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what georgia?
well obviously
he doesnt really think about very many things rab
hes a good guys, bad guys kinda person
russia is obviously a bad guy, and we have carrier fleets and nuclear weapons

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omg applesauce
also omg @ sour cream
fuck maybe we dont have any
fucked up.
im kinda polish
i think thats my dads dads country
why we gotta be starting shit with russia?
okay you know how i was saying bush would invade russia in the winter, for years?

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even blended seasonings will kill you
you should move to central texas
in 20 years they prob wont be part of america anyway
whats pierogis
rab im a kid from los angeles
texas scares us more than cops in ventura county
cuz yeah they dont like us for some reason!
i dunno why!
omg sounds good
is it flaky or like sticky or what?

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A1 is better but you have to use way less
i got boneless thighs
i was told they rawk
and theyre $1 cheaper
dude frozen food is fucked up
i didnt buy any today, and i paid half the money i thought i was going to
celeste mini pizzas are good
with the little crisper disk
its prob carcinogenic but that shit is tasty in 4:30

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fuck that
you cannot do it at home the same
they have huge fat ovens
it makes a diff
theres mexican guy
El Grande Pizza and Tacos
used to be a Grecos
same guy, tho
best fucking pizza, ever
NYC pizza, by the slice if you want it
totally at a busy intersection so its always on the way
you cant make pizza like that in a little rack oven at home
ree food
er tree food
yeh but fuck working great
i want perfection
you need a preheated slam of steel thats had flour baked into it and bits of cheese
all you eat is tomatoes?
well i dunno what else you cant eat =\
shit i would die
prob because i would just keep eatng onions and garlic
and die
oh man that almost sucks more
i just be fucked up allergy sick ALL the time

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blackmoon: astroboy vs megaman messages leading to stuff and then her just being a bitch
haha i think she got alot of comments she maybe didnt want me to see
she 'accidentally' deleted her myspace
im like hahah they make you confirm prob 3 times
thats so bad!
you told me, im still very amused
i was always sick of it
cuz certain irc people over the years be like OMG JOIN MY LAMER SOCIAL NETWORK SITE PLS PLS CMON OMG
so id login, blog some shit out
never go back to the site
myspace is just the one that won

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oh that works
fuck i need to buy standoffs and soam foamy insulation stuff
well no really i need to sleep
i hope they didnt expect me to come in tomorrow
i think theyre off at the laundromat/dry cleaners trade show, tho
i have maybe 3 orders to cut, two or three days of work
and then theyre like 2 weeks ahead of schedule again
i deleted my myspace because of the fairchild nurse chick, among other things
not really i deleted it because i got bored

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tons of people have left because of his bullshit
charles had me on ignore
he just saw his girlfriend all in a huff over me
haha for months
and stu has banned me on and off for years
most regs from #electronics i talked with i hang with in here or in #cars
n00bs dont survive
and most people been here for awhile no #electronics is stu
i thought that was because everyone was pissed at him
dont bother

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blackmoon: ha you got bant or something?
omg no
haha i usually talk about it in a manner which makes people not want to come
well you i dont mind
most of the #electronics regs i wouldnt mind
but yeah in general its not very noisy here
that happens
is stu pretending to not be an op so people dont bitch at him?
i know, well actually =)

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those watches were so deformed

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he all sounding like he in a hurry
he better have change
and wtf man
was i like the only hookup who could actually show up on time?
when i was doing this daily it was never me who was late

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i got no mortgages
i really dont have a big issue with the balancing of living standards
i just dont wanna get nuked, mostly
wtf this hookup lags
he was late 90min ago
one of my hooks averaged 4 hours
i talked to him like 15min ago
he can only do 3/4 of what i wanted
jezus fuck finally

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fuckin makes sense to me

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how much is the hosting?
well thats cheating yo
wonder if harold will be happy or sad when the girlcat leaves
i think shes getting broken cuz my sister gone

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i have vid of them doing that for their encore
they were awesome they walked off stage like 'OK GUYS ITS OK WE JUST HAVE TO GO THRU THE MOTIONS... OK WERE BACK'
the audio is oversatured trash, tho =(
my phone is lame it can be a phone or a mass storage device
but not both
and i have to wait for a phone call
we know you already said
is lordpil.com still paying for itself?
that shit actually came in handy when i got sick of telling people about the sister drama

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hehe i can do the big brother summertime bassline
los angeles is best if only for that song
i claim brooklyn for the valley
so beastie boys are ours
dont tell them i dont think they would be down at first
i miss brooklyn
i should visit orb, he got rid of that wtf wife situation
haha he is by far the most sorry of the three verses
he never even talked to his chick =\

