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why is that =(
they dont look done

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cuz people need it.

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modern amps are basically high performance voltage regulators
same tricks to kill supply ripple
ugh, hard to read that

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isabella: ha
wtf boost mode?
oh you need mad cooling tho
theres no reason you cant
they would just fry with a sane sink
maybe water cooled
abs max
thats pretty sane
i dont everything else with the chips now
might as well try overclocking them
heard an amp?
not really, sometimes the magnetics
yeh the buzz
its prob the magnetics
i still think the loaded magnetics buzzing

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ha makes sense

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bit delayed
i dunno how you watch so much anime
i couldnt stand it anymore
like 80% of it is total fail
and 10% of it is just not bad
mrtube: haha
need a big antenna for sub KHz AM
the ones with the ex spook in miami is good
burn notice?
i saw that once it looked ok
i might steal a couple seasons

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you can see her give it a huge twist right before
naw no clutch
and you cant leave the clutch in, its a pull handle like the front brakes
i think the pedal on the floor is back brakes
yes thats the real question
i love how no one is real excited
father is just like, oh well i guess i have to go get her
but yeh she prob just fucked up her elbow
at wort broke her arm
teach her not to be fucking around

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dude watch her wrist then her head
she held on!
dmaresca: k why you msg me saying my link is non awesome?
omg youre doing it more
03:18 <dmaresca> dude thats a KID
okay well not laughing wont make it not happen
also that kid is prob ok
has an awesome story to tell
and if she aint ok, well she a dumb kid
dumber father
anyway im proud of her
she held on like a pro
no i hate kids
but that kid is pretty down
even if she laid it down
i mean cant expect her to be awesome first try
i think theyre on point kickstand

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eggsalad: will i get the cerwin vega tech job
awesome i guess that means yes
eggsalad: enesis] [3:efnet/#projects(+nst)] [Act: 5,7,9,11,13,14,16,20,21]
eggsalad: http://i36.tinypic.com/2uge73k.gif

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haha he says youre his cock nigger

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in the group home we played that obsessively
you had to fuckup your POV to bend down to shoot at oddjob =(

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i bet the small amp tests worse if the high amp is loading the transformer
well, 200W out is 400W in
yeh yeh
ha, dont remember
obsoleted a legend.
i put your pics in my resume
guy at cerwin vega talked to me *before* looking at my resume, he should be pretty impressed
the projects in therecover most everything we talked about
yeh sure
either name works =)
n64 was soooo weird
im surprised your joysticks havent turned to dust yet
kk laters
servoamps, yay

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okay so i might adjust the amp module
and break out the mute
move the caps on the left back a bit and try and stick the mute cap in the corner
yeh i can do the trace along the back edge i guess
oh i got quotes back
$50 tooling, *with* black mask and 2oz copper
like $.75 unit cost
i think theyre doing me a deal
i wanna try and order two or three boards so i get less fucked on shipping
i think yours were $70
and that was a quote with 4 orders
hard to do
because of the rails
jezus fuuuuck
youre gonna break them!
psu laoding

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but yeah even emachineshop prob cant fuckup some drills and a bend
ive heard bad emachineshop stories from a few places
yeh but i dont know if it was the person working the cad/cam app they supply or the shop itself
thats pretty neat
i havent played with it in years
haha since computers in general were new to me
ok cool
mrtube: neat
some of the cheapo amps we built in class maxed out our 15MHz signal gens
3904, yay
and yeh
the rails should be all rippled to shit but LM3886 has amazing PSRR
running them off linear regs is almost a sin
well you have insane caps

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my cnc can do like max 5.5" on the Y, so dunno if that helps you or not
how wide tho?
i can do 12" on the X, but my Y is short
9.5 by 9.5?
like solid, or what?
oh i get what you mean
not like a flat L
like a bent L
yeh i cant really bend
im pretty sure emachineshop does that
its just some drills and a bend, they maybe do it cheap
can prob find brackets like that somewhere

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oh, related news
there is apple abba zabbas, and they raaawk
ok still hungry, chocolate bar fails
how big are they?

