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then set the program counter
and manually input hex with a keypad
then set the program counter again and hit run
well, for devepment, yes
but for learning, it was awesome
avr isnt really much diff at all
procs kinda all run the same
basically he said, if you can do this, youll be able to pick up any datasheet and learn any architecture you want
i was programming avr in a functional sense within days
mostly from the datasheet and assembler manual
mr sharpe #1
dx^: probably
i told jenny working on computers at work sucked...
and before i finished, shes like: oh yeh dude, you cant smoke
cant always do what you want while your working
cant masturbate while you work
what do you mean learn its vertically aligned
anyway i <3 her
im glad she pretty much feels same way else id prob go insane
22:53 <@DX^> I also got my cock sucked by a fat girl in the cooler

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no one is hex
mmmm, learning asm =D
dx^: i showed jfur mkultra mini docu
then we watched the national press club disclosure project thing
yeh she had never heard of it
well its like directly related to her
cuz her daddy a skunker
hes a test engineer tho
or safety engineer i guess
yeh its the very first thing i do
i have no idea how i learned most of it
like, i have formal proc architecture education too
im pretty sure it was the assembler manual and yeh, a few examples
honestly it was like fresh air
8085 programming sucked
we didnt even use an assembler
we wrote in opcode
then transcribed to hex

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well, asm will help you learn the hardware stuff in general
like, learning asm and cpu architecture once on something prob help you program everything else embedded, even in c
for example, you dont need that jump to main
because the main label is the next adress anyway
the program counter will just go to the next lcoation anyway

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hmm i think we still have half the shredded chiken from when we made tacos
thats an awesome made up fact, moon
man fuck
i just went to turn my ac on
and its on
i think that means maybe i should turn it off
yeh its been like 95 ish
coast is never so bad here
downtown is usually 10F cooler
and then coast adjacent is like 5-10F cooler than downtown
i really like the weather in WA
they have seasons too
trips me out

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when i know how much these mechanics wanna fuck me i can maybe get that
(proprietary serial cable not included).
ha fucked up $$$ cable or direct wiring h4x
so should i buy weed
or just force myself to eat
cuz i havent much in a couple days
and i dont really want to
Sun Power Solar Panel
Electron Powered Wire
also neat
well that sucks
im just not eating cuz i havent smoke in a couple days
not cuz im like broken =(
fuck man i should just get the weed so i dont smoke as many cigs
well, thats true

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else you have to set a variable to know whether to flip on or off
or do a bit test
well, there you go
if you just need a square at a given rate, regardless of phase, its a time/code saver
not if its code that needs to be on the same timer event but thats not directly related
well the what else do you want to happen when you write a pin read register
then just write it low when youre done with the situation
also in many instances, like a counted loop, you just know what state it will be in
okay say you need to do something after a zero cross
regardless of phase
say you wanna do rising and falling edge comm
so you loop your data out, with the toggle and delay at the beginning of the loop
and you can know the ending state dpending on the loop count

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macegr: in conserving code, yes very
because you can turn a pin on and off with the same in
instead of doing a test for state or a variable to switch
not if youre using calls or ints
call flip; call flip; call flip; call flip;
yeh its pretty specific, when its useful
yeh theres tons of avr stuff thats only useful in a couple situation
billion opcode risc
say you need to do the same thing every event
but you need to toggle a line as well
say its unrelated, but on the same timer event
toggle, do shit

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i really need some foods
oh the toggle thing?
i think its writing a 1
you dont have to reset it tho, and pin reg will still read as pin state

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i should save my stk500 from living room techy junk pile and finish some code
i guess i should throw away those six or seven junker computers
man why people gotta bring their pc to my house to get a confirmation on its death and lack of worth
oh right because they dont pay me enough to because im a nice guy
i think theres even a 5.25" hard drive in that pile
it compiled?
more hints: ddrb is a port config register
portb is the port state register, it actually controls the pins once they are setup
youre initializing the port, but youre not doing anything with it
pinb is where you read the pin states in input port mode
ninja secret: writing pin registers will toggle a pin when that pin is set to output

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ha so i found one review for this mechanic
its a guy who went to have clutch work done
but instead of getting the clutch replaced, the guy said he could just fix it for now for less i guess
so it lasted 4 months and then clutch cable messed up
so he went back and had the clutch done like he should have originally
he said the midget was rude
stuff with dots is assembler directive
it doesnt go into the proc
the other stuff is opcodes
you cant have opcodes before a .org 0 statement
fix line 11 and 12
hint: they cant be on line 11 and 12
the code isnt wrong just where the code is right now
.org 0 literally means the first first location in flash
anything before it might as well be in limbo, the assembler wont let it happen
man this is kinda fun

