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my best friends best friend is so hawt
also she played me eekamouse
so obviously i love her
ha she played a song about dont cut your dreads
=\ =\ =\
(rens new dreds: 2010. wait for it...)

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jennyfur gonna pick me up we gonna go see melissa dj
she does like reggae/dub/dancehall at this bar
macegr: thats really good for 1st time
bead is pretty consistent, straightness doesnt matter at all when practicing
when you weld in anger youll always have edges to guide you
oh i looked again your shit is pretty straight
thats prob why everyone spells it reggae, tc

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teh phone
macegr: neat

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macegr: is fun huh!

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upbeat, could get annoying quick
you like gay remember
you admitted this originally
ha drum n bass is 80% sped up breaks
youd rather have a kindergarten beat?
marching band time signatures, wooo
im pretty sure a marching band drum core is the only musicians could sustain drum n bass beats for any meaningful amount of time
there was a jungle drummer but he died =(
just for you!

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its got happy hardcore in the background
its like a guy on drugs with a one button sequencer
well obviously
i like the awesome sounding dnb stuff
there is tons
timecop listen to yourself
you are advocating etard anime music
you ran an anime fserve didnt you and burnt yourself in the anime distribution scene, didnt you?
theres lots of upbeat drum n bass
sunday morning dnb
im not super into it
gimme dark and techy
haha what?
go get some bukem or something similar

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k bbl

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anyway house beats manage to be primitive without being primal
is pretty weak
muted bass kick on every beat
put a snare in between
no thats it were done
thats so sad =(
thats like, learning to use a sequencer, or something
okay enough procrastinating
i must begin throwing away precious junk matter

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undershirt cutoff of course for exposed belleh action
like, house area they got like, i dunno, stuffed animals
jungle area, they got a mufucking military truck, guy pointing a laser pointed m60 at the crowd
missile tube and radar trailers as props in the back
you really wanna call the music scene im into gay compared to hhc/house peoples?
cmon really do it some more this is awesome
yeh id be afraid of junglists too if i was all dressed in stuffed animal pants and wearing a pink tophat!
like, we have your declaration vs my dozen examples
see there you go, thats electronic and pretty non gay

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thats basically your stance in this channel right now
you are that guy
no timecop
im criticising you for your gay music
my music is practically new era punk
when people go to see my music, they were normal clothes
they dont wear pajamas and suck on pacifiers
they dont wear fuzzy dayglo accessories
they dont trip out on glowsticks all night
they dont smear the face with vaporub and wear dust masks
they dont let the he-shes come take advantage of their desperate etarded asses at 3am
every area of the raver massives that wasnt jungle/drum n bass
or i guess the opposite, the way i stated
average junglist wearing jeans or khakis and a tshirt, or camo pants
girls usually in camo and tshirts or undershirts
sport bra + undershirt is popular =D

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haha 'first thing you need is exploit script'
you really like this shit?
its house
you call this a beat?
kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare kick snare
plus disco
this is not intelligent music
also its thematically gay or little girlish
take your pick
here lemme get a similar song
here yo go i bet you love that
i know timecop its not funny
its sad
that the same type of shit
its a bit slower for pop consumption
its house + pop/disco themes
actually this actually has synth drum fills sometimes
so its already more complex than most house/hhc

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thats breakbeat yo!
and theres usually like 2 or 3 running time signatures in drum n bass
like you can count the bass at 4/4 at one speed, the drumsusually same but two or four times faster
timecop like happy hardcore?
like, hardcore became happy and jungle
in the end, only drunk college girls in lots of pink and fuzzy were into it
it like basically ruins the only cool thing about hardcore by pussifying it =(
timecop you like happy hardcore
i really dont have to say anything more than that to retort
stu spun it for years

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the 'dre beat' is monosynths
i do hear the resemblance, honestly
music ^
thats how you use synths.
drops 1:05 in
drops 1:05 in
timecop you have no credible taste in music
the only shit ive seen you have an opinion on is rush

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turbines with mass, valve gates, water pressure
very easy to vosualize =)
the ballasts might be

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digi ones would likely need some amont of protection to deal with overshoot

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i use resistors to divide it and probe that
didnt have 10x probes
and i dont really trust myself with the 10x switch on mains anyway
careful you dont kill yourself
prob means it doesnt have any kind of circuitry inside
little motor to spin a wheel and some rotary switches
prob not gonna be back emf fucked

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you have my email, yeh?
i have a gerber viewer installed im pretty sure

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itll handle macro appertures now?