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but i dont feel like cleaning up the area
which is pretty fuckin lame
i have too much junk
k rly i need foods irc is bad
which stuff is that?
is that cutting board plastic?
that stuff is neat
its good in low temps?
i just totally ganked a chocalate bar my mom put in the freezer

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not particle, like actual ply
particle is weird, its like between mdf and ply
i would think so
cuz its layers of flat sheet
any of it will warp from its own weight
wood build cnc kinda confuses me but its popular, shrug
its expensive
meh, food bye
i miss my CNC
stupid failjob
i meant the work one
that i havent spent time with in like two weeks
hopefully this cerwin vega job happens
ha no taig is like 4ft away from me being neglected
i should actually be programming it right now

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heh doubt it
1" MDF was totally fucked up to load onto the CNC
ive only seen wet MDF warp
thats the only rolling stones song i like
mdf shred if you impact the edges
plywood not so much
this is for all the panels you bought?
ha shitty
jezus fuck chan got huge
drywall is just weird
but yeh same issue as mdf
its strong except the edges
plywood is okay

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im pretty sure people have done it
thich MDF is amazing shit
but yeh plywood isnt made from sawdust
id guess ply is less likely to warp than MDF
dunno tho

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and mine isnt acme threaded
and yes my brass nut is sub mill on the X axis
not Y, sry
steel what
itll eat the screw
oh im pretty sure its steel
i think its steel
if not its a huge cast chunk of aluminum
and i have zero issues with the taigs performance
brass nut, standard screws, shit Y travel and all
what do you mean res
mines .00025 steps, microstepped 1/8"
who told you it couldnt?
that wouldnt fix backlash
you need linear encoders of some sort to do that
why not

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no clue
i guess i can just warm up the tortillas on the stove and eat my spicy chiken stuff like that
do you have inspection stuff?
to test your backlash
the dial indicator will work if you got a decent base
.004 or .0004?
looks like those antibacklash things work
taig is steel im pretty sure
and you mean instead of the dovetail?
its sub mil on the Y axis

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i need to write the code to cnc those tins
no u
i have to go eat
fuck fuck
i forgot to buy cooking oil
i cant make tostadas
im not a real mexican i dont have lard its just normal people fat =(
and you cant cook tostadas with butter
youd need a ton of butter and itd just taste wrong

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eh eh?
i got a 1:42.8 in my 914 at mid-ohio! yayayay

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heh @ might have silver
okay so i talked to head of engineering at vega today
good convo, lots of random questions to see what i do
hehe i guess his techs are going away to china, he said he wants a local tech guy to replace
asked if i had a problem doing smt, heheh
said will have a position in a week or two, hes be busy thru wed. of next week but to call him if he doesnt get back to me by then
asked alot about what pcb apps ive used, general audio and digital questions

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oh cheap, nice

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i think maybe IR more
but the chlorophyll peaks are in visible spectrum
i think im going to do like 70V rails
60V strings
LDO regs for current sources on each string
use a couple 25VAC transformers from AllElec in series
thats interesting
eventually current mode smps would rawk
im going to cerwin vega today to beg for a job
k wish me luck or something

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anyway, if chinaled can bust a deal on the 20mA chlorophyll specific LEDs, ill go with them i guess
tho i dont remember them being high Vf like white
but i dont shop for pink leds very often
but if not im just going to get the .5W ones
theyre similar spectrum to the panels i tested with, which worked
10mm dont throw light as even
superflux lenses are awesome, in that respec
ill ask chinaled about those too i guess
hehe i got some 100mm 12deg leds a long time ago, those were pretty awesome
put 20 whites on a board and they put a nice even spot like 30ft away
well, figuring this out gives me time to rework the servoclone module with a mute breakout
10mm, sry

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and it grew up a clone fast
even slightly wrong spectrum
$200, 400 leds, 100W actual
because you need a .2W red and a .3W blue to actually have .5W
the lower power leds were like 3x the cost for comparable power i think
i dont really care about the power density
in fact its even most distributed light and heat
yeh high power stuff isnt really an option
but the cost vs light isnt a deal compared to HPS/MH
and you have point sources of heat
so you have to standoff the panels more
yes i know
and leds are prob 3-5x more efficient
because of the color
well, more efficient that they would seem going stricly on electrical
no idea pink is saturated red
i wonder how they do that

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i might get the .5W superflux
thats bullshit tho
theyre .5W for a red and blue pair
damn 260W consumption
but yeh im doing panels for a couple #cars people
the colors on the .5W superflux are all wrong, tho
but led aimee can only do the 20mA superflux, i think
but i get specific colors
i have to ask how much now
if she can blow away the ebay price its maybe worth it to use the smaller output leds
its like $200 for 100W (400 leds) of the 0.5W (bullshit) superflux
i dunno how you spec an led at 100mA, 2.2V or 3.2V, and call them .5W
but yeh led aimee is 5x less power density
better be 5x less cost
omg .3W or .2W is not anywhere near .5W
thats what i was using before

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oh, vega still has their simi valley building
they have a chatsworth address but an 805 area code
thats not right

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i think chinapcb is cutting me deals on tooling
$50 for black mask, white silk, 2oz copper, $.75 unit price
$30 shipping =(
ima try to get the grow led fools to agree on a spec and get those done same order
just yellow i think
i think green red blue yellow black, is what they have
tho i bet if you asked nice enough they can find other colors

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