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put that after .org
but before rjmp main
thats your init code
it starts at .org 0
then does your init code, the jumps into the mainloop
and stays there forever
the # stuff is just paste garbage
if you want to do interrupts later you have to change it a bit because right now your code is living in the vector table
ok mechanic said monday
haha which actually seems quick considering they were using every lift and had non dusty cars waiting in the lot

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but yeh the chip seems to be doing what its supposed to
because youre testing the inputs and there is a voltage offset present
o ok
see .org 0x0000
thats means a literal flash adress
so it says, put this jump at the first flash location
because on startup, thats the location it reads first
so you put the code before that
so its confused because there is nowhere to put anything before that
its trying to put it at 0x0000 but you told it after that to put something else there
you need to put the .org 0x0000 thing after your include and def and equ statements
those are like header variable thingts
then put your code after the org
ldi r17, 0xFF
out DDRB, r17
rcall pwm_start

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the input trace to the xover module that isnt there, i would guess
heh, ground is and get some metal sheet and move it around see if it changed anything
tho yeh you said it looked clean on the scope
16mV is reasonable
because its within max input offset at that gain
ttmustang: paste again along with the compile errors at the end
ttmustang: serious me doing asm was like, spend 10 or 20 min writing code, spend 5 or 10min killing compile errors
and yeh 60mV is not cool
everything is pretty much grounded at the same area
and its got 2oz copper and an isolated path to the system ground

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setup the ddr register before your main loop
and i dont think youre hitting the pwm init
yeh im reading it
put 'rcall pwm_start' before 'main:'
and put the ddr reg setup before the rcall
actually i think it might setup ports in the call..
oh yeh youre using port d for the pwm
so you dont really need to do anything with portb ddr register
ddr regs are data direction regs, they control input/output
then the port value sets the output state or when in input selects high impedance (hiz) or pullup (for switched and shit)
okay yeh you need to load the ddr with 1 on the bits you wanna control
cuz 1 is a penis (out) and 0 is a vagina (in)
then yeh theres just some noise or something putting a microamp thru it i guess

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i bought the service manual and opened it up
saw like 100 dips at max density, went OMG WTF
put it back together without doing anything
fixed, never done it again
yeh you just load the registers and it runs without needing to do anything else
to change duty you just place a new value int the compare register
to change the period you change the timer/counter reg value

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they were odd devices
theyre so fucking mechanical
it was trippy to look inside an active device and like see all the partsd
blackmoon: i can do loops too
scan mode
it only works on like .5s to 5s
and the longer time bases are DSO only
ttmustang: yes
i didnt know was roll mode was forveer cuz at normal freq you hit it and nothing happens
i wanna try and fuck with the rs232 again, but last time i tried putting a db25 to db9 cable on it and something bad happened
like it was offset out of FOV for a couple days i thought i fucked it up
another time the vector display was like only doing alternating 1" vertical sections

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blackmoon: an idea about mono/dual and ch1/ch2?
hehe i think like some of the switches are dependent on other switches
like maybe ch1/ch2 is for the inverting
my tek had shit i didnt notice for months
like if you pull out the calibrate knob it magnifies
and i think maybe you can change a setting by rotating it
yeh mine had some dso specific stuff
ha LF roll or sweep mode
roll mode is awesome
the fact that i can even see shit at like 1Hz with a line instead of a dot is pretty awesome too
roll mode the trace starts at the right
traces left, and then just stays there
trailing values behind it
it doesnt sweep
LF roll mode
it might go into a protection mode and save itself
but i wouldnt depend on that, heh
haha yeh tubes prob like eh?

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haha i keep feeling like i should be outside going thru hell with my car
yeh that works, you prob have one of those
you prob have dozens actually, tho youre likely using most of them
neat maybe its an analog storage scope?
well, more blackmoon and the wall
ttmustang: hit store and change ch1 to ground and see what happens
the yellow button
with the signal on, see if it holds the trace image
otherwise iunno what the button does, heh
also dual/mono is kinda weird
cuz it has an alt/chop
yeh those switches are kinda confusing
oh cool