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and because if you use dual bridges with seperate isolated secondaries, you have two diode drops per rail
haha that plug looks so sad
is that a tube rectifier or something?
twingy: progress?
twingy: awesome
hehe best way to test

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mrtube: ha, gremlins

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ha put two 7A fuses in parallel and see if it works

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check the polarity on the outputs
oh wait you cant do phase i guess

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mrtube: i still think its prob the relay to toroid connect
like the poles on the relay are mixed up
but yeh hook up the toroid directly and you know for sure
well, youll prob figure it out
yeh pretty weird
yeh the coils add impedance
and im pretty sure you can just ohm out both sides to judge winding like on little audio transformers
cuz the wire gage is way diff on the primary and secondary side

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wiring is wrong or transformer is shorted, would be my guesses
i wanna do mains based switching shit
but id never do it for gainclones at home
just seems wrong, heh
naw you had them wired right
dot to dot
ive never heard of it, but yes its possible
those are popular amond the diy audio types
yeh, just about
wire up one, see if it couples to the other one in phase, i guess
if you got a dual ch scope
my room is maybe gonna be clean by midnight

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did you try without the relay?
ive run them fine with 5A fuses
i have 500VA toroids
iunno prob standard
id do power to fuse to toroid without the relay just to see if its the toroid
maybe has shorted coils or something
ha, understandable

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money and power, niggy
american people have more potential then everyone else
we are everyone
granted in practice were pretty horrible
but we progress and most of the bad shit is our gov and pretty much everyones gov seems bad
ours is just more capable

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thats like saying in an argument with someone 'WHEN YOU ARGUE YOU ALWAYS THINK YOURE RIGHT'
damn straight, id stop as soon i was convinced i was wrong
and i have zero issue with obamas wife being a big part if his thought process
any marriage where that aint the case can go fuck itself as far as im concerned
i aint into slavery

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ron paul cant break 10%
the libertarian guy just dont have the personality
yeh well politics is your life
like it or not
you think i watch cspan everyday because its exciting?
im scared shitless, the only fools im down with wont ever get anywhere
btw kucinichs speech last night was pretty awesome!
also the part about pushing their own agenda...
you want them to push their opennents agenda?

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more likely with totalitarian republican candidates
far, far, far more likely
in any case, dems got the right idea with civil rights and most social issues
and if you watch congress they stick to those platform ideals
they maybe dont get shit done
and they maybe take it from the lobbyists too
but repubs read of cue cards
this weeks party lines
dont even respond to dem debate because its not on the cue card
theyre are sad to behold
honestly, if repubs acted *anything* like their conservative, hands-off, personal freedom, financially responsible traditional platform...
id prob be one'
but they are a lie, more than dems
dems are failures, repubs are just fuckin liars
or followers
or stupid, im not sure that always slots directly into the follower role

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repubs sold out their platform to win
yeh wtf
congress debates over putting creationism in textbooks
you cant just make up a theory and demand it be included
you need to publish
you need to get peer review
you need to publish more
repeat, for a decade
then if you pwnts everyones criticism, *maybe* you can be in textbooks
dems have no sold out their primary core values
they suck at carrying them out
but they are basically liberal with interpretation of law (everyone is now, republicans are way worse considering shit like patriot act)
and they are deep into civil rights
and social programs
they have a solid platform, even if they suck at it
repubs are about rich people keeping money
and what they had to do to get the votes
and thats it
their platform is cater to religious nuts
so they can get into office and make life easier for business
see thats not true at all
a pro choice dem will not go pro life for votes in the south
and thats all i gotta say about that
rab: cmon like repubs arent into fucking you over with IP laws
as far as guns, it wont ever happen

