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i made Aimee clear, yo
my mom came back with grandmas with these little mexican toasted bread nuggets
like an unseasoned crouton, but smoother
omg so crunchy nom nom nom nom
rab: hi, youre far

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Co., Ltd. China. who saw your design and info from Internet.
manufacturer who specilizing in Led products, like Led lamps, Led bulbs.. etc..
What you attracted me is the Grow light. Since you showed your circuit and design, it makes me clear. However, most my customer in North america asked us to offer them high power led lamps for Grwo light. and i see you use Super flux to fit... I showed your circuit to our engineer, he told me we can make as your request.
So, if you need us to make the same for you, or you tell me your opionion, we just do as your thoughts, pls feel free to tell me.

We want to establish business relationship with you in coming days.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
hahahaha i almost deleted it as spam

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iunno youre doing it wrong
im go sleep

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go to options and uncheck the alpha think
and youll be able to see thru layers again

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.005 probably
i usually do .025 main grid and .005 alt grid

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some max232 type things would prob be fine
its short enough if youre careful about grounding and shielding you might not even need those
but yeah you doing some crazy scr mini barnfire

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i think it was either an eagle default thing
or thats just what it took to pass drc
kill them rawrarar
tplace bplace

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yeh dont do that shit without it
ok i have to go practice at pao

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i have like 20 programs to cut
and still one more cabinet to program, maybe 5 sheets for that
but yeah its all in the machine now
so tomorrow i spend all day babysitting
ha, its kinda shitty i know i can do it
because i cut 25 of those 1" sheets for those tabletops in one day
so yeah ill prob be mad sleepy tomorrow
dx^: did you change the board?
peer got kevtris again
are you going to route it?
it got easier once i killed off the drc errors
ha, k
this weekend i have no plans but to chill out, really
im still tired from last weekend
but yeah im going to reinstall the fuck outta eagle, maybe windows
theyre on the chip
at least on the board you sent me
thats what they call traces on top of each other now i think
the drc interface is better
but its weird cuz im not used to it

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ttmustang: yeh

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ha, k
here they call it, particle, white, and white white

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15 sheets to cut tomorrow
still maybe 4 more to program
ah fuck, i still have to program the marking counters
shits gonna be like 25 boards
but then well be done with everything for aughust \o/

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it just sucks because theyre stacked
and theyre 5'
so its a bitch to get them off the stack and upright by myself
besides that its not so hard, can just slide it around
im way more lower body
doesnt help much to pull the boards up
i think im losing weight =(

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well at least boss likes the logos i ripped off for him in autocad
haha no
but that would be awesome
they have guys who do assembly after i cut
thats who i work with most
after that it goes to lamination/finish guys
then it goes up front to the crating guys
fuckin 9 boards for the whole job
naw its just throwing sheets onto a vacuum table
most of the ,625" stuff i can do myself
theyll help me whenever i need it, tho
i wont even try with the thicker shit

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haha yeah
big fat tools are nuts
6 boards to cut
10 min
fuckin deep cabinets, waste so much wood and cycle time

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fuckin explorer is stuck again
nothing gonna get cut today
yeh rly
they had already assembled all three cabinets, too
and i had done all the cam programming for todays shit
which isnt going to get cut
blackmoon: fanciest shit is compression cutters
theyre basically endmills, with shorter shanks
but it has flutes that cut up on the bottom
and flutes that cut down on the top
so its cuts the laminate inward from both sides
google compression cut router bit
they look pretty neat

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alice in chains rawks
imglad i dont have AIDS!
fucking customers canceled on on order took all day yesterday to cut
er, not canceled, changed dimensions
but yeah we already made them, so they canceled those =(
one hour left =(
fuck, i fucked up the dado
stupid perpendicular snap
stupid rush bullshit

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hard enough with jusrt 512MB of ram and two cad/cam apps open
i think my explorer is crashing
heh @ running from task manager

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heh, macegr is somewhere southeast of LAX
blackmoon: omg whatever that is it def looks not good to start doing at work

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no whats that

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ccfl_man_: come back =(
eggsalad: interesting
eggsalad: k
haha hey dont talk shit about prok!
eggsalad: fish oil burps
eggsalad: a job or scam money
heheheh, nice

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