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i added axtra decoupling
so maybe the protection diodes on the vreg actually do something
ok time for sleeps

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k im glad i deleted the first board
this one is better
it has like, options, and stuff
can built it with out without the servos, with or without input coupling, and there is a place for a 0R and input impedance resistor to bypass/replace the pot
oh also place for input low pass
shit i think my gpu is making a noise
stupid fan

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i cant believe i deleted that shit
pic is like half the pullup of avr, heh

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i totally just deleted an eagle board file
now i gotta redraw from pic =(
i know but i didnt make a copy of the finished one wtf
it has the half finished one
it didnt do the last one
its like 10-20K
it was a big range!
on the 2313
reset 30-60K

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maybe mrtube would be down to throw in on boards

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reti returns you to the code you were executing before the interrupt event
its a minimal fault handler
it wont work on all platforms without a nap, either
because the devices with more flash use absolute jumps for the vector table
instead of relative ones
you dont know what im talking about now, but one day youll be homocidal over this avr shit and youll remember what i said and then your code will be ok
the simulator is awesome, use it

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its a timer
it goes up

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wait till this whole nazi america thing blows over
cuz yeah wtf
i cant live someplace where mcmaster and digikey and etc take forever

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need fallout3
those $2 transformer bricks
the little blow ones
too busy coding search
guys servoclone has features
so yeh i decided when we blow up some 3rd world country
im going to just move out of cities
find some rural area with good cable

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yeh timecop all you do is digital
get a chip
some boring fully integrated chip that you already have 40 of
oh ram
mp3 is fft hax?
i should learn fast fft
wat is spores
oh shit, evo game
woah into populus
yeh thats smart
theyre cheap

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