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hes trying to get a job
where religion isnt allowed
no one saying he cant be religious
no one is saying he cant be what he wants on his own time
best not be spouting that made up shit on my time
yes if religion is in state, then it means a religion has power
which means other religions will be oppressed
as muslim religions are right now
if he is muslim so what
really, good
we need a mufucker who can get along, jave something in common with people
rumsfeld is a jew?
a cult is just a non accepted religion
timecop: politics been on topic in here since before you were here =)
fuck extremes
fuck grey area
religion is a freedom of belief
you are allowed to think and practice whatever you want if it doesnt affect others
political office affects people
religion should be banned
it is
its accepting that which cannot possibly be true
if you aint agnostic, i dont wanna here
atheists can go fuck themselves too
theyre wasting their mind away on empty justification too
religion has no place in administration
republicans sold out for the evengelical vote
they didnt vote before the late 70s

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bill maher says it perfectly: too stupid to be governed
anyway trying to pin obama as selfish considering his work with low income people in some of the worst areas in the country is pretty hard to understand
that kind of shit is super hard work, often uphill the whole way, often not rewarded by success
no they have
they got caught far away
i was waiting for it too!
mekius: no
not at all
in terms of politics, it wouldnt be at all
seperation of church and state
they are statesman
it should be illegal
fuck that, its a public office
well i dont think so
religion is total shit
yes thats fine
so practice whatever religion you want
dont be bringing it into administration
dude this is the crusades
thats how it will go down historically
white men plunders mid east and gets pwned, goes back, again
freedom has nothing to do with running for a political office

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i agreed with his wife 100% about her not being proud of her country
so yeah, so far your only point is he is a politician
haha hes prob the best speaker for a candidate in decades
obama has mad word skills
seriously, pretty much everything offensive he said and his wife said i agreed with
people in the middle cling to guns and religion for security
obviously he aint supposed to say it
but that shit is true
and whats wrong with feeling secure anyway?
and yeh, are YOU rpoud of americas actions?
if anything, his absolute worst quality is the injection of religion into his campaign
i think that shit to be illegal
i know
i dont think it should be in politics in general tho
which shows how retarded our country is

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thats fine, i want a young president who can talk to normal people
and by normal i dont mean idiots in the middle clinging to guns and religion
because yeh
gobama, 100%, for the guns and religion comment
as a nation we are trash
the best we can do is pull out and say were sorry
and hope balancing of living standards doesnt hit us so hard we cant survive even as an average nation
00:47 <@mekius> renesis: Hmm, last I checked Obama was not a normal person and I definitely wouldn't talk to him
because he grew up in hawaii?
because his dad was a muslim black man?
seriously, if hes muslim, GOOD
he isnt, but why should it matter, at all
ok well then why
the only thing you could bring up is CFR relations, as far as im concerned
00:48 <@mekius> He is just another rich guy who is only concerned with pushing his agenda, or in his case his wife's because he has 0 spine
dude he worked in detroit
in poor areas
youre really gonna stand by that?
even if youre just doing it for publicity, youre still doing it
its still hard work
youre still helping people
chicago, same shit
anyway wtf are you talking about?
thats prob best qualification for a public servant i know of
mufucker put work in to help people
and mufucker can talk
sign me the fuck up
anyway i dont care if his wife runs him

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obama is a pimp
look all president gotta do is mostly talk
you want the independent who know can remember the name off?
obama is fine for a politician, quite frankly
mccain is a totally different level of fail
mekius: ok well i hope your happy in lala land
um, okay good
post office is socialism
post office like the only thing that works
rab: omg you helped run a caucus!
politicians know what not to say as much as what to say
naw fuck bill
his ass failed me
rab: renesis.
thats where the 'civilized' world ends and we get to build it up again, tribal style
itll be like mad max, but less australian

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i could prob do that
cuz like all they do pretty much is commercial cabinets for dry cleaners and laundromats
brb phone

