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s/still still/shit still
neat new house!
4.096 voltage reference
also 2.048 and 1.024
bitch its embedded hax0r shit, best learn
oh desoldering whick
score some shit like .1"
thats 2.54mm for you losers
oh send some
yeh get clear!
dip switches
do it bitch
cuz i dont know how to use them so they dont matter

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unclad is cheap, you can get a pretty big panel for like $8 i think
adjustable vregs
find the best one
use it for everything
or smps
ohbut you do tiny tiny shit
thats neat tho
natsemi you pay for amazing doc guys paychecks and general ninja status
o course not you can remember what you need
rework iron
fuck that
id rather have unclad
and point to point it
the unclad is cheaper from digikey
build me a house bitch i do your pcbs
need to be an LA house
i hope your still still selling well

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het 1uF caps
you need more
i know you have a ton
pricing is awesome
yeh but i have a spare amp if i use a quad or two duals in a 2 stage mic amp
w t f wat
thats sleeper shit, you know they have sold more than 20 of those since 1996
anyway pci is like an industrial interconnect standard
more than just pc stuff
so who knows maybe someone *needs* it because they have some jacked up old machine with pci
.1" pga heheheh
blackmoon: they are, thats their nice perf
i either get that perf or completely unclad
the pads floating on cheap fiberboard is worsthless

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they are!
do it
your dip soundblaster salvagings
ha @ bga2dip
some high speed ameoba logic

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opamps mfkr
okay resistors
$500 power supplies
yeh yeh yeh
okay i got it
quad amp with good crosstalk attenuation
dual amp diff input with adjustable gain
another output gain stage
and 4th amp does the virtual grounds for the circuit
off a 9V battery
ha is a microphone DI think someone wants to build a bunch of
gets some $15 transcievers

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timecop: wat

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servoclone module 75%
i used to92 vregs
OLD SKOOL, riterite?

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molex def gives a +/-
you just didnt see it

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actually i wonder how much...
heheh i need vregs for one opamp

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circuit board is the most awesome logic puzzle
no u
dare me to put a to92 part on my amp
you think i wont do it!

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i cant find yours =(

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k sent

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well, no not one board, heh
modular = win
servo amps = impressive
ok zipping, sending

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you could always pay one of us for firmware =D
oh right
omg its macegr
ok no rly he is cbm5
ill send sim files i used
along with new version of input circuit
im going servo amp modules now
for gainclone thing for someone else
i was gonna try and hax a bpa 200 with an diff output preamp

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you guys should trade

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so turn on the timers clock source on the pin interrupt from the opto
i guess so
no ac motor
transformer, diodes, caps, chop with mosfet, serve warm

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why are you asking me?
no, dont give up
here this is what id do
in your init code, before the endless loop, init the timer counter prescaler 1024 in CTC mode with OCR as TOP
do the math for 1 count 1024 prescaled at your speed
divide your 120Hz period by that time, but really you can use 60Hz because its an SCR not a triac
actually you have a zc input
i would use that to trigger an int where you start the timer
anyway yeh i still dunno what youre doing really other than not getting the timer to work
you had pwm working on the scope

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it isnt

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nope, read clock source explanation again
read whole timer section until you can answer our questions
serious its maybe 10 pages its not the complicated
once you understand you only have to look at a few tables and register descriptions

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high iron content
is prob cheap
keep reading timer section
no dude just get the cheap plain stainless stuff =\
if it dont come in boxes of 50 or 100 you dont want it

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they dunno anything except hit flash location zero and do what it says
haha mean
have you downloaded the app note
everyone in here or in #electronics who can actually do avr learned from the datasheets and app notes
cuz we even laugh at the same memorized wtf app note circuits
haha the avr zc detector that actively used the protection diodes =(
mrtube: no idea its screws and youre not loading them much
haha what
hehe, do you have to like, prime it?
oh i guess not
#4 diameter, 40tpi
#4 is some stupid machine screw standard

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now i wanna do some avr shit
yes but itd be way less ninja
you can prob do that with some logic chips anyway
i think its an scr
you are half wrong sir!
my feeler gages are rusty =(
core programming is like teaching the stupidest baby ever
coding for amoebas, its an art]

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'ldi temp,(0<<CS02)|(1<<CS01)|(1<<CS00)'
shift over zeros, then you can just flip the ones and zeros by the bit names
i dont remember if | or || is bitwise
you dont want the logic one, you can check in the assembler ones
er assembler manual
then maybe someone can actually figure out what your code is doing
timer interrupt mask register
it sets which timer events trigger a jump to the vector table location for that int
its the timer interrupt enable register

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i had to grind down like 1/16" to rotate the inserts on the fly cutter at work
i dunno you tell me
btw i never write immediates like that
ldi TCCR0,(1<<CS01)|(1<<CS00)
and even then, you prob have the datasheet open, i dont
yeh just those
the pads are either grounded or isolated bit oversized
youre loading a byte
you need to set what needs to be set
and ite 'ldi temp,(1<<blah)|(1<<meh)'
then out TCCR0A,temp
if you want to write generic init code...