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DC/LF is the high freq reject mode
HF mode is prob normal, unfiltered
i dont even remember my login i havent been there in a few years
you can if you want, ill do it today if you dont want to
i wanna troll the cmoy heads anyway
ttmustang: its a triggering thing
i controls when the sweep starts so the next traces sync up
yeh prob a coupling cap
does it have like a normal mode?
oh, line i guess
yeh mine is ac, dc, and then an HF filter switch
make sure source is set to ch1
and then itll use the channel 1 signal to trigger the sweeps
then you adjust the voltage that triggers it with the knob
oh nice it has an auto trigger
like, square wave isnt the best to learn about the trigger level stuff because its almost just two voltages
well iunno how much his was!
and yeh i think even my ancient thing has auto
mrtube: ok

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thats a bigger one i think?
i just have a 110 and a 111
little things, totally cute
the new little ones are tapered body with the offset rotary switch
not so cute
yeh its the bigger one with temp probe
see theyre like literally cute
almost looks like a cartoon DMM
oh sorry missed that
ttmustang: yeh looks good
yeh those are prob input filters...
ok yeh thats for the trigger

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its def had buggy moments
i have one of those
clean, clean trace
i have a late 60s diff scope
4 inputs
one channel
haha yeh sounds big
bigass passives on ceramic blocks w/ silver solder
wiring harnesses
feedback ftw
my rotary switches are fucked
and im not sure but all that shit might be riveted together
one day ill take the panel apart see if i can fix that
ha nice
my tube boss has this old fairchild scope
looked same era
i wanted it but hes like 'but we might need it'
it was prob sitting on that shelf for a decade =(
anbd like instead of a dmm the old man tech had one of those DC bridge things?
i guess is like comparative analysis dont even know how to use it
anyway he always looked at my autoranging fluke funny
then one day i let him test it and hes like 'ill be damn its good'
i have a 2230
yeh totally

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hmm, dunno
if you have a dmm compare a dc voltage to the scope
make sure scope is set to dc coupling
and remember its not isolated, putting ground on anything other than ground can fuck shit up
yeh im pretty sure
if you put an AC dmm on a unregulated supply rail it should give you the ripple
oh then yeh dude
.5V would be 10 divs high
but half would be below zero
so 5divs aboive ground for the high point
sounds like its working =D
turn the time base lower
or i dunno not sure what youre seeing
mines like the 70s/early 80s style
but with vector DSO stuff
tho it works most of the time no issues

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theres prob a test terminal
with like a 1KHz or similar square output
you can see if its calibrated close
if its got little calibration knobs, make sure they are rotated until they click into a fixed position
also audio is fun to test with
nice not being blind, isnt it?
yeh if its set to 1V divs then that sounds correct from a 5V avr

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yeh that could be coded better so you dont have to hit the datasheet to doublecheck what its doing
the green stuff is registers

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its a working register
like a general use variable
hehe, like most my asm my processing is done in temp,temp2,temp3,temp4
well, yeh you prob have to state and initialize it
maybe initialize it, depends on how its used first time
oh its asm i just glanced at it
.def temp = r16
try putting that at the top but after your .include statement for the part definition

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no pain or anything scary but like 8 years ago i went in for an appointment...
and they said i has some very minor cavities
not a prob at all if i got them fixed soon
havent been to a dentist since =\
also wtf im 28 havent had my wisdom teeth pulled
so im either lucky or gonna be very, very, very unlucky

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cuz yeh his glasses are alot of money and abe not having so much of that
rab: if you get lasik then cataracts, supposed it fucks the success rates of the cateract surgury
and i guess the normal success rate of cataract surgury is very, very high
nurse in speech class taught us
but yeah none of them will get lasik cuz theyre a bit older
my mom just had cataract surgury
worked really well, she was way happy when it healed
ok rab when i was a kid, everyone like PUTTING LASER IN YOUR EYE IS WAY BAD OK
i did not know that
me and my sister have tested 20/20 or better all our life
but mom and dad both have glasses, so i dunno how long thatll last
itd be cool tho i prob level up my geeker cred
i totally need to make dr appointments when i get my car back
i want vision and hearing checked
haha and yeh dentist =(

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just put the midget in the engine bay
come back in a couple hours
midget crawl out your shit is all done
haha yeh
i replaced the whole dash on the crx
glasses honestly dont help for debris much at all
theyre basically to keep shit from fly at high speeds into your eyeball, lodging themselves
unless youre so badass that you had enclosed split goggles
like, example:
youre standing at a mill, and its throwing chips
you guys glasses on cuz youre no n00bv
but youre sweating cuz standing around staring at shit and moving wheels is hard work
so you get some chips on your forehead, and youre sweating
your glasses aint gonna do shit
see yeh
thats why you were glasses
man prescription specs are fucked
id prob be like fuckit and just be blind
haha my friend is like that actually
its funny he lives in a world of his imagination
he basically makes up most of what he is seeing, heh

