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and its half supply biased so yeah needs coupling
it has a DC power jack
the battery goes thru the jack switch
schematic for later ^

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people *buy* them for $50+ on ebay
do you see the source of my frustration?
i feel bad about calling it death of some guy
but how do you name a NI circuit after yourself
i wanna sell kits
but ok mine is low noise rail to rail io 5V opamps
so i need to buy standoffs today
be here tomorrow
mcmaster-carr yayayay
but yeah quad low noise amp, with bandpass filter input buffer, and then into this neat active tone control
then from there to a TS486 100mW headphone amp
9V gets dropped to 5V by an ldo after a schottky series diode (batteries, heh)
so it should last a pretty long time
yeh but theyll go away =(
and this is just a good design, like if someone wanna learn something i can explain the whole thing
sec i think i have schematic up...
it has DC input too
why i put the vreg

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like $25 BOM with all the hardware
internal project name was death of cmoy =\
because yeah cmoy amps really piss me off
wildy popular signal opamp based headphone amp
sold on ebay for $50+
oh neat
low pass filtering thru the output transformers
and non edgy clipping
'tube sound' heh
no one
and yes
and i laugh
because they use normal amps
because good specs, right?
well all those specs are like @ 2K load
the lowest load even mentioned is like 600+
so none of the snr and thd specs matter at all at 16R
also it needs dual 9V batteries
also its really just a textbook non inverting amp
im like how do you name that after yourself
no people take it serious

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and yes osx is weird
ive had like 3 friends have probs with trashcan storage eating up their mass storage devices
and not being able to empty it thru the gui shit
so yeah i have to cmdline delete it
which in light of your story i guess is kinda scary!
oh and then other friend has some random wtf error
which i made go away with some wtf combination of keys
i had to google for that and im not sure i ever totally understood
i finished my headphone amp
the little altoids 9v powered thinger with active bass and treble tone control
shit works, i need better headphones, tho
need to buy standoffs and then cnc an altoids tin

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you think its 20min?
i always assumed like half that
frozen pizza isnt even 20min
those ovens dont cool when you stick food inside
well yeah theyre liike 16-20
but with f resh dough i assumed maybe 10min
dude have you seen them mke pizzas?
thats like two mminues if that
yeh toss crust and throw sauce and toppings on
i should ask
yeh but thats the secret
thats why they cook super even

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ac-130u: k it totally works
ac-130u: ima order standsoffs and cnc some tins
then i can send you a kit
whats panago
oh fuck that
pizza is better warm or cold
omg nonono
cold pizza is more cohesive
warm pizza
when its sat all the flavors have mised with each other
okay so i def like this tone control circuit

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ha wow
you cant just like, cut of a head
i think most people live in apartments

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not jennifer, jennyfur
girlcat is not jennyfur!
girlcat is my sisters now abandoned cat
shes a jenny not a jennifur but if you say it jennyfur its ok
also she has some fur
last i checked

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i think like $23 + shipping?
ill check tomorrow
it was about that, usps prob gonna be couple dollars if that
those buttons are kinda neat
ima call fur and be all excited about technical stuff she doesnt understand

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basically like the 3 octaves of bass =(
but i can turn tthat shit way up now!
<3 alpine mobile consumer crapshit
girlcat got a digikey part sticker on her paw
i should have checked
dx^: all your stuff is in a bag
basically everything without a customer ref went into that bag
im double check tomorrow and send
ha ya rly

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guys guys
its working
headphone amp with tone controls in altoids + 9v format board
teh death of cmoy
i need some good headphones
i blew out my earbuds last month
volume is like 10%
all my accord speakers do
i set the face to high pass filter at 60Hz

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dunno the amount of heatsinking required kinda kills the size benefit at that price
its weird!
thats like if i get to fuck rhianna depew in 30 years
for $5 you can buy higher power leds prob dont need as much sink
heheh @ jolly rogers

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a sparse one with lots of pours
half watt is pretty neat!
okay i need like 500R or some shit
thats the part i forgot
luckily i has much 0805s
prob just need a pcb sink
ha yeah rly
my mom found spme guy she lived next to 40 years ago
theyre gonna hang out tomorrow

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02:09 <dmaresca> im a friend of BlackMoon!
ya no wat?
kk its done
turn on click
and turn off click
no noise i can hear but its physically noisy in that room
blackmoon has no friends!
haha funny
without the raster?
and libgerbv?
you figured out macros?
no idea
okay well i gotta put an led resistor and put some signal on my thing
blackmoon: green leds are like 2V?
twingy: neat @ problems solved
twingy: w t f
you have 300mA 0603?
i have 0603 leds

