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have time?
festival on saturday, rawk the bells
sophi got tickets early, pit ones, too, and we got a hotel room to not deal with traffic in or out
so fri night she comes home at fucking midnight, ive already assumed were just gonna drive out in the morning
im about to crash out
so shes like, were leaving in two hours!
so i dont crash out, i get ready

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ha i was gonna leave for work, then i realized i cant really lock our door from outside until its fixed (prob tonight)
and yeh sister has the day off
and she thinks her keys are in my room
called bossguy and told him i gotta stay home because someone is coming to do work on the house
told him i would cad up those logo images he emailed me
seemed okay with it
prob happy he dont have to pay me =D
man fuck strife
this is so fucking inconvenient

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26 in a couple months
me and mom were doing fine by ourselves for like 4 years
two months of her, prob 300 beers gone thru that fridge, and no my room and our front door are fucked up, front door frame is gone, cops are coming over
fuck that
good luck
no doubt they will
okay, they prob cant fuck that up too hard

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welcome to america
california uber alles
i know
man, fuck
anger is a bitch
i just wrote my sister a horrible email, and all of it was true
scroll up
too late
her ass needs to realize the shit she caused and how stupid she looks from the 3rd person perspective
i wont forgive her anymore than i will forgive my dad
we didnt have a dad and moms not good at bigger kids
we kinda raised ourselves in alot of ways after maybe 12 or 13
so yeh, seems to have left her much worse off than me
shes a drug addict liar who had no problems fucking over family, shes no diff than dad
28, shes 25

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hes right
im babbling with my stoner efnet buddies
vixi making me feel better, yayay
im going to try and visit her in chicago later this month or early next month
hehe, she was the one that smoked me out in her car in the airport terminal loop
when i have a 45min stopover at midway on the ay to NYC
so yeah this time im gonna hang out longer, heh
*had a stopover

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see if you can digikey current sense amps
im guessing someone makes something specific for your needs with low external parts count
no idea what they cost, tho
well, specific stuff like that can be weird to categorize
sucks to search for
hopefully tomorrow everything is chilled the fuck out and i can think like a normal person again
heh, my best friend prob did half my important thinking for me today
hey neat i can maybe get a full 8 hours and make it to work on time
kk bye

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i believe the big issue (besides offset issues ans similar) is that normally one end of the sense resistor is on a rail
or on ground, so in alot of situations a normal opamp wont work
like, low side and powering the amp dual rails, its not an issue, almost any amp compensated for voltage offset should work
well, any good general purpose amp
yeah i think it shouldnt have problems
but im not sure if itll sim the voltage offset errors
in alot of cases, youll be sensing a very low volage differences
so the offset can be significant
hmm, not since school
pspice pwns academia
its decent spice tho, prob can do more than LTspice
anyway i think i have to go to sleep

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they should just void all laws subsections mentioning it
it isnt worse
alcohol is worse in pretty much every way
er is worse
wow i almost never typo error the suffix like that
i always leave it off, overcompensating
yeah drunk driving is not good
and its like, unavoidable
because bars are legal
like wtf how do you think all those people get home
yeh whatever
just dont hurt people, dont cause drama
i dont care
ok but im like sleepy and getting worse by the second
like installed or for test?
dmm for testing
okay yeah, sense resistors and diff amp
well, for what they are, yeh
im pretty sure its QA that theyre charging for
but yeah, you want a presision sense resistor and a diff amp or specialized sense amp

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just make my own, they fuck them up 90% of the time
las fuentes its like eating mush
they ruin the crispy breaded steak and cripsy bun texture with too much beans and sour cream
fuck i didnt get shit done today
fuckin hate being angry
google 1934 anslinger
its because the DEA porecursor needed to justify its paychecksduring the depression
because prohibition was over
they called it marijuana in concress so no one would know they meant cannabis
which was widely used by doctors to treat tons of shit
well it should be criminalized
er decriminalized
obviously jailing addicts helps no one
i think it should just be delegistlated

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tekrad: for gerber input?
anyway, twingy busy, and he aint getting help
so yeah, dont really feel great about teling to work faster
i think he wanted to push one out soon and then get busy on other shit for awhile
prob not too long
its hard because of the weird way some pads are drawn
like he has it working, its just it eats it on some apps post processor files
it doesnt not like eagle octogonal pads
tho thats an issue with fab house photoplotters sometimes, too
fuck i think i need food
and weed
mostly food
imnot going to order milanesa tortas anymore

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macegr: sexy!
omg valium is working!
okay i gotta crash before i become clinically psychotic or some shit
id prob be curled up in a little emoball right now if my friend and older bro didnt tell me i did everything right despite everything getting all fucked up
i got .75 until my check clears
festival weekend and then drama, expensive shit
murs, immportal technique, and the pharcyde were awesome
my sister either getting raped or lying about it just to try and make my mom at me, not so awesome
jezus fuck i need to move out
why the fuck is alcohol legal
no she said i left her
i called her an alcoholic for losing her keys and phone 2 hours from home
and she walked off
i followed her like 400 yards, thru parking lot
whole time shes telling me to fuck off
so i left her, went back to the car to wait for mom

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wats olympics

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but yeah i think im going to take a valium and crash
i wouldnt but jenny suggested as this is somewhat of an emergency
haha id be such a bain on society if that girl didnt realign me every so often
shit should be much more sane by then
hope hope

