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dx^-: omg my friend jennyfur has like upper-butt lower-back pain on random steps after work yesterday
she already has a knee thing
haha cuz she was totally the hawtest girl on the wrestling/weight lifting team

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dx^-: prob monday or tuesday

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ha thats not my sister
thats turdises friend from forever ago
teh evie, devilgirl
she is sporting her jolly roger hoodie

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zzzz_: phone bbl

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rab: diodes
2p do-247 protection thingers
zzzz_: yes

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i have pics of mrtubes board, assembled
kevtris: mrtube almost done assembling the bridged-parallel biamp thing
hehe, racetrack board
i have to download pics from mail and resize

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i got a 24" long 1/2" breaker bar

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blackmoon: can use them in credit mode, just a sig

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wow monte bans me because i tell someone to put their brakes back together right
because their shit is scraping their wheel on *one* side
oh i thought this was #carsgtr2

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fuckin knew it
pick a part counter bitch is using my debit card at a ralphs
nm was my mom she used the wrong card wtf
fuckin wells fargo cards all look the same
haha its good i called her first

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fuck yeh

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macegr: wowow neat

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wtf pick-a-part!
im gonna get hair cancer!
=( =( =(
i got a new pickup tube in case the denter in my oilpan fucked up mine\
besides the new oil pan ($26 for both)
the oil pickup tube i got has metal shavings in it =(

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blackmoon: hahaha
neat mrtube almost done building the amps
okay im go to pick-a-part and get a new oilpan and downtube
er no my downtube is fine i need pick up tube
the oil sucky tube
i need that

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