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id fuck her is she didnt have a nasal annoying voice
but she looks like one of those
nice smooth butt, tho

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gunshot detector
you strobe the EQ
and it clocks out the levels of the diff bands
and i guess they can call it a gunshot or nut based on its spectrum pattern
#cars buddy is maybe getting a job doing installation for the mic sensors

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7 bandpass filters, multiplexed DC output peak detector
NI amp with a weeeird fucking half supply biased feedback loop
i calced the bias resistor in parallel to AC ground, guess 4.4db gain, sim says im right
i dont think ive ever seen feedback biased like that, usually people throw a large value cap there to handle the bias offset
so yeah
thats a fucking gunshot detector

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peepee, poopy, pukey, no fuckey, shower
no cigs, shotgun pipes OK
i dunno how you guys turned that into 30 lines of scroll
i means its obvious to me
i dunno why shotgun pipes are ok, but them is the rules, yo

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wtf do you need $1K in encoders for?
oh neat

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i need a place to buy aluminum enclosures from
shit is like $100 for a 2U chassis
like fuck you guys, where do you get those from

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ok i guess ima try and do some work
i can kinda get at the cnc now

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alchemy is hard work fool!

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i played oblivion for maybe an hour before i just said fuckit because of the new ui
when i was like 16, first time on lsd...
every else went to sleep
i fucked with the nes until i could get a game stable
i think in the end i had it on a pillow
and i beat zelda in maybe 4 hours
all from mem
fuck generated terrain
morrowind was amazing
you knew it was hand made
im glad i didnt get into it
when they had like fuckin 40 controls just for your characters face, i knew it was gonna be downhill

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my friend had a few everquest level 60s
im not sure if hes still fucked up in WoW or hes limited himself
morrowind was like that
but at least there was like a story and an ending or sorts
but yeh, walking around in my pimp armor
with my pimp sword
im al alchemist, so i got 100 vials of heal and mod in my jacket
and they all weight nothing
so i mean literally hundreds of vials
nothing can stop me
and i got 30 soulgems at my house
so best not piss me off or i will enchant my badass sword
and you be getting a blast of ice and fire every blow
yeh yeh dark elf fire resistance my nuts
hehe, i was a dark el with spiky hair and face tat
yeh that can really fuckup someones day
fallout 3 better not suck

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hehe neat
haha yeh
no reentry in vendetta
just stations
really it just got too big
and since it went release, not your same couple dozen heads every night
so it was really like being alone out in space
kinda really sucked

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did you ever play vendetta?
mmo space sim
i alpha and beta tested, it was like maybe 14 zones
few of them hidden
pretty awesome
bot ai got pretty good
you totally had to teamwork the hidden zone bots
they released
the map went from like 14 to literally hundreds possibly thousands of zones
like maybe 12 solar systems, each of them 14x14 grid opr something
youd almost never run into anyone
like if you were doing long haul trade, you were just jetting thru space alone
avoiding pirats
while prob more realistic, it was really not much fun
planets looked awesome, but they were background
they might have been 3d models
or just rasters of 3d models
but like they were always fixed references in a zone
you never like, landed or went by them
yeh but are they fixed out of fiel of play?

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is he alive?
yeh login to my opamp
i made this analog channel regulation circuit

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yeh thats why eggsalad dont get ops no more
hes an eggdrop plugin or something
so yeh, he can pretty much do anything
i should setup LF411ACN so you guys can login and change your own damn hosts
well, most of you
the bot

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thats what kind of worn the fuck out tires i have now
its so chines
'hey guys whats another name for tires, like slang, we can use to sell to these fucking gringos'
'i dunno man, tires are like a big o'
yeh, the chinese call us gringos too
bet you didnt know
im trying to figure out if thats funny or not
eggsalad: is big-0-without-the-dash funny
fuck i wanna see what his brain file is
cuz it takes him long and longer to do shit as he gets older
he kinda had something going until that last 5 words
ya rly
lwtting his notwife dress him and shit
dx^: status of the avrfreak

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so it kinda oscilates
orbitals are cool for cutting light material
they kinda dig out the material
like a little wheel pushes the blad forward
kinda like a V pulley shaped thing
so that in combination with the up down makes it kinda circular
like it kinda reaches out and digs thru the material i guess
i dont really like mine
well the blade just seems less stable, even when its not in orbital mode
like it doesnt really feel fixed
actually i was thinking of that right now
we had one
it was fine
blade had a very locked in feeling
and i was like 8 when i was using it
so any kind of kick from blade flex prob would have thrown me off the little tool
speed control is awesome
see if you can try an orbital out
try diff ones, i have a shit one, um...
cmon guys whats a shit brand for power tools
yeh that i think
i have a skil orbital jigsaw, and the blade just feels loose
no idea

