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starving shop ^

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ha you can totally put more shit on there
routing it would be a pain

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been done
speaking of, i need a medical card

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ha, 8 days left
thats for someone else, im still trying to figure out exactlly what he wants me to do

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fur is coming over to smoke yay
oh i should download a movie or something

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mmm, scope

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macegr: neeeeat

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chinaled's aimee has returned my mails
she was on a vacation
hehe shitty
are the tolerances that close?
the motors burn out because of the lack of backpressure to regulate speed?
or what
or youre saying they just dont work
which yeh i get, sucks
just blows air around inside itself

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its the heat
anything thing rubber prob isnt exposed to much

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and really i totally expected $1000 in shit to repair, so it would even be super over budget if it gets to that

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i thought about it
but i thought it would bhe better to just walk in one day like, ok hai i can only work these days cuz these other days i work here
im racing
i got an oil pump and a gasket set shipped for $30 less than a local oilpump
woooo ebay
this guy might have rebuild kits for F22A engines
that will prob come in handy soon!
heheh i maybe wanna try and do an in frame rebuild
cuz yeh ill have replaced half the shit on the engines
so new head and bottom end kit and itd be mostly new

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fuck my boss
im hal;fway to work on the bus hes like 'oh hai, you can kick it today, we just got one order and no one put down money for the orders we got at the dry cleaner show on the weekend'
'so i should come in tomorrow?'
'hmm, call me in the morning'

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