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i think with the beatles, its maybe 10
harrison was the man, and ringo i think was maybe all penis
giant penis giving you flying double peace, yo
i should start a beatles hate blog
harrison and abbey road and the white album = off limits
beatles got okay once they had enough hallucingens up in them

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naw people who cant play music have a more valid opinion of it than musicians i think
cuz like when you know whats being done, you respect technique and details
when you have no idea, you just have to go on what you feel
which is kind of the point of music i think
yeh thats not great music
yeh kinda
alot of really awesome music isnt very hard to play
like alot of black sabbath and beatles stuff isnt hard to play
most led zep shit is pretty hard
i wouldnt consider led zep better because of it, easily both bands are maximum awesome
i say both because i dont really like the beatles pretend i never mentioned
harrison was pretty awesome, tho
in led zep and sabbath?
8 of them

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and the whole time he had significant monies in his bank acct
and this guy will be engineering nuclear facilities or something?
btw does he have a job or something?
wtf is he going to do instead of school
prob becaquse hes in school
yeh really
yeh i know now what is he going to do!
maybe he just signed up for the navy and never showed up
i guess navy is pretty dumb?
why did he buy the guitar
i dont understand any of this
like, sandis brother has a nice guitar
but people pay him to go to other countires and play it
like in festivals and shit
you can get pretty badass guitars for like $500, custom

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wats it doing?
oh wait
its plugged into the laptop?
oh huh cuz it had the translucent end
timecop: have you played magnetic shaving derby?
yes yes!
the new guitar he got?
timecop: i got 192 points!
3 nics in 44sec!
so he bought a $4K guitar
sold it for a huge loss even more recently

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wtf why is that client not dead
fuckin dead proc
hello, win xp

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get a quote
they prob not a one unit kinda company, tho
a bit too swooshy

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mad planning and a fixed spec
guys my room is like 20% picked up!
yeh =(

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ha @ ground shield
rab: do you know any n american extrusion manufacturers?
i has a car now i should look for something in LA
do acrylic and paint the back black
with the lcd area masked
thats actually kinda pro looking

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oh my lag is done
dx^: if you send my panels i can cut them
thats something my machine can do no issues

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those extrusion cases are neat
i has lag

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3 is minimum enough

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blackmoon: yeah i dont quite get it
but it seems way deep, and profound, and all those words
how is he, btw?
wtf does he do,, since hes not going to go to school?
eggsalad: w t f

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cuz the hex standoff corner diamater
they give you the flat diamater
round standoffs?
oh right
blackmoon: put a screw in the other end
tho yeh, dunno how you get that screw out...
round ones are usually unthreaded with screws that runs thru them
the one now?
or the no hexagons in georgia one?

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big vias you need the pads
twingy: left to right would be as bad
even in one direction would have errors if you didnt do the overshoot to undo the backlash
on the servo clamps it doesnt matter as long as the diodes are opposite
heh yeh
meh, need to clean more mess

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so feed from one direction
and overshoot on the return
and that wont happen
because the screws are like .12 diamater
and TH adds a bit, plus you want some play

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yeh thats true
well fuck the money, he prob just doesnt wanna reworkk the board
i gotta take out trash and buy smokes and sev food
i think a payday

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actually i have to do that, anyway

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the middle serial port, left side of it
below and slightly to the right of the left hole for it
reroute those power lines
yes then equal Y value, on the left edge
move the cap and shit, put it on the edge under the dc jack
do like .140 hole with .3 diamater on the pad
will work fine for a #4 screw, socket cap or button head, and mating hex standoffs
then do 2 more on the bottom side edges
if you are definitely leaving the buttons attached, then resize the ones there
if not sure, put other ones above them
get like 100x #4-40 1/4" screws for $6
and standoffs for them are like .25 to 1.00 depending on lengths
female threaded aluminum hex

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sex looking
yeh baby
no: sec, looking
1024 768 fallout
dx^: link me to your board

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that sucks

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not even like drunk sick, just like flu achy sick
ttmustang: cool
oh that looks solid
my mess is intimidating me

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cleaning up
yeh looks ok if the specs are even half true
yeh watching
looks/sounds ok
how you gonna do the bracket?
ha, jennyfur is so allergic to alcohol now
some people who sell wine to the place she works at came to her work
and she had maybe 8 sips, and she says she feels all sick

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oh neat

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so rockshox wants a desktop cnc
he has me on ignore, and now will only talk about it in pm (or not at all?) so i cant see

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dx^: oh yeh shit is ordered

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at the edges

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eggsalad: aloha mr ha
eggsalad: aloha mr hand
hehe, broken
wtf is a snack jonmes gland

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turtles #1

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i have an idea
thats new?
thats new

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havent seen one
ha wow
yeh really
wyf is a mooncup

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theyre cute when their legfs and ears barely stick out past their fur
heh, those are prob the sexiest cars of the 90s
for any price

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sample of a girl singing nothing for 3 sec
and teh drop, into distort bass and squarish synth and more fast drums, w00t
kung fu 'HU' sound then some sci-fi sample of some bad guys like 'FOREV0R'
how did rock music survive without kung fu and sci fi samples?
oh i guess it didnt!

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hmm, not reall so much
yeh i would do it analog
ha @ vin thru a 1M resistor
theres this hard emo-rock song thats been dnb remixed
hehe, its all catchy but hes all bitching...
yeh i should
then it does this hard drumming, synthy organ part
see dnb even makes emo nu-metal bullshit good
yeh also death
death sometimes comes to those who wait
so they !skipped it from chan
and the next song on the list is another emo nu-rawk remix
hahahaha skipped that one too
neat now is just normal techy sounding dnb, fast drums into more drums with some synthy ambient stuff

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thats kinda like twingys idea
well for motor control, but yeah basically shut a switch off after the swing gets to a certain voltage
if your shit isnt fast, its burning up, tho
yeah but its like 180V, and its not like youre doing something at 60Hz
prob gotta divide that up like 1000 times to get decent regulation if youre doing it digital
which i think was his idea

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they wont be dropping very much voltage
and maybe .05A max
junction to am,bient is 36C/W
so maybe half that, 10V drop, which is high
they used .7W as their design example
wow @ first line
fuck caps

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dual BJT and adj regs route pretty tiny
oh also the dropout on normal regs eats up alot of power
tho i might do long strings, like 70VDC or something off an unregulated supply
arent those expensive?
the current sources wont see more than couple volts regardless

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like $1/ea if i buy 25
too big

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like .5V dropout, .5V reference
so about as efficient as my dual BJT source
but like precision ref and temp/current protection

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