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i totally missed two spots

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itd be all grey with light grey logos but tigeraid cant print lighter color decals =(
fuck color

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tigeraid from cars is gonna make me a tiny porsche 917/30 darkertech racecar
i dont his caps are going to burn
theyll thump on turnon and theyll be fine during running conditions
yeh when it above the cap voltaqge by a diode drop
i do
so do the maths with the esr and the ripple current
bigger transformer is gonna allow more turn on current
thats pretty good for eggsalad
so what are we worried about exaclty?\
the caps getting hot while operating?
yeh but what are you thinking im not getting

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omg is it working?
wai =(
and 1A rms is 1.414A peak
mrtube: omg dont ask wai
its 1.414A
are you talking like startup conditions into cans?
macegr: i need to learn digital pid
wtf is polulu
anyway mine not pid control
and mine works fine
its a gainclone
fat toroid, fast bridge, fat caps, hook onto chip, go
guys im making a race car paint and logo team

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ha man
i kjeep breaking my shelby in practice
we should make these: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2ItwHWcUBs

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blackmoon: hahaha @ c 'optmizations' in 8 bit code
thats good

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all my shit is time/int based
c sucks at that shit
yeh with extra useless bullshit
also coding in asm with macros and calls makes it as readable or simpler to read than c
branching and looping isnt a prob, not is it really more work
just because you cant use words like if/else/for/while
same shit can be done in like two lines, with way more flexibility
its diff with insano 32bit opcodes
8bit is easy tho
see metaphor sucks
cuz asm is faster
board done?
no it starts off optimizing
wtf is optimizing when i do it in asm its usually as compact as itll get
oh shitty =(

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no idea
and youll get nowhere for a week probably
cuz by learn it i dont mean just hack together some files and pray

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c on avr = fucked up slow

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timecop: ^
just learn asm
its fucking 8bit

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dx^: none
$50 setup

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macegr: standard service suggested for: rock on

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i should email to chinapcb like HEY WHATS UP WITH THAT!?
k im go practice
them im do laundry
whats their spec?
one pcb?

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the ending is awesome
bluescreen integrity is compromised for half second cuz the cam guy getting all into it
and they were all dancing together in the awkward 2min quiet period

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what is it!
wait i seen this
haha ya rly

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ur far
itll get smashed
maybe i can put it in a cutting tool tube

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macegr: ha
medicine boxes
my test loops from sure came in pill boxes, maybe those
neat @ price
they only has american spirit ultra lights
theyre not so bad

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the chinaled company girl got back from her vacation
she said shed get back to me around today
what store software you use?
ebay store?
or web
hopefully chinaled company works out i can get wholesale led prices
they already do high power shit
stupid olympics fuckin up my communications with china

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this brainfile is a keepa
i have to practice
shelby daytona @ cadwell!
macegr: k i cleaned out my sql db and wordpress kinda go faster
i think ima try drupal
what are you sick of it already?
can it do galleries out of box or with some 1st party module?
hackish like how?
for theming?
or just to get certain shit to work

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no idea i havent checked
mine has issues
oil pump on the way but its maybe too late
and i dont think i can in frame rebuild the engine
because i cant think how to get the crankshaft out because of the flywheel
a) i got an oil pump and a gasket set for $30 cheaper than an autozone oil pump
b) wtf does that have to do rebuilding the engine in frame
i already have alldata for my car
no not really
theyd just say pull the engine
attach to engine stand
cuz youre not saying stuff that makes a ton of sense
thats thats kinda what we go for here
eggsalad: make some sense, bitch
eggsalad: for a few weeks now there is much less doubt

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macegr: heh
my accord engine is noticably loaded down when i turn on the rear defroster

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wtf was he strapped into the wheelchair or what

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omg its a vernon. ca
where the fuck is that
says it wont be here till tomorrow

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was onion gremlins
hope my digikey gets here today

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