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my alarm clock went off im and still up

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haha fuuuuck

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stop talking to yourself

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ha these pics are huge
new thing
i think its an improvement
thats how you do it!
thats a bigass ferrite donut!
on the board?
actually you know why
supposedly the ferrite distorts
fuck inductors
inductors are for power supplies =\
omg they got timecop
pimp, he got away

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on mrtubes original advent preamp/xover, the put an RC LPF, then the pot, then the RC HPF coupling cap
1M 1uF
response is .15Hz
if you round to Hz, thats DC
well thats kinda overkill
his shit ran way hot
the original board
original thing

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okay im simming this shit
hold on, remember seatbelt
new way, response is rock solid, impedance is consistent
old way was dumb

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okay so i should put the bandpass parts before the pot
and the the bias current compensation resistor after before the input
i dont think ive seen that in schematics i can remember

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im open mt dfpro and see whats up with the shifter

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get the oscillator to oscillate
well like, more
i wonder if atmel has seen that page yet

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you would just need to put a couple traces to do some handshake attempt
have it check for itself
and then just sit there if it knew you were trying to crack another on of itself
like he can crack the fuses he can prob figure that out
ha, so i guess you just watch what its doing with a scope or maybe logic analyzer
make your own and crack his thing
least you dont have to buy two
maybe isnt a speed thing
dx said its a clock input think so maybe its freaking out something in the oscillator

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$35 isnt bad, tho

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is that to break into avr?
otherwise i dont get it
all of them
we we buy two and pop one off and fusebust his firmware
watch it knows
if you try and fusebust his chip
i dont think encypted firmware can be whole flash rewrite
so he could protect the decryption portion you would need to read the firmware

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well like 20% of the time
like, almost
or hes just smarter than me
what is it?
sqrt(7) 2.6457513110645905905016157536393
haha i was pretty close
ive read poetry shit that reads like that
stences that will just break into other sentences
eggsalad: are you for chaos or order
thats like a song id write on lsd
internal fuses what

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its got some sort of multiple shielded antenna wireless comm with the tank, control and status
and then inside the hub is bigass bearings
and a huge fixed magnet
k fine
be that way
reverse magnets around a central one
and use those to push and position while the center one holds on
now the whole tank side is bigass magnets
making that wheel technology not a cartoon
dude its like car are mammals and thats a spider bigger than cars
do you think people would exist if spiders were bigger than us?
he says you have to make them
okay check it out tho
he makes grammar correct sentences alot now
they make no sense
but the words all fit right

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ok i figured it out
the wheels are nuclear powered, right
so then its got arrays of electro magnets
like even spaced right underneath the sphere

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dominion tank police
cat girls
tape on their boobs
i know you have
hehe i forgot about bonaparte
not that, tho...
they wouldnt let her drive a big tank
so she built that or its an old one or something
okay on the left
is one of the big tanks
its got spherical wheels
that are coupled towatfs the chassis
so the bottom sides and front or back of the sphere is exposed
had like 6 or 8 of them
figure that shit out and put three on a scooter thing

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08:43 <@macegr> i can still smell ozone
ha what happen?
macegr: k, i think maybe i should make a mame cab
whats a segway
the scooter
fuck that i hate those
the coolest thing about segways is that vid of the girl showing off and face planting with her segway gang in the mall
thats just a shit vehicle architecture
haha i didnt see that
anyway youre supposed to put the wheels along your axis of travel
yeh wow you can keep it level with a controller
fuck that
did you ever see...
martian tank police?

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its kinda neat
dr pepper

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yeh everything is dumplings
not broken for me
menu is a confusing term in this context
yeh it broke
now it just loops cheese rangoon and french fries
yeh rly
Cheese Rangoon (4) and French Fries
01. Cheese Rangoon (4) and French Fries
yeh its fine
bestsellers is goofy

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i used to play with that shit in the sink as a kid
you couldnt every completely get it out of the cracks around the drain hardware
it seems jumpy
css is a bitch

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no, he initialized his stack and is current taking over the world
heh i dont get ttmustang msges
i been racing or trolling a #cars shitop all day
i dont ignore shit
he puts everyone on ignore
i have like two usernames not banned in #electronics
maybe i should troll stu for the holiday
omg please to review for #projects
we have that its not bad

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Round 2

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okay im making those
but not 4 player
Computer and monitor not included, email for options.
hehe hes selling just the box for $750
hmm doesnt look likes sold any
i loved that!
i dunno i liked sticking my hands in the little box