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and yeh repainting modern cars is pretty fail unless you wanna pay like $5K or something
cuz the labor is massive to get all the trim off to do it right
else you get some of it painted over and everyone knows youre a lame
and like you gotta get a two stage paint job
cuz solid paint without clear over it just looks wrong on a modern car
yeh those factory jobs are totally a steal
tho of course its pretty easy to paint a car when its already half apart
well the cars just dont have anything installed
when they factory paint them
i wouldnt be surprised if some factories were still doing it by hand
i dont think robots can do the prep work anyway, heh
i wonder what part of the mid east the mechanic guys are from
i hope they dont fuck me so they can be my mechanic guys
they even had a midget!
hehe, my friends brother in law worked there or works there
midget mechanics #1

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like yourself or has it pained
like, you were worried about oversteer on your front wheel drive car during those 140mph turns?
cuz yeah in that case, totally sane move on that spoiler
i know!
but i like making the point every chance i get
they make these erasers
like for decal and sticker goo removal
might work
they like these rubber pads you put on a rotary tool
it might mar your clearcoat a bit
but you can prob polish it out, just go like super easy else youll fuckup the paint more
they make those clay blocks too
i think its the same deal tho, might fuck up the finish a bit, slightly abrasive

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air cooled VW, early datsun Z, and alot of ferraris
and i know for a fact the I6 shit is true
i couldnt hear like a cyclical pattern in my z's exhaust
it just sounded like a turbine or something
fan noise and this really even hum
like a vacuum cleaner almost, heh
hehe, $300 car, would never smog cuz all its EFI vacuum control shit was fucked
totally illegal for me to drive, regged non op
had cancer in its floorboards
awful paint but i black primered it and it kinda looked badass
so yeh, fun as shit to drive, got me to school during the bus strike
few illegal trips to the beach
really i only miss the seats and the engine
eggsalad: should i buy another 280z instead of paying the down on a newew financed car?
haha stfu?

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man fuck i maybe need a new valve cover gasket when i do the valves
so yeh, i honestly see why so many car people love old V8s
fuckin shit is all in the open
and you dont have to take half the shit apart to get at most shit
heheh, i miss my datsun
the I6 it has was like that
dx^: how are you doing?
wtf V4?
they make those?
haha he called you a girl
I4 have major balance issues, but theyre little
like mines a 2.2L and its kinda big for I4, so they added the balance shaft things
but yeh V4 is prob vibration failure
flat 4 is supposed one of those perfect engine congifs
where it balances itself out
like F4, I6, 60d V12
yeh those two
i think V8 just has enough pistons were the imbalance anti-aliases
they dont fire evenly
but yeh

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besides being awesome
yeh all i gotta do i install a shower, basically, heh
not here as much tho
unless its warehouse stuff
then they have two story fronts alot
well everything here is shorter, heh
earthquakes i guess
well they changed shit recently
so now residential can go above commercial
so in 10 years well prob be more built up
already kinda starting
i dunno if i get it
we prob have like 10 story overpasses
i think 405 to 118 is like 100ft in the air
im not kidding =(
you dont see it
cuz the walls
but the walls are only maybe 2.5ft
maybe 3ft but i doubt it
so yeh, fine sitting in a car
you only see the sky on the high side
and the other freeway on the low side
but if a car broke up there...
id craw along the edge, yo
no bullshit
ha i wonder how much of my gasket set i get back =(

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but yeh i dont and i know itll take me longer than it should
and this is totally like 3 or 4 hours probably if youre not fucking up and nothing gets stuck or breaks
like i was driving home and it was 100F and im creating in puddle in my shirt and im like fuck this
i have the money right now and all the parts
and i figured itd be like $400+
like technically im still within my original budget
yeh i def want one
i should go look at that one
hopefully they finish my car soon
they were packed =(
they had one for like $30 like that
they had cheaper ones too but they were like babys
yeh fuck moving out into an apartment
small commercial shop space leases cheaper
haha i remember couple friends of mine in high school with dads that lived in a shop
i thought that was totally insane

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so yeh for the cost of tools i can let some middle easterners rip me off
tho if they dont jack up the price im pretty happy about their labor cost
this is true and im sad about it
well, yeh
but i just want the car to run for now
itll die soon anyway
but i really didnt wanna be under my car in 100F weather being like WTF every 5min
cuz yeh id have to unmopunt and remount that side of the engine at least twice
assuming i didnt mess anything up
also you literally have to rip apart that half of the engine bay
dude my civic is like nothing
i wouldnt have to remove the mounts
remove shroud covers, undo oil pan and pump and replace, replace belt, done
no shoving a fucking engine around
the haynes thing is like 'lower engine like 4 or 6 inches so you can actually get the lower shroud off'
ease of maintenance def wasnt hondas priority on the accord/F series engines at all =(
like if i had a garage and could take as long as i wanted i really wouldnt care
i dont care if it take all weekend and i gotta call people to come help