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pharcyde are immune to summertime affliction
(everyone who does that song dies young)
even with all the sister drama
that show was awesome
okay well 104 would have been more awesome
really i dont care except billie and janis and bradley
and really i just respect ms holiday
that would make sense

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circle is:
line is l
rectangle is rectang
i dont really get why they didnt do rect
like rectang is almost rectangle
dimlinear, dimalign, dimradius
i love those
insert pops up the block dialog
have you used solidworks yet?
sublime lyrics come to mind

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photoshop gui is bullshit tho
bloat whore
i have to spend like 30min turn gui shit off to make apps like that quick to use
yeh they built that shit in
its the same as the IC datasheet schema
change the cap and you shit should be ok
autocad is best gui ever
because i dont have to fuckin use it
i can just type commands and dimensions
dont even have to mouse for alot of stuff

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rab: kinda but i wanted to do laundry and clean up more
the salsa did turn out nice
1 lb tamatillo, 1 lb serranos, shit is hot enough itll actually last me a day or two
i cant use photoshop
its bloated as fuck, takes forever to load
its got prob 1M lines of code i dont ever use
so what its light
im not having a like three cad apps open..
then trying to load photoshop
to mostly crop and resize and color correct
like use a semitruck to do grocery shopping
sure, itll do it
but you can prob find another way with less drama involved
and yes, the semi truck is def better at hauling shit places
doesnt mean you wanna buy one to get the kids to school and haul their soccer gear
they always do if you drive them long enough

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i think he was figuring out eagle schema editor when he first did that
haha thats old, ive seen that schem section so many times
i had to resist the urge to redo it for him
just to make it easier on myself
haha it is a gif
use png, its awesome at shit like that
fuck i got nothing done today except shopping and salsa verde
ive saved to gif like once
oh no my bad i played with gif animation with gimp layers
so like twice
i use gimp everyday almost, no issues

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yeh you dont have the output side center taps to do what they did with the 75Rs and 1nF cap
yes likely, they put leds up in there
well, maybe not likely
likely possible!
change C18 to .1uF
you cant do the 75R/1nF things
because you dont have access to that side of the coils
so one maybe assumes theyve already terminated those lines in some sane manner
but are the resistors and cap in the jack?
i think i remember theres being a schema for the connect in the datasheet but that was like 4 or 6 months ago

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he stubbed and net labeled it
haha funny:
theres nothing in the way
and he wouldnt have to cross over the nets
theyre in the jack
his schematic is alot saner than it looks
its just a total bitch to figure out whats going on
like i had no clue until the end
they used 100nf except on the ground coupling, 1nf, 10uf on the IC bypass pin

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i have to go take a shower and stuff
i hate how you draw schema =(
well almost everyone in #electronics
flow goes left to right, top to bottom
voltage rails above or below ground depending on polarity
whatever one day they will learn
also busses are thick line, bus nets hit busses at 45 degree angles
they are
just not with a net line

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wtf why do you have outback certificates?

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no, but thank you
i wont use it
i know enough people work at those kind of resteraunts to know not to eat at them, heheh

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im pretty sure they have 4 layer in the dropdown
okay yeh
will do 4 sided quotes
theyre asses tho
and they fucked up my order in a couple ways
they did on right, too, which pissed me off
got my schools part room tech in trouble
but yeah
they sent my boards to someone else
and sent me theirs
they fixed it, but to me if youre selling yourself as a prototype fab house, thats pretty much ultimate fail
if theres no dropdown iunno
i havent from ordered from them since greycz was around
you need .40 boards or something?
er .04

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dx^: yesterday
this is for work tho?
the freedfm.com thing will give you quotes

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why doesnt my shit work
i fucking hate this windows install
dude i used unrar.exe
well fuck this
im going to go racing

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Extracting eagle.exe
Extracting eaglecon.exe
eaglecon.exe - CRC failed
Unexpected end of archive
Total errors: 2
i got 10GB free on this partition, it aint that
timecop: did you try the archives inside the archives inside the archives?
i wonder if those are just redundant files, it comes with a crack

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or wait no mine is 5.1.0
timecop: ty
hmm nope
i got same error
w t f
this would be the first time

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w t f
timecop: you tried it?
well im grabbing yours to check
fuckin got a crc error unpacking the rar inside the multizips
zzzz_: theres no way those cars arent fun
omg youre gonna blow it up!
i have heard
theyre like 150 stock?
thats alot of power in a miata
timecop: k checking yours
crc error on eaglecon.exe from the again.rar or whatever
sec i think yours is done
well thats shitty
yeh youre opened fine
yours isnt from the usenets?
the usenet one is broke then, dl manager says it finished fine

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timecop: o
ha @ a.b.matrix
timecop: ty
no i already have it
rar of multizips contraining a rar

