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fuck i should rotate my Big-O 205/60R15 FailTires
old cars, woooo

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everything car like takes like 5x longer than it should if ive never done it on that car =\
i have to find a place to hide my moms car while i work on mine
or actually add deposit two paychecks to the list and im not sure if i can afford plugs and wires and digikey
how come my checks dont clear when i deposit them but everyone else says theirs do?
eggsalad: why is wells fargo the failbank?
well digikey is obviously more important than engine spark

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today i have to change oil and put more oil detergent, do spark plugs/wires and timing, inspect timing belt, order digikey, race at pau

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omg they left
im gonna triple check my parts list then buy(x4)

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1/4W th ive gotten from digikey were yageo
heh, maybe taller!

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no i mean shes done it at multiple companies
like eventually they know she can handle whatever they load her up with
so they do
and get rid of other people
then when it gets nuts, its all on her
ive gotten avx caps
tantalums, before i knew about stacked ceramic

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so then they asked if i could cut laminate
having no idea, i went, sure
it works, w00t
macegr: haha places would do that to my sister
and then be like HOLY SHIT YOURE 16!?!? OH FUCK
and then HOLY SHIT YOURE 18?? OH NO
she has boring office something job
she came over to get more stuff
oh man i got so pissed
heart thumpy body temp changes omg fucking sucked

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if its in stock buy it
fat motor, universal coupling
or chain coupled to the main wheel
i think they paid of people at work!
laid off people
no sha nozzles and things are stacked much too high!
yeah iunno
they have a schedule, they cant do anything until i finish cutting my shit out
so they were like weeks behind schedule
now theyre not
also i cut him a bunch of logos he stole from the web
to show off at some trade show

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or like, gourmet mac n cheese resteraunts
macegr: if its at mouser, you can trust it
i dont like bmw anymore
the coolest thing they done was that hatchback GT thing
stop being mean! .1% resistors is hard
macegr: BOM for headphone amp is like $30
includng hardware and foam insulation and battery and standoffs and screws
hmm, dunno
i been busy and/or sleeping

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art of electronics has a pretty decent set of rules
some other place has them too
03:42 <@renesis> http://www.garrettelec.com/search/results_parts.cfm?part_no=TNPW120621K5BEEN
03:42 <@renesis> http://www.garrettelec.com/search/results_parts.cfm?part_no=TNPW120620K5BEEN
ive never ordered from them
octopart found it
you can likely cancel the digikey cuz of the lead time
er mouser
the chiken and pancakes place?
whats roscoes again
yeh dude theres like 20 places like that in LA
macegr: so trip went ok?
macegr: no i mean 'someones something and something'

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yeah i need to make a schematic flow tutorial or something
cuz some efnet schemas hurt my brains, yo

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i guess the feedback after the scr

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oh nm

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mrtube: yeah dont change that
their gains are matched
inverting amps are R1/R2
non inverting are R1/R2+1
oh hmm
0603 might work
oh theyre 1210?
yeah then 0805 might work
'that what i mean
sorry im waking up
try there

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yeah those look good

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what are those
theyre clamped by the diodes
so yeah they dont need to be huge
even 10V should work
dont think ceramic is very high leakage
Ceramic, paper, film, and mica capacitors should not show any leakage at all. The maximum allowable leakage is below the sensitivity of the measuring circuit. If any of these capacitors exhibit leakage, they are defective.
this guy think so too

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So that the plant can get everywhere. Attached pls kindly find the picture.
it just makes me smile, reading stuff like that

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he chinaled emailed me back about leds
theyre like 'constant current good,' 'last long time,' tc
and they emailed me a pic of some insane 24 SMT led array
whats the spec?
whats 50uA

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they clamp each other, so they shouldnt go much over 1V
so almost anything
also i think natsemi listed a natsemi diode
like i think it was just shit they had in the lab
cuz i dont think they make a ton of discrete diodes
on theirs?
its like DO-[somethong](SMA)
in the list
anyway i need foods

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that one is clamped at 2.4V
so you have alot of cap values that you can put there
well, RC fill time
i would sim it, because it clamps at 2.4V and youre doing it off a 35V rail
well, its a fairly constant current so its like, how long does it take that cap to fill to 2.4V with whatever current the mutes need
*4 for the main amp
yeh this is the shitty part
but the diodes on the servos limit the response of the servos
no i would just use whatever
sma silicone, not schottky
faster ones prob arent very much more
i wouldnt think more than $.12 for those
silicon, ha