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wats that
is that when you think about the kind of stuff we do in here?
actually i need to learn PID control stuff
for temp regs and homebrew EFI
i wanna make a tiny I6 with EFI
i dont i got like no math
im taking trig again next semester
then i go to pomona and take math and science and bullshit for a year or three
haha, maybe
did you get all the shit on the arm7 figured out yet?
nut yeh
wtf @ the mame cab being $2200

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05:55 <+Eggsalad> Renesis: eggsalad is the eggsalad today?
eggsalad: sure
i got teh kush, w00t
ha, no doubt
its been a couple months
eggsalad: im pretty sure charles babbage is the difference engine guy
eggsalad: no rythem is a dancer
eggsalad: (sic)

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blackmoon: to be replaced
dmaresca: find the audio jack
and follow the traces thru parts
the amps will be chips or transistors or both
and the outputs will go to the speakers
no the input jack goddamit
where did this guy come from btw?
dmaresca: step lightly, you might last =)
k im gotta go
oh shit
hes a fuckin monkey
he prob not gonna go away, heh =(
dmaresca: 1980?
oh maybe a dog, i think
thats nothing new

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dmaresca: you are troubleshooting a failed device
the HV could be hiding anywhere
serious be careful, i wont even play ith that shit
dont get bigheaded
follor the audio input genius =)
we cant tell you
naw man
tubes break everywhere
i tested thousands
maybe 5% fail rate
and sometimes they failure was quite a show
naw we sent them back to russia/china/east europe

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mrtube: thanks again for the project, i gotta go do some stuff

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i wonder if it changes the magnetics that much at all
magnetics and RF is pretty much why i wanna do a BSEE
RF class was insanity
fucking inside out electronics
and that black hole spiral chart shit for doing impedance was nuts'
i did okay in the class and i have ok basic understanding
but the details are gone
and yeh, its totally alchemy
its literally an inversion of standard linear electronics
but youre also integrating with standard electronics
figuring out the standing wave stuff was pretty awesome
it makes alot of sense
dude i wont open TVs
or monitors
no bullshit
yeh its too much to watch out for
and if its failed then who knows where the high potential is sitting waiting to fuck you

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but yeh she close with my oldest friend, she not going away completely, ever
he she told me jenny tells her how im doing and stuff
they both done it with me, i always wonder if they talk about it =\

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but didnt know if she could get two abortions or one
she was like cat pregnant, two dads in diff months, i guess
she super sweet but i cant deal with the lack of confidense issues
and then in the end she said alot of shit i didnt think i could even be her friend
her best friend is like my oldest friend in the world
and shes a really good person
just kinda alot to deal with and when i pissed at girls i let them know
haha @ whore
was a dream foolio
she wasnt really pregnant twice
i wont say details, some shit happened to her when she was younger and she had to get one
and in general her and fur thing about it alot
because yeh, they like fucking as much as i do
and theyr both as afraid of having kids as me

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i was a tiny football player
and i would fuck your kid up
half thru the game he wouldnt even be trying anymore
just stand up and wait to be put on the floor
then id help his ass up
and do it again
i played tball when i was like 5 fuck all that
i played soccer, swam in competitions, did gymnastics as a really small kid
but yeh non of that after the divorce shit
NES and the weed and SNES
haha in highschool i couldnt play football because i had a C average from As and Fs
ha no you are a good democrat for that
dude my exgf said she had a dream...
she was pregnant twice
and she neede to have an abortion

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i was like one of the shortest fools and top of the weight class
and then divorce, strife, fuckhead coach, etc

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i think i could only do like 100lb bench press sets
in highschool i could scuat 450lbs like all day
okay not all day but i could do a few sets no prob
ha yeh =\
i wanna get a lap bar
not like squat sounds much better =\
we had a leg press machine too
i could do the whole stack with someone standing on top of it
ow sucks
like my legs are pretty massive
and im stocky built so i have a leverage advantage
but yeh in general kinda out of shape and my upper body like a normal person my height i guess
haha i got big butt muscles, girls always making fun of my big butt =(
well, they say they like it but i dont care i feel like theyre making fun of me =(
cuz yeh im always some level of overweight plus i gopt huge muscles underneath
well, its half a family thing
then yeh, biking and football as a kid
i was a badass little 10 year old lineman
played iron man, and the whole game, some teams would have me double and triple blocked on defence

