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never had a prob with 7z
unrar failed that time too

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lazy one

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caterpillar had the hookah
chesire cat was just weird
whats the number that they read your blood pressure in/
its not psi?
wtf is it then
i remember reading something on the scale last time i was at a drs office
whats ,,Hg

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my cat is so chillen
i wanna be a cat

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okay ima go take a fucking shower because its not hot in there with the water on

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its what i use as my scales tare cup =\
trim, its less scary!
clippers #1
i just threw away some mach 3 inserts
fuck razors
i just use the clippers without a clipper guard
you gotta be trying hard to fuck yourself up with clipper

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have to get that shit way up to giraff brain!
they have one way arteries too?
oh hahaha wtf\
lisa kinda hot in that tat
they used spiky hair older lisa from that future ep
lisa #1

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means you are good and i suck =(
i has salsa verde but the chips are stale and we have no oil to make tostadas
real mexicans always have spare tubs of lard
no real lard
its call LARD

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ugh, i feel defeated
the saw is a powermatic?
just tired cuz hot, no money and job turned shitty
the white one with the big swing arm thing
looks kinda the same but ours is a holz-her like the CNC
thats bigger i think
because i got the shop on schedule
and he hasnt been closing sales
so he hasnt scheduled me
ya kinda
its a vacuum block
dont say negro anymore
say mr friend
but say it every sentence, my friends
wtf is darksuckers

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nice shop
thats neat, nice estop
not at all
ha @ sharpie tool
we did alot of felt tip CNC at my school
trip out
i think you guys have the same table saw as work

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guys i need a job dammit
also los angeles needs outdoor air conditioners
supposedly there was some lady who ran for city counsil or mayor on that platform
installing giant fans in the hills to cool shit off
she lost
hehe yeh
id vote for someone with that bullshit
just make it stop

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i made chiken with tomatoes and onions and peppers

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rude bitch

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i so fucked up
i thought first day of school was next week
was yesterday =D

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omg lucky bitch

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isabella is old skool
which isnt really super long in this chan
dx^: who do you suspect mole!?!?
haha wtf you think `nico is a mole!?

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isabella: omg hi
when did you get back

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sounds like pirat shit

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STTH102 1A 200V SMA has 1uA reverse, 1uA typical and 25uA max @ 125C

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blackmoon: wake up
whats a low leakage diode?

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