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as long as youre just doing that it should be cool
theres an overall chip max, its less than the sum of the pin max, and i believe theres a port max
tho it might just be a port a max as thats sometimes on a seperate supply pin, for the adc shit
jenny says i have to go to sleep cuz she noted i havent much in the last couple nights =\
tho i guess stuff is ok now because neighbor buddy temp fixed out door
heheh, he screwed some 1x4 into the frame besides the 2x4 across the broken latch part of the frame
the 1x4 are screwed in one one side so i can slide them over the door
what i didnt do shit
oh you mean my sister?
and my mom is a teachers aid for autistic and severely disabled kids
so yes, she is the definition of
she wasnt always the best mom when we got older, but kids and disabled people shes awesome
super patient

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hate stupid drunks, hate having to call the cops, hate stupid boyfriends who believe the stupid drunks

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oh neat, like?
i think i put the connector and fuseholder part numbers in the notes
oh man i dont even wanna tell you about my weekend
awesome festival, turned into massive alcoholic sister drama
front door frame is busted
yeah really
my mom had to drive almost 3 hours to go pick her up
and she spent the whole time calling my mom a bitch motherfucker
and shes telling people my mom hurt her, grabbed her
shes not telling people that my mom was pulling her into the car because she was walking around the parking lot and train tracks drunk
and that a cop had to convince her to get into the car
mrtube: neat
we should go eat or something
id invite you over but room is kinda a safety hazard
tho if anyone could deal with it i guess you could
fuck i was so gonna try and clean today
and change my oil

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macegr: hai
fuckin stupid ass sister
mrtube: get the boards?

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thats one of those funny cuz its true things

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id have to talk to her to do that

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hey wow paying for my sisters gas cuz she didnt leave any of the $200 i gave her for the show didnt overdraft me
nice, $.75 until i cash my paycheck
thats some precision irresponsibility right there

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barack roll

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aw he gone
blackmoon: morning

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fuck i prob waited to long to get the math i need
i do need weed
i think theres crums from what we had at the show

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hes only 6 months too late
i have to reg for classes

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any operating system crash is the fault of the operating system
no exceptions

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to everything
dont be swearing the lord name, mufucker, or we will death penalty you

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seems nice, there
bet the air is awesome
you job is going well, tho, no?
just dont like the region?
living cost is not so bad, id assume?
i guess it is bad everywhere now, kinda
we had like a 5 year headstart, heh
oh, ok
good luck with the decision
people in general prob much less upright
like, gov and just people on the streets

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murs, immortal technique, pharcyde were awesome
oh and black eyed peas were special secret guest
tribe called quest was cool but that that point im wanting to leave and wondering where the fuck my drunk ass sister is
(she was in VIP with some guy from work, there was no music there im like, yeh fuck this
this isnt back stage, thats green passes, this is just the nicer drunk cage
i guess it wasnt those guys who raped her
tho damn she was passed out drunk in the back of their car, so who knows really
prob not her

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i will sprint 50 yards at ridiculous speeds for a 220lb person to catch a bus
i dont even think about it, it just happens
but not so great for me
tho it is kinda surprising and feels good
youll be broken the next day, tho
heh, pain sensory input deprioritization
ive heard that but with a crashed helicoper
guy moved it enough to pull someone out
like wtf, nice
man fuck it was such a good show, too

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heavy stocky frame, im meant for sprinting about 6 inches really low and exploding upwards into people chests
hmm, i miss contact football

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i was going to try and route some of your shit today
im not sure my head is capable of focusing for any kind of real work right now
man fuck i hate being angry
im prob gonna spend my day camped at the broke ass front door to call the cops if my fucking sister shows up
(my names on the lease, i gave her 3 day notice, were advised by lapd to call them to do a standby when she comes to pick up her stuff)
basically the pigs will stand there while she gets her shit and gets the fuck out
i cant run i cant go anywhere
i might try playing games or stretching or cleaning
we have her car keys so she totally might try and break in to look for them
also i cant run on concrete it would destroy my knees and ankles

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i was her friend
i gave her $200 for tickets and a room we didnt even use and so she could have some spending cash
she left to go get piss drunk
then when i called her an alcoholic she walked off, i followed her to the edge of the parking lot before leaving her because she told me like 20 times to get away
and yeah grappling with screaming females in a parking lot full of drunk guys, not smart
its doing okay
the oil pressure light maybe went away
after the detergent
i wanted to swap out the oil with more detergent additive
maybe do 2 or 3 300mi oil changes
i dunno if ill have time today, having trouble really focusing on much else
my mom said i almost got no sleep
and i have no idea really, i just remember falling asleep and waking up

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she was hitting on her
wouldnt get into the car
oh i thought you meant sup dud eat me
my mom had to go ger her
and she tried to beat up my mom
tried to steal the keys to drive her car home by herself
wouldnt get in the car
and in the end, her exexbf kicks in our front door
talks a bunch of shit
i have to get them to fuckin leave and call the fuckin cops to do a report on his ass
we got no front door locks prob till monday or tuesday
and im like fuck this, fuck her

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stupid bitch
'lemme talk to mom'
my sister got drunk and created ramas at a show in san bernadino
lost her keys, maybe got raped wandering around a parking lot
mom had to drive almost 3 hours to get her

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cat penises?
nite foolio
i wonder if they have LAPD in japan

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