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i figured like maybe 6"
okay but yeh
now i dont have to worry about my car being stuck in moms parking space
everything else i can do
sounds like it needs to be timed, valved def need to be looked at
.6CFM @ 90PSI
for their little pankake thinger
great for like alot of bike tires or something
would prob have to wait half an hour to get its pressure up =(
then go do two bolts
come up wait another 30min
no it has a 3gal tank
thats why i laughed at the CFM spec on the pump
yeh i know
i almost did that
but all the compressors the didnt scare me with decent ratings were like $50+ more than i wanted to pay
the 6cfm one was double tank
and looked like i could preak it
welds not so pretty, all the air fitting and valves looked like theyd disintegrate in a couple weeks

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rab: and yeh i guess i could have done that
i want a compressor for shit anyway
but yeh labor cost didnt seem that much
considering how long it should take
and how much most mechanics say they charge per hour
yeh we have two huge compressors in back of our shop
the tanks are like maybe 5ft wide and 4ft diameter
old looking things
well, 3ft diameter
i was looking at those
cuz they looked better in general and sandis oiless one crapped out
hmm neat
hmm i cant reven really tell how big it is
yeh if i wanted a project, i would have bought one of their raw pumps and a tank
so thats maybe 4 gallons?
thats like 3x at horror/fate
oh, your lawnmowers must have bigger wheels than ours
(harbor frieght)
oh no shit wtf

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damn is BC bored?
oh, so yeh i said fuckit to buying a compressor and torque wrench and doing that shit myself
cuz the little ones all had regulators and were rated below 4CFM @ 90PSI
i dunno if that was the pumps limit or the regulators
you sure?
these are harbor freight regs tho
okay well i wasnt sure
and considered doing it with a breaker bar
but i took it to a shop down the street thats open weekends
they said $250
wrote down $285
i noted the $285, said thats cool but i cant do no more
so yeh hopefully it works out!
yeh the compressors that had no regs and enough CFM to keep the tank filled just looked scary
and the ones that looked ok were too much
yeh the nice ones that size were either scary looking or too much
anyway i got this git abortive feeling
and its prob 100F outside
so i went for estimate and it was like $100 less than i thought it would be

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i fully expect his presidency to go very badly
you dont clean up messes like this in four years =(

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wait are idaho and wyo the same?
i thought that was light blue for a little bit dem

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thats a nice graph they did for us
boston, nyc, chi, LA, sf, pitt, detroit
all for obama
like the only people who homeland security is an issue for
bill maher said it well
they run an anti-intellectual platform
obama is an elitist because he has an education
omg mean!
oh seattle
they have industry and ports and shit
wow so according to all the polls
hes always been ahead
they cant poll enough people in hawaii

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and i bet its still close
and i bet they will still claim racism isnt an issue
because all blacks will vote for obama
thats neat
he wasnt last weak
yeh but they were all close enough id basically say tied
im moving to middle of nowhere in a west coast state
i cant leave like i wanted to to canadia or costa rica
digikey and mcmaster and all and partsexpress will be far =(

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man when do the debates start this is gonna be classic shit

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workers are supposed to be pissed the fuck off when shit is bad, or theres no way itd get better for them
but yeh id wanna see their pay raises for a long time vs inflation for 110K and 23% to actually mean anything
if they got fucked for a long time i got no probs with them demanding compensation
no and my cable is out ima cspan it at some point
hahaha mccain didnt even know palin
how fail is that campaign
people get offended when you claim racism, so im like wat...
are you stupid? are you afraid or terr0r? do you need 'honor'?
anytime you ask him a serious question about his capabilities...
'im a pow, how could you!??!!?'

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prob less machinists now, and tolerances in general are prob higher, and its not like america spending billions of dollars retooling stuff all the time like they used to
i wonder how much that is if you account for inflation going back 20 years
can you guys make .00001 parts, tho?
not really, i just think theyre pissed about how theyre being treated
and they dont really care what engineers make
of course now
anyway 23% is less than i thought it would be, and id want to see their average raises for the last 20 years
everyone needs a raise
well, things are out of wack for everyone
and its not like manufacturing industry has made their life any easier, and i doubt much less is expected of them
if its pissing off people in charge, good

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