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oh sweet
.3 pitch, .7 hole
ima go get lunch and change my oil
just get the ones with the plastic thing

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2nd page middle bottom
page is marked 32
its clips mounted on a 1/16" piece of UL rated plastic
i have to find something more common, they non stocked already and onl 99 left
i couldnt find ones with the right pin spacing but if you can go ahead
i dont see those

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i got 1:41.67!
mini @ pau, unstoppable (assuming a 90% dropout rate)

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mine failed me

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check voltage offset, bias current, psrr, and the nV/sqrt(Hz) noise specs
pretty sure theyre directly competitive
i think they fit in between LF411 and LF411A, more towards LF411A
but those are like $4 arent they?
the standard ones arent so great
theyre normal prices, like right under $1 i think
the TL07x stuff is def better for the $

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thats the min i would use
even 6.3V should be okay, tho
10mm came in more values than anything else
ha, yes
TL072B arent
check theyre almost the same shit
if LF411/LF412 are better its not by much
im pretty sure theres a TL071

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i did 1:42.46 in the mini @ pau
then it blew up
(like maybe 60 laps on that track, never broke 1:43)
pitch looks the same
theyre 1.25mm wider on the radius
thats what the footprints are
it should work either way
theres space
i just checked

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did you buy?
will they fit?
10mm diameter caps was what you were looking for, anything above 6.3V really
thats why those were spec'd in diameter, not value

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(|VEE|-2.6V)/I, I > 0.5mA
is their calc
their specs are with .5mA, too
mrtube: im do some practice laps
heh, sry
(its like monaco but flat!)
but ill do the LTspice file for both circuits with the parallel resistors and send
then you can see the current ramps and adjust if you want

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it should fade in pretty fast
high and low chans about the same times
then 25V*.008 and 25V*.002
or 35V for 8R loads
8ma @ 25V is .2W
32V (35V minuts the mute circuit drop) its .25W
thats why i have resistors in parallel
so you can use normal 1/8W 1206

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so for like 2mA into the little amp, 13K and 2200uF takes about 10sec to reach about 2mA, and maybe 2 seconds for the mute threshold to be crossed
im just seeing what most is
yeah mute response way faster with the 3K resistance to feed current to 4 amps
i would use 2200uF on the big amp and like 560uF on the small amp

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the mute caps should never be spread more than 5V
up to 2200uF, FC caps
for 10V, 2700uF for 6.3V

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mrtube: i think fade-in is doable
fadeout and fadein might not work right if the psu caps stay filled at turnoff, tho
cuz you have those huge things
but yeh if the caps are filled i dont think you have turnon pop anyway

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okay 2mA is safe
its out of full mute by .2mA according to their graph
8 ohms, 60V split supply

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disk brakes come from airplanes and corvettes
it was like 5mA or 10mA or whatever?
for which amp?
you need to multiply by 4
hmm, not two for high i dont think
well yeah if youre going to use the parallel resistors
lemme go say hi to grandpa and gank a smoke and do some breakfast type stuff
ill come back and stick something in LT spice
woo eggs

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trucks should use like 4 parallel discs
whatever nothing is $$$ when everyoone decides its the cool new thing

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okay then use they bigass tank of compressed air to work rams
really i dont care about trucks
drums should be bant!
wow you called drum brakes elegant
thats ballsy
compressor accessory, storage tanks, air to hydraulic ram assembly, done?
well i dont give a fuck, its not my job to honor 40 year old car tech
wait why is that fail
dont they use air brakes now?
wtf is the air doing?

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ha crazy trucker shit
did you blow the line or the drum cylinder?
drum cylinders are retarded
that sucks
i inspected my shit and it has like 3/4 of the shoes compared to the new ones i got
and the cylinders werent leakingh
so i just went fuckit
closed em back up
haha my accord has ABS!
they just dont lock!
rab: more pistons, pls
disc brakes with shields on the inside rawk
its called a bigger vacuum assist system

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but yeah if youre an ass riding your SUV brakes coming down the whole mountain, you can go die before you kill people
brakes fade
yes they do
drum brakes should be bant
i drove a crx and a 280z
no they use them in rears still
anyway, i faded brakes pretty often on an 1800lb car
late braking
driving canyons and mountains for fun
slow in fast out
not so much
cuz everyone hates drums
cuz back brakes dont do anything
they creat hazards to your lungs
they dont hold onto the dust like drums =(
i inspected mine with my gas can respirator, heh

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this is an grown up car
it doesnt have gears and a clutch
it has a box with a magic levgel with several D and a 1
the rex is
this is the accord
the civic is just easy to work on in general
its a shift limit
i use it for engine braking and merging
bitch dont shift into 4th
im not done with 3rd
we going all the wat to 4.5 tachometer units!
its for both
one you use the gas pedal, one you dont
you can engine brake thru a torque converter
in fact my accord manyal said so
it was like YO DONT DO 2nd HEAR OVER 60MPH!
im like, aw cute
someone did that
id never use brakes down a mountain
blackmoon: you make them useless
downshift and let engine compression control speed
actually yeah
in a lower gear you will go faster, as well as slow down quicker
so in general, anything non level, lower gear #1

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omg honda valves, fragile
okay so you gotta be intelligent with your rope now
hahaha hydraulic fluid
i need to take my crank pulley off
yeh fuck all that
im not down with this post apocolyptic mechanic shit
we still have sears and harbor freight
yeh thats what im saying, yo
rab: tru
i hope apocolypse is biological

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blackmoon: #cars says i need an impact wrench
taking off the crankshaft accessory pulley
the way the diesel mechanic suggested was to nuts
i need a compressor anyway
hahah wtf electric
prob an electric compressor
no i mean im going to get an electric compressor

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