOT take jobs lower than office work pay
no way they will accept $8/hr in LA
employers wanna pay less but price of *eveerything* has gone up
if they do a mass gov worker layoff, most those people wont go back when arnold gets his head out his ass
thats even more people looking for jobs that arent there
my boss confirmed my raise
so by like end of the year, i should be at $20/hr + medical
well, he started me at $10
so i made him sign some shit
and got a $5 retroactive raise
and $1/mo until $20/hr
its exactly what i wanted, wood cnc
stress doesnt included someone launching a metal part from a grinder into my brain
hes learning CNC, gonna take a class starting in a couple months

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in LA?
iunno, thats $8 a day commute
how long is def where youre going from where
i think my job is like 12 miles actually
i think thats pretty close
ask imbroken he lives around there
iunno how traffic works out there
if i took the freeway all the way itd prob be a 45min drive
i skip the 101 part of, go down victory blvd, it and its like 20min
thats into LA traffic
have you done it at like 8a to see if its locked?
thats the only thing id worry abouty
and you just have to know how to drive around it, cuz itll be super consistent during the week
like hollywood is also 15mi from me, about same as work
but itd take 3x longer to get there
its gas
cuz gas was $.99

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heh only XYZ is standard, for cartesian
everything else is specific to application
industrial robots i dunno how they even decide what to call the axis
rhett_: i think its mostly programmed with a pendant
forgot to backspace something i was gonna say to another chan person

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like, rods and threads, im limited
tho im going to buy a tool post for my table
so i can jack stock into the spindle
and do lathe shit with my mill
i showed avrfreak a youtube of someone doing that on a taig
iunno he just bitched how it wasnt possible, not sure he watched it
those are diff, usuallhas an A acis
like a rotary table with an tailstock
A axis
rotates around X
B rotates around Y
XYZ, ABC, theres a third set but i forget
thats maybe it actually
rs274 spec has drawings with axis labels of machines that prob dont even exist
yes its all cartesian standard
i dunno game 3d stuff at all

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blackmoon: yes
does it mean i can do it well?
like, my machine is 80lbs and 1/4hp, it can do hard tool steel, but not fast
i tend to be impatient, its why im a shit machinist
but yeah, if you can find the speeds and feeds for it on your machine, carbide will go thru tool steel
also its often hardened in some form
so you have to break thru that layer
also, if you run too hot, youll create a hardened layer
which will eat your tools
on the other hand, aluminum...
my shit will fly thru aluminum, at 20ipm
haha,my work machine flys thru wood at like 1000ipm
totally diff scene, heh
oh, hmm yeah maybe
because its not a ton of cutting most likely
should be okay on tools
oh like a handle and maybe a place to strike with a hammer?
man i need a good lathe
that shit isnt even hard, you just need turning capability
oh, rawk
i can possibly do that

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