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was thinking i could make aluminum panels and sell those
but i kinda like my car =(
you mean sell it out of my trunk?
i wanna do that
with a bidir buffer
macegr: thats a good idea, tho
asking him if i can use the machine and give him like 15%
cuz making shit like a sub box would be made easy
er, -made
oh shit
CNC enclosures
i def need to upgrade mine
skateboard ramps

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omg i wonder if she likes penis
where where
i need a job =\
i got them on schedule
boss cant make sales to keep up
so he hasnt schedules me in a week
i guess he got some orders at the trade show last weekend
but cant get anyone to put money down
on paycheck or my own time?
he might let me
i have to ask how much i can get sheets of wood from him for
because yeh, that machine sits there most of the time
i could prob come up with stuff
i want a sub box for my car
oh that sounds neat
mame cabs might be neat
or driving sim seats
i saw my cigar box psu i made years ago

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eggsalad: !
eggsalad: !
eggsalad: !
i bet rab taught him that
eggsalad: where did ccflman go
saturday night
i found out LM means low microphonics and decided it was better just not to know

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maybe still get them by tomorrow
cmon dx you dont know the answer to that?
eggsalad: will stu evolve into a human being?
tru dat
this was always known
its getting them back thats an issue
eggsalad: find me a geeker gf with money and weed
eggsalad: !

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i have so much fucking bullshit
insurance company was supposed to jack direct from my bank acct
on the 27th
money still there
thats not cool
macegr: hallo
macegr: headphone amp works, w00t
shit i need to buy headers

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good job
you already did it
figuring it out is most the work, not like drawing it out takes a ton of time
ha, cool
use eyeball tool to check connections

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i donate to internet radio sometimes
thats kinda like paying for software from the internet

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with change tool?
its not just group and right click?

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legalizer fucks up your shit like eagle did
no ideq

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iunno probably
you emailed?
ill just email attachments back
oh thats true but i sent anyway deal with it

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dx^: was your juarez shit keygen or patch based or precracked key or what?

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which is shitty if you just did some insane design session
thats weird
the betas are early new eagle
like maybe your shit would work with that
but you prob trashed your working files =(
well now you have a chance to redraw the schematic sane
haha shitty
he can just delete nets after stubbing the pins
it trashed the board?
that fucked up i would cry
i have made progress in ending disorganizational crisis
fuck man i had like 5 digikey/mouser catalogs
ive had to do shit like that because of eagle
in progress documentation, w00t
try pulling nets off the pins and see if it has the correct net value
regenerating the schema might not be impossible

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eagle5 is shitty anyway
the right click menu makes everything take one or two extra clicks
pretty much kills one of the best things about eagle
use eagle 4 with the old design
what did you do this design with?
bad eagle in one session?
yeh but its originally eagle 4
so you worked on it on 5.0
opened it up in 5.0
in destroyed state
try with 5.2 and get pirat msg?
or wat
oh saved it, bad
do you have 5.0 backups?
because you prob saved in one session without closing
it wont fuckup until you close the file and try to reopen

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ha theres traces way down in the corner
there was some version of legalizer that would leave boards and schemas like that
i laughed im like, great you got the design back by destroying it

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eggsalad: will stu ever leave efnet after finding a wife?
hehe, i put it in her stove plug lookin like a rawk star
that was easily the funniest thing stu ever said
that sucks

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hes obsessed with avrfreak
more than avrfreak is with me
yeh i think client got discoed yesterday
eggsalad: does stu care about irc?
eggsalad: we know, its you whole universe. what about stu?
hes just called stu the universes achilles tendon, i think
oh no it just says he is off these peoples

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cuz no one wants to see those titties rab
is that person a male?