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whatever its not a hexagon so its a security thing!
fuck even a square is practically a secutrity bolt
i aont got like 20 sizes of square drivers
omg you cant just call it a square?
well like, phillips is important
wtf is square for
1/4 3/8 3/4
haha i stripped a torx

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gotta get all the random non meat off the meat!
yeh looks ok
i like the button head ones more than the pan head ones tho
plain stainless is sexy, tho
prob hex socket
allen is like every machine tool ever, heh
and i hate security bolts =(

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also most of the bottom is ground or dc rails
so it should block most noise that gets into the long supply traces
hehehe, tiny little cracks for it to get thru
guys i might become began
fur brings over vegan faker food from the resteraunt she works at
and i enjoy the consistency of the fakemeat
i cant afford to eat there but possibly jenny can get the cooks to give me recipes
or like, trick them or steal it from them or something
like, id still eat meat in thai food and stuff
just sucks when meat is not awesome or someone cooks it and doesnt wastefully trim it

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they have the screws and washers too?
i did 50 .5" standoffs, 100 .25" button head #4-40 screws, 100 lock washers
was like $18
they prob buy them from someplace like mcmaster and put them in little baggies and mark them up =(
if you wanted
the pads on your boad are isolated
for upside down altoid boards
bit more insolation i guess
but then your traces to the amps are longer
all thats under it is regulated supply lines

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omg standoffs are $.25 at mcmaster
like, real ones
oh damn i was responding to chat like 10min ago

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macegr: thats what i just got
.25" aluminum hex standoffs, #4-40 threaded
er mrtube
and then somescrews and external tooth lock washers

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i get none

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i got my car back!
dx^: gime $25 so i can send your stuff and buy feeler gages and adjust the valves
feels lik its running smoother but the head has a noise]
also i need to time that shit
yeh yeh

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did you get the medium one or what
dwe dont know what youre doing
more prescale = longer time periods/less resolution
my mom is making red rice w/ chiken
dont forget the buffer thing on the 16bit regs
ok thats totally weird
you been watching too much amputee pr0n

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dx^: omg omg is it awesome?
i like ctc and pwm
dx^: all crumpled up!?!?
or flat

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haha i seen it
no hover longer
mine opens automatically =\
half sec delay
iunno man urs are just too big
you broke it

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i usually build the whole vector table
and save for when i code with the chip again
jump the unused adressed to a fault handler
so i was literally thinking the same thing this morning
kinda thinking about greycz proj3ct pages with checks
theres a count reg
and a compare reg
two or three control regs
this controls the timer mode, the clock or event input for the count
then theres is a interrupt mask register
this controls what interrupts are actually enabled
tyeh i think thsa[Byeh thats it
fuckin lag crimpin my stylez

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hes not scheduling me
hes not closing very many sales

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thats the same as LF412A
idunno man roflcopter is stallin and shit
i dunno if i can use this browser
this is so fail
sweet, good luck
i gotta find a new job

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installer is stuck
mcmaster is the same
hmm downloading pdf did something weird
.02% THD+N

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oh 1000uF FM caps kinda are
ok im getting it

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macegr: pls2report initial impressions
do i have to run their browser inside another browser?
ha nice
google knows
okay guys i will rework a slice of mrtubes BPA-200 into a servo stabilized gainclone module
servoclone, feer
but ill add spots for input caps and stuff so you can leave servo off
okay and use caps as tall as the chipamp

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i would image so
Industrial market
Hydrochloric acid is produced in solutions up to 38% HCl (concentrated grade). Higher concentrations up to just over 40% are chemically possible, but the evaporation rate is then so high that storage and handling need extra precautions, such as pressure and low temperature. Bulk industrial-grade is therefore 30% to 34%, optimized for effective transport and limited product loss by HCl vapors. Solutions for household purposes in the US, mostly

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this is really not as hard
whats the probe?
The pH probe measures pH as the activity of hydrogen ions surrounding a thin-walled glass bulb at its tip. The probe produces a small voltage (about 0.06 volt per pH unit) that is measured and displayed as pH units by the meter. For more information about pH probes, see glass electrode.
# internal solution, usually 0.1M HCl for pH electrodes or 0.1M MeCl for pMe electrodes

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its work to, if you spent a ton on .5% or .1% passives
they just wired it right into the amp heheh
how much are the probes?
just the electrode bulbs
for sure
the meter or just the probe?
mcmaster has some stuff
yeh the digital shit is nothing
if youre just measuring a voltage offset
okay but im just making a microphone amp

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crosstalk rejection over 100db @ 20KHz, over 120db below 10KHz
check out the last app circuit!
(pH tester amp)
lm35 is a natsemi calibrated temp sensor i think
haha they all paranoid about decoupling like me
10uF .1uF .01uF
blackmoon: so youre just testing voltage across electrodes in that liquid?
the ph tester
yeh hahah!

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blackmoon: check out that sexy amp
.5mV max offset, fA input bias, 9nV/rtHz
they get big real quick!

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blackmoon: oh because on the inverting/feedback side you have to deal with reality?
yeh that makes sense

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besides that i cant think of any

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hes all stuck on the tendon connection thing
eggsalad: pew pew pew
blackmoon: whats the benefit of using dual amp differential input stage?
like, i can change gain with one pot

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dx^: paypal me $25 ill send you your parts?

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i wonder how much doster hosting is
yeh ty

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im guessing thats why
whats cacti
software or new hobby or what
i need web hosting
dreamhost is funny its $6/mo if you prepay for 10 years
like $700 heh
because this is a shit time warner connect
and i have to build a server box
im not using the work/game box or the cnc box for serving

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ccfl_man: make my hosting turn off php safe_mode
okay so whats the biggest gain in using dual amp differential input?
you change gain with one pot?

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mcmaster got rubber dot feet in black and clear
hahaha nice

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