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oh shit that sucks
plane ticket prices went up
stupid gas prices scam
cheap price went up like $60 each way to chicago
bastard uncle fuckers

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ok i asked china about expected specs for their superflux knocksoffs and also if they had smt packages capable of similar specs
those look neat
oh those little 3mm china leds kinda sucked
they long focus was even an even spot
not at all like the 10mm long focus things i got

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kevtris: mine was like that months ago
now i just cant work

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kevtris: h4xor

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i should login from home and update masks in the bot

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also im not having any issue drawing and cutting random logo images hes given me
if he keeps me at the higher pay, im thinking thats why
he was like WOW THOSE ARE NEAT when he saw the autocad files
hehe, it felt like i was doing connect the dots

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are we allowed to call it ewb still?
they broke up the suite to make it cost more or who knows
hes gonna go to cnc school
as soon as i hit $20 im starting to look for a new job
unless its totally obvious he wants me to stay
but yeah he paid the old tech for years
like, none of his files are usable
he was using one tool and hacking the depth in software i think
because he didnt know how to index the tools
anyway, were almost caught up
which for me is like two to three weeks ahead
by next week i should just be cutting orders as they come in
then i can do fun stuff and busy work

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because you gotta cut 2 or 3 jobs at a time to hve enough random sizes to fill the board
like, i dunno he didnt know what 'file > insert...' was or something
why does eagle have that
seriously wtf why doesnt eagle have nested block designs?
im mean wtf that is some usability damage right there
it does but it totally fucks your labels
ewb does that

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so he fucked up loading the machine definition in the cam app i think
no its contracted
he has no choice, we both signed
i get dollar raises every month until im at $20
not if i keep working there
his say is like, pay me whats fair, or dismiss me, or i leave
but he paid old dude $18
he tried to pay me $10, that lasted 40 hours before i made him agree to $15, retroactyive starting wage
really this is the exact job i want, otherwise i would have just left
but yeah, he paid $18 to destroy his machine
guy had no kind of organization skills
1500 work files
one directory named after himself
also incredibly wasteful the way they were doing it

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okay also the bone thing happens on both sides
thats pretty
hmm, ok
ill find my blue cross book
dude they sent me like 50 identical letters like:
we not going to pay for the xrays or the ultrasound that dr did
im like yeah?
whatever, im not going to pay that dr either so fuckoff
no bill from that dr ever got to me, either
but wtf
50 letter!?
thick ones!
oh huh haha i bet
when im at $20 ill have medical too
the floor workers guys are all cool with me
if i remember to bring the big crazy one kush tomorrow for helping me load boards, hell prob be in love with me
and boss loved the cad ripoffs of the randon wem logos he stole
also i think hes pretty happy his machine is working like its supposed to
i have no idea wtf the old guy was doing for two years
theres fucking tool marks in the locating pins

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dx^: my vitamins and supplaments make my pee super yellow like 4-6 hours after i take them
hey what if i have a hip bone socket thing too
should i take like calcium and niacin and shit?
cuz im pretty sure its two diff things happening
cuz theres a fucked up nerve thing
that is hell, thatll fuck up the back of my knee and the bottom of my foot when its bad
theres there like a joint/bone/inflamation thing
stretching does not help this
just rest and aleve
but stretching helps the nerve/tendon/muscle thing
this is a problem

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it does pretty much everything photoshop does
everything ive ever needed, and it loads in about 5 sec
i can color correct and crop like 5 images in the time it takes photoshop to load

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use gimp

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the drc file

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change it to .012
make sure to save it somewhere

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long as its over your boardhouse min
i think 4pcb is .007
you should make a drc file for them
i think i have the ourpcb one set to .007 tho

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ha, that board is nuts
would have routed better most likely with vias under chips (you can do that since youre having it fabbed, now)

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prob gap between your pads and your soldermask cutouts
stop layers define the soldermask
do silk art on place layers
really you can do it on any layer
you just have to make sure to include the layer when you do the post processing for your silkscreen layer
by default silk gerbers combine the tplace/bplace/tname/bname layers

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birthtime (11:23)
happy birthtime to me

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i still think im gonna reinstall windows
were doing an rfactor race league, games ran noticably faster after last reinstall
turn off all layers
turn off dot grid
turn on airwires layer
and use your eyes, sometimes its literally a couple pixels
like the traces are overlapping, but the center of the ends arent on the same point
in that case, it doesnt matter so much, but just just unroute and reoute to kill those
also DRC has a center over error feature, always has
shit is overlapping your board edge as defined by lines in the dimension layer
i usually do a 0px line

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no they want to sell me LEDs
they prob noticed that im doing arrays and theyre like, wow thats lots of units
im gonna see what kinda of power output theyll do in the superflux package

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