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which variety?
acupuncture or your pain killer injections have proceeded into the insanity phase of treatment?
blackmoon: the one time i did acupuncture it totally change the way i felt
physically, which changed alot mentally
dude like, 5min in im covered with needles
which didnt hurt but im really ok with needles in medical environments
like i was moving muscles around just so i could feel them
anyway im lying there like MAN FUCK IM BORED what am i gonna do for the next 25min
then next thing i woke up and i had to go, time up
i felt better the first second i stood up
it was like i took the most amazing nap ever

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the amount of garbage my life generates is insane
man fuck packing materials
stupid fucking peanuts and newspapers from random locations

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but then again those prob mostly fall into the category of needs to get out more you mentioned earlier
poor eck0 =(
anyway, no one i know done burning man had an air conditioned escape box

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but yeh, burning man sounds like one of those things youre lucky to come out of without bad stories
alot of times it sounds like people getting over a hardcore shroom trip
amazingly happy, mostly because its over
survivalist trip
hehe, <3 shrooms
well thats beyond gay

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yeh i dont care that house is really easy for drunk girls to dance to
id take a girl in camo pants and a wifebeater over miniskirt and halter top any day
K is for kompressor?
toilets will not be provided so learn how to live cleanly and comfortably in the woods.
ha awesome
phish-heads always have the worst toilet stories
im glad i got over phish in like 96
its good sunday morning stoner music
but yeh all pretty shitty after story of the ghost
sounds annoying
i wanna go to umm...
reggae on the river? i guess
music and lots of people selling art and shit
ill take reggae over hippy-jam any day

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i can drive 3 hours and go to weekend festivals in the middle of the desert here
audiotistic and other raver massives early early this decade changed my life
but thats because they had sound systems like wall to wall double stacked vega portable earthquakes
topped by end to end 2x15+horn cabinets
run by an old hippy at maybe 50% capability
i sat there next to his stack with him
security has given up by this point
and hes like 'check it out these kids they lose the bass'
reaches over and hits a knob on the crossover, then ups signal into a preamp
and i watched the crowd get pushed back noticably
like few thousand people in a converted aircraft hangar
and then they went nuts, surged forward
thats life changing
really i cant stand raves unless theres a big junglist area
fuck candy ravers

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hes getting a CNC, he wont talk about it in #cars anymore because of me, heheh
well yes and what exactly would you classify rockshox as?
yes, burning man art car, quite neat
and im pretty sure the drive by wire was all macegr
everything ive heard says this is so
ya rly
burning man = druggies, art school types, and wannabe counter-culture heads
which can be fun
but fuck the middle of the desert shit

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yeh so a kid wanted to see what rockshox thing did
macegr was solo at the table, me and sandi had gotten and room and i had crashed out by then
but yeh kid hooked up the bench supply to rockshox project
but supply was set to like 30V or whatever for my arrays
so yeh, blew it up
rockshox didnt come back sunday, and didnt leave his pass, so totally had to sneak sandi in on sunday
interestingly enough, rockshox was talking shit about make stuff in general the other day
'its just led blinking and design just because you can'
says the guy with the exploded half programmed led project =D

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and yeh maker shit was like 75% fail...
but keeping the cnc cycling for like 4 days straight while designing the last bits was pretty awesome
and the speakers i designed that macegr cut an assembled were perfect
also maker was worth it just for the rockshox incident
also thai food place in san mateo was amazing
he didnt have a vreg on his 7seg driver avr
he was running it off a bench supply
so macegr was disconnecting that to light up my grow led arrays (sadly no plant setup to show off as that didnt seem sane on a greyhound)

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i can reduce the input coupling cap and increase the bias resistors and maintain the low freq dropoff while making input impedance more stable with volume adjustments
`nico: how you think it could improve?

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after this shit stuff like crossovers and amps will be easy
prob like 1/2 the density
and the only think i want to change really is the standby, because its voltage sensitive and .7V turnon, so fails as soft start
so im just going to tie it high

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16:25 <@timecop> hes been pushign that shit for like months.
haha no
those were abandoned as soldering on the .008 unmasked boards was useless
also they were square format because chinapcb had issues routing non single design panels
that amp was designed overnight after i finished mrtubes thing
and i have 20
also the maker shit was a seperate preamp and headphone amp
i put both onto one board and made room for a 9V battery
and maker fair was may, so like not even 4 months ago
yeh i just checked
this shit was designed and made overnight like a month ago =)

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