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haha he just rotated into a solid object

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timecop: name of that weird 2d/3d puzzle platformer
oh he was right
yeh we found it
the video

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good job
is that the blind lawyer
who is that

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well it looks like youre getting 2 or 3 more chances?

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leprous monkey squid loves the dongtips, heh

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eggsalad: fail
eggsalad: stuff
eggsalad: mujibar and sarajil
eggsalad: no
eggsalad: pennies

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heh, vaginal kkk
hahaha deep
eggsalad: bacon and egg fried rice

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wtf is that dx
your drawing =(
i miss my dreds

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k you have to teach me what a diff eq is first!

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loading slow

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bombs (scary!)
zzzz_: wtf is that
no like youll be on the free way and like 10 or 20 of those will drive by =\
and its all mexicans dressed zuit suit era
they even got the hats and the girl with beehive sometimes, heh
you could have mexican gansters vs black gangsters in impalas and cutlass supremes

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it would be like that twisted metal game
they should make a version in east LA with mexican bombs
that would sell

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thats how they do, yo!
i guess so you dont glitch it
but yeh slow if you just wanna change a byte
maybe just trigger on any write or read
oh its switched thats neat
rip easy e
or i dunno maybe he goes to gangsta vallhalla where they drive drive around and shoot each other all day with shotguns
then they all have a 40

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are you using a 16bit timer?
or 8bit
or just external pin interrupts
hehe, cuz yeh any 16bit register is buffered, triggered on the low bye
so you read low bye then high byte
and write high byte then low byte
that pissed me of for a day or two

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wait i have 1/8" 1" wide somewhere

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ok im going to order 2x36" of 3/16 adhesive backed orange silicone rubber
and cut into 3" section to stick onto tops of altoid pins
to insulate the pcb
and keep bettery from rattling
like if you sit on your altoids tin
cuz the board is upside down with parts underneath
on .5" standoffs, so the tops of the jacks and capacitors are almost at the bottom of the tin
thats the only way to make them fit under the lip of the tin's top
ha 1.07 for each tin
now chassis cost is like $2
oh 1" wide is a ripoff

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like its not hard theres just a bunch of weird details
but at least youre learning the hardware
and not some learning some random fools c function syntax
switch to hex
put the number in
switch to binary

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okay i suggest this
put the code away
get the assembler datasheet
yeh it does
it doesnt in c
i was so, so, so fucking pissed
no i was using armc
``nico: i figured out better input circuit
ttmustang: put the code away, get the assembler manual
and the instruction set manual
get the datasheet for the avr youre using
and just read that shit for a few days
or use xp powertoy calc
read the whole assembler doc and every section of the avr datasheet youre going to use
including the memory and cpu core stuff
itll prob take you a day or two
maybe get an asm code app note
well with like sample code or whatever and maybe he has shit to do iunno

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yes they started
and even his price i talked him down from is lower than i thought it would be
im going over tomorrow after work
yeh all id be doing is opening up the datasheet and doing it for you at this point
this is no diff than c coding
yeh this is why helping rockshox sucked
how do i do this?
put the bits in the register

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i has hunger
i hate my grandmas cooking
like everything is small and it ends up like mush
so now the guy wants $100 more than originally
yeh i know thats why i gave it to you
yup thats why i said you price was really fair
yeh its somewhere
unless i left it in the car which they have
anyway what he quoted was way low
cuz yeh im thinking they figured out what was actually involved and went oh fuck
this gonna take all day

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jump from there to a label where you int code is
the int location in the vector table, put rjmp label or rcall label
depends on the flash size in that avr whether the vector is setup relative or absolute
then setup the timer by putting bits in the registers in the timer you want to use
if you dont know what a label is you need to read the assembler manual
do i need to post 100 pics of ugly white trash and canadian chicks?
theyre not hard to find =D
harder to find is awesome pics of middle eastern chicks, but theres tons

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you have to setup a vector table
at .org 0
uses less power
its a voltage reference
more noise
the pot on the xover?
pot on the xover is for the clip level comparator
its after the buffer
output of the buffer goes to the clip detector

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.gov nice hahaha
01:01 <+Eggsalad> DX^: The brain is even more common in a women. Duh.