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they got timecop

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buried shit
snaps in drafting cad is ninja tools
naw you just gotta know which dialogs to hit and remember to save a template =)
and i dont think it supports fractional entry
landscaping is in minutes?
dx^: i dont need it i already know most the factional decimal equivs =\
i use xp powertoy calc
for everything

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well dude its clinton
thats all he got, is his bullshit
just learn eagle
cuz you dont know it
and diptrace was pretty bad about wasting my time
and no you dont know it
yeh then youre doing it wrong
timecop you used it for like 2 weeks and said enough shit we knew you were doing it wrong
have you tried ultiboard yet?
capture w/ multisim?
cuz i hate that
ultiboard is pretty pimp tho
hahahaha noooooooo
eagle is good
eagle cad is good
eagle ui is 50% shit
yeh basically
autocad is the best and its pretty weird
eagle is very fast
the board editor
but you need to know *all* the commands
naw autocad is the best
it is good, but yeh so much going on
its gonna be a bit of a mess
yes, always

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geda is shit
it works, but horribly
hey what happened to dianora
mekius: no
its just pcb
and thats why its awesome
#electronics trolling kinda is
i like unclad
cuz then its just a part holder and you p2p solder it
hehe software people
timecop learned so can you!
yeh breadboard is fine for prototype
but itll fall apart if you try and use it for your application
also my project class teacher will fail you
apestate: no ill rewind tho
apestate: he did hillaries speech over i assume?

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just divide it
then divide it with 100K+ resistors
even 1K would work cuz youre competing with a 16R or less load, heh
but yeh 100K would maybe be noisy but you dont care

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ha fun
kk, i have it mostly assembled, except pot control board
powered up, 4.972V on the rail, w/o the led idle load
nothing is on fire yayayay

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almost done soldering headphone amp
just like six 0805 passives left and the big shit

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yeh probably
are you gonna be around?

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yeh i hate those things
dx^: my shipping list was 7 pages long =\
big order!
including your shit like $140 shipped or something
between both of us theres prob like 40 lines of passives tho

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can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail a smile from a veil, do you think you can tell did you get you to trade your heros ghosts hard ashes for trees hot air for a cool breeze
floyd, <3
dx^: yes
im going to sort tonight

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the timing belt is routed around and engine mount
im like, wtf honda
who said that was ok
*an engine mount
so yeah i guess a 4x4 and some blocks to keep it on the shock mount part of the frame

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i couldnt even fit my jack up in there
fuck i need to get a mirror
no way im seeing any of the locating marks directly, heh
i need a 20" jack
my shit was like 14" or something stupid
heh, worked fine for crx
but yeah wtf F series engines are not easy like D series, at all
ive seen that
that sounds pretty ok
better than the remove mount and let it sag
then get under it
also you have to remove a sub frame cross brace
i wanna get that back into place, heh, not trying to bend the frame
yeh 91 accord
else all this shit prob be way easier

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i still have to figure out how im going to jack up the engine by the oilpan
and then remove the oilpan
rab: alldatadiy didnt say let the engine sag so im guessing it was the haynes book =( =( =(
use some wood or something to distribute load!
man fuck i has bad lag
and people do this, rab
im pretty sure thats how my engine mounts on the rex got changed
hahaha no
theres a jack point on the front and back
but my jack is not tall enough to use them
so i had to find spots under the car it was ok being jacked up by so i could put the jack stands at the jack points
haha i broke honda unibody a little finding out the end of this frame rail looking thing is not good for jacking

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i got my digikey and my oil pump!
no i missed ups yesterday
and i didnt wanna drive car to get it

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yeh we were doing burn in QA
on import east euro, russian, and chinese tubes
like 5-10% fail rate sometimes =(
we matched them, too
so you could totally tell they packaged the tubes intentionally
like if bossed bitched about them being low, next time they would be almost too high

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ha i do that
are the slow or standard blow?
ok yeh for testing
it should be almost no current idle
leds, and maybe .25A for idle on all the chips
maybe less
yeh theyre pretty good idle
yeh, its like 50mA per chip
its between 40 and 50 mA in the 25V-35V range at all temps they tested at
we tested at double that on most tubes

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how is your massive pain
least you caught it
im not scheduled till monday
fuck this job
soon as i got them on schedule orders dried up so he wont schedule me
which ones?
100R is a series HPF element probably
so your signal wont get thru =(
yeh powering up without feedback wont work!
prob wont hurt anything either, tho
for the hi amp?
its just critical for matching stereo channels
(so its not really critical, heh)
yeh the hi amp should work ive done that amp design prob like 5 times now

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