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hes 65
sadly hell prob be around for awhile longer
just hit him
oh yeah notice that my mexican grandparents and my white jewish east coast guy dad are like the same age
i bet that went over well at first!
that shit has happened to me like 3 times in 8 years
way too much

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is staying home gonna make his stomach not hurt?
you know why his stomach hurts?
cuz hes stressed the fuck out cuz hes been acting like a fucking retard for years at least, as far as i know
he will die
like, prob soon
prob means youre fucking starving for oxygen cuz your fucking viens all clogged up and your heart is compensating
i think i only have a family history of ulcers
no cancer or heart issues, my grandpa on my dads side lived to be like 82
grandmas sophi into her 70s i guess
grandma and grandpa on moms side are like 60s, pretty much fine, grandma alot slower moving around tho
dads is fucked up overweight, shorter than me and hes been well past 400lbs i think
my bro buddy calls him evil santa
hes on mad crack and hardcore psychotropes
prob abused every drug *except* LSD cuz it scares him
(he was a pharmacist)
(real one, not street one, but prob street one too)

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what did i miss
he buys deli subs from the grocery store?
thats a good price
w t f
you can prob get a deli sub, fresh shit from a supermarket, for like $4 or $5
like fureal shit, not som subway/quizznos shit
and yeh you make it yourself prob do it for $2
in c or asm?
in c moon or macegr or dx can prob help way more
my salsa verde is maybe chilled to the proper temperature
sei opcode and the mask registers

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no weve met
like real spam?
or something thinking theyre useful for 1000 lines
rockshox hates me since i told him riding bikes on the street here is dumb
aside from like little side streets
also since he tried to call me fail because i was angry on the phone
over like $1000 in lost financial aid and being misinformed by several office workers
and i pointed out hes an asshole in general
and then like 4 or 5 people agreed with me
cuz he always was calling people retards when they didnt agree with him
and he emo quit and has been pretty standoffish or just an ass with me since
well, yes and no
i respect rockshox more than them, for sure
well, you had reason, if that guy is a reg and theyre down with that behaviour
because thats straight retarded
i noticed the dates on the posts too
fuck that guy
which is sad, i mean efnet is like a billion people, maybe 20K are even real
sparkfun is prob like 100? heh

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haha rockshox wont talk to me
i got rhett to ask him how macegrs thing was doing at spacex
cuz im on ignore
he stopped talking about the maxNC hes going to get as soon as he realized i was in the chan
im always in cars?
for maybe years now
well im in there
i ginger pen status =(
i got pen status (!ginger)
and ive met up with a few local regs, and i play videogames with very active op people
burning man?
fuck that
mad idiots on drugs
middle of a desert
okay well then yeah thats a cool reason
but for me it got nothing
i mean i know itd be awesome in many respects
but yeh middle of a desert, and drug scene
but not hippy druggies

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yeh but irssi defaults are almost 100% awesome
besides personal/servo info, just have to change the autojoin on invite stuff

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i didnt even toss it
its like ultradead now
timecop: we have 3 balconies, 20ft cieling living room, and pretty cheap rent, relatively
also building only has like 12 units, average on this block is prob more like 40
our place is an anomoly
nothing turned pink
timecop: irssi failed
sent notices to msg windows and gave me no indcator
moon noticed me and it put it in his already open msg window
but didnt highlight the window
yeh thats my point
notices are usually important i dont have in gay spammy chans

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evil tomato
subtle diff
i was busy!
8 hours work and like 4 hours bus and also more sleep than normal
i pyut it outside on the balcony
but theres only a few hours of direct light
it died in two days
so LEDs def work
its a 6ft wide balcony with like 10ft walls on the E and W side =(
yeh didnt expect it to do well but wtf

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oh youre making an actual card for like real computers now?
did you read the part about wehat color it is?
it reflects green and absorbs red, even tho its red to the human eye
w t f
i know theyll veg okay on just the red and blue
it got to big and outgrew its box while i was way busy and died tho
so i dunno if itll flower

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i found charts at .edu sites, pretty consistent
like, um, 275 and 475 nm, or whatever 75nm
oh neat
475, 675
so yeh that might be perfect
iunno other weirdo plant chemicals
i should get a book
or just hit edu site notes
vs usb2?

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usb2 is hella rf
and wtf isnt all your tuner shit GHz?
timecop: is the pci-express thing working fine?
besides the i2c weirdness
oh neat how?
just startup timing or wat?
micropower is overrated!
we have all the energy in the world, it will never run out
hopefully get units/money and sample talk going by this weekend
some chinal;ed company saw my superflux red/blue plant arrays
they wanna be my supplier i guess
well they wanna know what blue and red i guess
which is kinda neat because the dropoff in photosynthesis is pretty sharp on the edges of blue and red optimal area

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