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dx^: does it have a crunch?

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sell it and maybe you can do something useful with the money
where di you get it
whats in it
wow neat
yes so your cooking will kill blackmoon

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hmm cheap
thats so cheap

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rab: yeh i saw those
well, not those
but similar in metric
it was for non thru hole plate
so no vias under chips or connects
home brew
that was the original .008 kamikaze board
i got a 1:40.6 w/ mini @ pao
hehe the mustangs and alfa romeos are doing like 1:35s

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so no doc templated edited today exists
well that makes no sense

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but my first name AND last name is available
haha its like 4" from that line
macegr: well put, also wtf he called your job over forum shit?

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ha wow have to read all of that
man my form is failure
when i lock it, thertes no way to insert pics
also a print job is stuck deleting on the priner machine

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just for the email part?
thats cheap for texts

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hes married, so makes sense

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omg what is with you and jap trannies lately
also, hello

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blackmoon: naw its usually maybe $20 more
hmm, who was ~duke
blackmoon: i go southwest air alot
they service the whokle country, east of chicago they connect to other mid level carriers
they dont advertise on the big ticket distributors, theyre *always* cheaper, significantly
but yeah i did NYC and back for like $250
ive been to seattle a bunch of times for around $220
i think when i flew from sacramento it was under $100 on a short notice\
like im prob going to chicago end of septermber, like $280 maybe after taxes and security fee
they charge you for TSA =(
were way ahead of schedule
i has days off, w00t
also bossman has some of laundry trade show thing on thursday
i wonder where the fuck that is

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