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for the ones after the regulator?
maybe for the mute circuits, because its clamped
those are 15V positive and negative rails
those caps dont need to be very big
FM 25V 10MM
theyre clamps
no thats for after the regs
and that is large
theres 3 other caps you can use
and you have to figure out the resistor for the current on the mutes
then you use a cap with that to time the turnon

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which package?
its just a fat transistor type package
like a to218, but with 2 pins
little smaller
but theres a bunch and you can fit normal diodes because its spaced wide enough
yeah i think those are the fat th diodes
yeah id want more for the main rail rev diodes
but those are prob fine for the protection diode on the linear reg
its just so the caps after the regulator dont blow out the regulator if the caps before it dump out first
its not on the schematic?
oh i would get the FM cap datasheet and get the ones that fit
yeh that just shoves the package
i have to convert to new eagle
and use a digikey part number as an attribute

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the protection diodes?
theyre big and common, cheap
also the spacing and size of the holes lets you put lots of diodes in
like normal thru hole DO things
well depends what diode, you can get lots of do-247 package stuff
$1.65 ones, slowest time spec is half microsecond
you just need them to work long enough for your fuses to open if you reverse the rails
yeh totally
normal thru hole diodes will work in those footprints, too
theres caps after the linear regs

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for parts for 4 units
plus maybe $4 in hardware, insulation, altoids, rubber feet
so maybe $30
thats neat i thought it would be like $10 more
oh shit
i need the led
mrtube: usually a pad is diff

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interface is made to fuck you
like if you go back to the edit list page after leaving, itll add more parts
when you check something off, itll reset New to Current in the add to order box

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i think digikey exports their lists in csv
you dont make digikey parts lists?
like logged in?
itll save everything youve ever saved in your cart, ever, too

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wat happened to his led project?
lemme finish list
i have to go deposit my paychecks
hagen daz ice cream bars are sooooo good

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make list

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im ordering stuff

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eggsalad: emo
dx^: you need anything from digikey?

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i need to put some subs in my car
i want 2x10"
im prob gonna buy taiwann stuff from partsexpress!
yes ive heard of them
yes happens alot
ok i have to practice
mini @ pau
race tomorrow night!
all the cars are faster than me but i dont have to slow down in turns, wooo

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he thought it was ok i think, his comment on the racetracks was like 'if it works'
cuz yeah everything else looks pretty okay, except the current dumps out of the output resistors right where signal and power to the top amps goes
so im like, im put a wall
sure, ground things eat emi things
floaty things can reflect, doh
oh it should be fine, theres space
and its not connected
theres a break in it, so you wont have any weird current noise copping
yeah i think so
heh you want a headphone amp?
thats what im buying parts for, those boards i had made with what you paid me with
they fit in an altoids tin, 9v or dc in
hehe, 5v audio project
yeah i didnt think so

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depends on the amp
for the bridged-parallel thing, yeh
2,200uF on each rail, 50V FC caps, is used alot
they have really good PSRR, so they can deal with the ripple
thats why you dont need linear regulators, it does it by itself
minimalist junkies <3 them
simplest form its like 3 resistors and two caps
haha kevtris called them race tracks
because there is signal and power routed up to the top amps to the sides of it
blackmoon: no to keep it from feeding back onto the signal =(

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all the servo does is pull signal output and integrate the offset into the opamp input
yeh thats standard for those chips
like full power from standard signal levels
yeh just two resistors
feedback on the power amps
laboratory 47
youll laugh when you see the board
wells its just a single amp
but the board is really low budget
nope its supply is pretty much standard
toroid and bridge onto fat caps right at the chip
ive built amps based on that setup, it sounds amazingly clean
kinda inert
like you turn it up and the sound doesnt change kinda just gets louder

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you can build it without it
its kinda neat like that
yeah i wanna try it
well, if you could find good amps and precision parts, im sure it works
low offset and input current stuff
i know it works without, it, tho
well, i think theyre using LF411?
thats pretty standard jfet opamp, its like 30 years old =)
like natsemi has those and ti has tl072 stuff
but yeah it should work without the servos

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im making a digikey order if you forgot little things
like soldering tweezers or what?
or hot air
horrible ^
babies are so funny!
thats fine
make sure theyre x7r or better
cuz youre all worried about stability
okay yeah
you can find cheap ones if you look, i was shopping for passives all night =\
oh what did he say?

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