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ha its prob not a really good idea to be kicking your girlfriends moms doors in and threatening her brother when youre on parole
fucking stupid psychotic drunks
oh, so yeah she got raped by 4 guys, so i get home and mom tells me this, so i call the cops/medics cuz she needs lab reports
she then she didnt get raped
like wtf, why are you gonna pay $200 for a show and hotel reservations and gas, to go to a VIP area with no music, not even vid of the performance, just to get blitzed
so yeah im kinda aggravated
now i have to go camp out by the front fucking door

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fucking drunk ass sister
had to call my mom to drive 2.5 hours to pick us up because her drunk ass lost her phone and keys
anyway, long story short, drunk bitches boyfriend kicked in our front door
took out the door frame
now i have to wait for pigs
her drunk ass almost been drunk tanked like 3 times tonight
she got into VIP with a friend from work
they didnt have enough passes for me
then she told mom she got raped by 4 guys
that i left her
even tho she pretty much left me to watch the show alone
then left me in the parking lot when i called her an alcopholic for losing the keys to her car
and for being dropped off to me in the back of her friends car
fucking alcohol
she came back like 2 times saying i took her keys
to give her her keys back so she could drive home
she couldnt even stand up

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