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ha, yes its 20K
roomate smellin?
yeh i do that all the time
you cant?
shit i did 3,000 pushups in the shower
haha i lied ive done like 3 pushups in the last 20 years
i got no kinda upper body compared to lower body

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which caps?
the big ones?
depends how much time you want
normal behaviour!
but they wont thump next time
well i mean when you dont blow the fuses =)
but yeh 100K prob drain them quick enough
like youre just lowering efficiency a bit
besides that the resistors have no real effect during use
well unless you dont size them right and the mode of fail is short ing

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and 100 isnt cheaper?
wow not bad
blackmoon: ACN is like $4 =\
sucks they dont make them in soic
wonder if the die is that big or they cant maintain the specs or something
yeh its CN or ACN
CN is like $1
ACN is amazing offset
i think under 1mV max?
CN i basically a TL072
thats likely where the 1mV comes from
i just didnt know the ACN was that much better than the CN
hadnt looked at those datasheets much since i build my non server bridged boards
yeh i knew they were better i just forgot by how much
i guess cuz i just didnt believe they were .2mV typical anymore
dx^: in his room or he gone or what?
maybe the navy found him and sent him to guantanamo
how long he been in there?

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the diode are clamps
to keep it from going overkill
the resistor or cap across the servo inputs
i def wanna build a gainclone with optional servo
all smt
but its natsemi spec and its working
you can remove all the servo parts the circuit is a basic gainclone
the cap should be pretty transparent
but theres no input coupling cap
the natsemi servo design is direct from the buffer
the non servo has a series cap
i mean to add that and then put a 0R for the servo setup
im going to test direct coupled, no servos
ha nice
how much is that?

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prob a good idea
the servos are pretty impressive
if theyre not even letting the amps output hit 2mV
hehe, natsemi app notes #!

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hmm i think that might make it worse
needs to be a big bipolar cap, too

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i can bend out the levers or springs or whatever
offset adjustment pot isnt really an option at this point
also ive never seen a gainclone with one

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filter noise
blackmoon: yes obviously
my car was already messed up tho
my df pro has an issue with the shifter
itll double shift and recoil shift
so i was dropping down to 2nd for a turn and ended up in reverse
well, yeh probably gonna have to
im gonna open it up,m its prob lever switches

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thats prob like $500K in destroyed cars, 1965 sim money
ha i fucking went wide turn one and hit tire wall
i already said i crashed first!
anyway it aint arcade where you just hold the gas in and slide off all the walls and other drivers
get bant driving like that
also your care would be destroyed in two turns anyway
and you gotta do like 1000 turns

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crashed out
2/3 the grid did, crazy race
hehe i crashed first tho!

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shelby daytona
the factory five replica is almost exact
its actually better
they got an original engineer to redesign it
cuz the originals were hand built racers, none of the body parts were interchangable
i think suspension too
that car is amazing
i want one
its like $25K to build maybe
bit less but i would need to buy tons of tools and shit
its basically a shelby cobra with a sexy coupe body
haha remember Pole Position?
all super distorty

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qualifying in 30min
heres my race strategy
everyone else crashes
and i win
ha no efnetcars historic GT race league
i dont know how =(
i even have the fastest car in this class =(
some #cars people playing an rfactor racing mod on sundays
dude its a shelby
accelerator = spin
like, mad throttle modulation required
i want to do a wood frame sim setup
summit racing shell seats
adjustable pedal mount and steering height

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depends what the bristles are made from

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blackmoon: =O
i havent been stoned in days =(
stupid hook is at work
i dunno how to do anything not stoned =(
possibly not

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okay this is what youre gonna do
take the crt
put his head inside the tube
how did you dust it?
hahaha @ dust = wisdom
please please please, do not blooooo-oooog
please please please, do not blooooo-oooog
i should listen to violent femmes while racing tonight
whatever commercial paid subscription anti-virus is fail
anything that comes with an oem pc is shit

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i has no idea
who is BCAS?
blogger is supposed to be voiced!
he not a people person
oh kinda

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23:51 <@BlackMoon> .. means you had a mini lightning bolt cause theres 20kv+ inside your CRT
fuck working on tvs
when your crt or tv goes out...
take it out to the alley, pick up another one sitting out in the alley, done
eggsalad: am i gonna destroy a shelby and DNF tonights race?

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