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ab are the best ones?
oh wait no i was looking at the wrong thing =\
bc was better i think
they all use their own suffixes =(
and they copy everyone elses chips so they all have random suffix
ok yeh the bc are like the non acn lf412
and i think bit over half the price
hahahaha nice

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not at all
in fact for audio higher slew/bandwidth could create issues
cuz yeh 3MHz unity freq is pretty damn high for something youre running at 40KHz or whatever, max
blackmoon: wooooooooooooooooooooaaah
yeh fuck Tis TL07x datasheet!
they put the chart sideways to fit all the fucking varients =(
yeh but then the rest of the datasheet is fucked up
turns all the charts sideways =(

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heheh, yeh not happening
the real person would prob be like OH WOW NEAT CHART
yes in the real world in context of electronics 95% of people are women
for what?
did theyre like the same thing
most the girls i know call everything dude, too =\
i dunno the one i knew was a tad prissy
hmm, almost
its a 300 year old amp
civil war opamp
so yeh, not so surprising

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CAP CER .01UF 50V COG 0805
because theyre the best, timecop
and theyre not directly from china
no theyre not
those wont ever die and thats like the best tempco you can get
heheheh you need a chart omg thats classic
fool you gotta use the internet to convert caps?
that are base1000?
see thats fucked up
id use a chart for that
man im laughing so hard
anmd if a real person came up and i try to explain to them why

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you want matches as well as possible
why its best to try to keep the values low, heh
wel .01uF
10K pf
.1 100nF
.01uF 10nF
.001uF 1nF
yes im sure =)
thats not metric!
its engineering
metric is base 10 not base 1000 =(
metric uses base 10 units
cm mm m
engineering uses base 1000
but it has the in between things
do you use centifarads?
you could
because inches is better than metric for precision
because our system is base 1000
please to ignore the architectural and cabinetry jokers

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diff values prob better keeps you from putting all your poles in the same place, pretty sure you get that response hump before the roloff
thats on the 20K cap?
for the -3db
i can find my linkwitz rilet xover pics =(
oh what cap at 20Hz?
id have to sim that you can prob do a multiplier based on the decimal equiv of the db factor but i feel like id fuck up that math
youve done ltspice, no?
hmm, i meant to send you the dir with the sim files
but i guess i forgot
anything in the filters

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hmm fuck where is it
no not really
0R works
not at all
input and output?
or you mean on the main board to?
like you can def leave off the xover side one, leaving the one off on the amp you might get an offset issue
prob not tho i mean its only going like a couple inches
but also if for some reason troubleshooting later
you want to test the amp without the crossover, you know its there
well, yeh pretty much
its got a 1M in there to drain the caps
but thats a DC pole
larger drops your load end response
so its really how much you wanna see your low end wag around

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you ever hooked them up to a turntable?
get some awesome rumble response with that
they do ac coupling / hpf after the pot, the pot is after the lpf
well the linkwitz riley sims like linkwitz riley
its all about the phase fuck...
i need to find fast gallery software for my website
im using an ftp client right now, haha
login, check filenames, load in browser
zenphoto wasnt too bad
ive been using filezilla, for a couple years now
i only connect to my site and do like uplaods and downloads so i dunno about any kinda spiffy features it might have

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50V would def be safe, 25V is high too even
like really i dont think many of the caps will get full swing voltages
sec ill see if i have it in ltspice
i figured out how to do the input bandpass without adjustments fucking the pole freqs and impedance
you put 2 caps and a resistor *before* the pot, using the pot as input impedance
then the pot wiper is just loaded by the opemp input, which is usually like 10M or 14M or something
so its like a wall for current, the impedance wont budge
load is consistent
meh id just use 1uF then
dude i did the input response on your advents
it rounds off to DC
.15Hz, haha

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if you wanna go nuts look for the NP0 stuff
yeh i didnt think so
i looked too at some point it made me sad
maybe in a couple years
i think so
well the rangeof farads for given voltages, too
you wont find the highest farads in the highest voltage caps
and ceramic doesnt have huge issues with esr, im pretty sure electrolytics are especially bad about that like everything else
well, 30 maybe
figure a fill swing back with an overkill sinsal before the caps have time to fill or dump
these are filters so the resistors voltage might wag around while the cap voltage stays relativelt consistent
i have that for sim already, im pretty sure, for some project
like in general, you figure 1Vrms for 0db, or at least i do
yeh but the signal would have to be massive overkill

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theyre prob mostly the same
like for electrolytics, panasonic has 4 or 5 series of cool caps, other manufacturers look like they just copied their datasheet as far as specs
united chemi-con will have same volt/farads/esr/can size for half or one third the price of the panasonic equivs
well check the esr
the 25V one will almost def have better esr
so its like a tradeoff, better esr or better volts
yes sir, its pretty much the only reason not to overbuy on voltage besides can size usually being bigger
thos can size being bigger directly translates into esr being higher/worse
oh yeh then just grab the x7r stuff
or better

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the servo amps blow up yet?

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