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i setup the tools correct, so none of his programs work anymore without tearing up the spoilboard
it was a 3/8" 2 flute compression cutter
so at least he picked a nice tool
wore it down so smooth i could prob lick it and not worry
i dont
i use the 3/8 for inside radius parts
and 1/2" for everything else
yeh inside corners
well, its impossible =)
we have a 1/8"
mine actually, i broke the one it came with
but yeh, i saw ramone fixing it
he hits it a couple times with a file, takes him like less time than a tool change and a slow as cutting cycle would
they do a ton of finish work anyway
get a file set
jigsaw prob gonna make a mess of it
cuz its a fucking jigsaw in a corner, heh
im not sure about scroll
orbital pushes the blade

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haas, fadal, my cosmec at work
M6 Tx and some machine specific words
and it just flys off and handles the change itself
like, you either setup heights by measuring the tool length with an inspection setup
positive offsets
or you do it with the tools in the machine
tought off on some reference block above your work
then its using negative offsets
its what it adds to the height after changing to a tool
most machines youd set it up in a tooling table, either entering numbers from measurements you took or touching off on parts or fixtures
well, so did the last tech at my job
fucker never set up the tools
was using one fucking tool, with incorrect offset
all the programs he did were usless
i know when theyve tried to use my machine on my days away
because there will be fucked up deep tool marks in the spoil board
or like a dot like they stopped it cuz it went to deep

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and a little draw nub
it grabs it from the little nub on top
i think the machines ive used were all compressed air to disengage the draw nub holder
basically it stick the holder in the rack, blows some air to let go, lifts up, comes down over another tool
pulls up on the nub so the tapers in the spindle and holder mate
pull it out of the rack
yes you mount the tools in those
every big lathe/mill/router/whatever ive used has iso cone tool holders
its in the controller
you just go M6 T1
or M6 T4
but yeh the routing is basically lift up, go over to the tool changer
spin to the tool youre using
depends on the machine
on my router is fucking D words
it loads height to =(
its prob in the controller already
unless its homebrew

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its mostly FR4 dust right now
pretty pimp
mmm, haaaas
dx^: pretty sure all the new haas do
heheh, we managed to get it stuck somehow a few times
ISO tool cones
trust teh taper, yo

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it doesnt even move
whatever rap is old people music
take ur monosynth and shove it up your penis
dude, president
im smoking some prety pimp dried ass resin
i managed to like make a hole in the debris around my cnc machine

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yeh gov knows all my habits for sure
gov knows i eat crap
croutons, bitch
wtf twinkies!

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ive heard other versions of that joke

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hahaha dork
ha nice

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galloping stove if def more interesting than being nuked
poor soul
the only person id consider marrying, im pretty sure wed drive each other insane
like itd be awesome, until it wasnt, and then welcome to rens personal hell
yes i known this one 13 years
and she prob saved me from my own stupidity several times
honestly id rather have a friend than a fuck, at this point

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i had a dream where i was hanging out with someone in a park
girl person, but face isnt clear, i dont want it to be my best friend
anyway, were all smiling and laughing
then evertyghing gets brights, loud, everything slows down to a dead stop
she is there just out of reach, big smile still
i think we got nuked
i woke up and there was a plane taking off from nav nuys airport
most intense dream, ever
like the transistion from full speed to dead stop seemed like hours
my mood was pretty good considering i seemed to know what was going on
i dont think ive had any sex dreams, or it was just kinda super casual and not central to the dream at all

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haha fucked

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i guess her mom is there
so yeh she not gonna have that money for a couple months

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some bitch stole my stoner girlbuddy's subsidized loan check, forged sig and cashed it, then moved to houston from chicago

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like 6.5K
like 4.9mA
good leds
blues drop more power, i think at similar efficiency
not sure tho, just an assumption
white and blue usually seem brighter for similar focus/current
if 313W is a peak value
313*.707 221.291
timecop: mrtube wants your chinascope
4ch, decent specs, he had no probs with it that i can remember
theyre pretty neat
he got a tek
trying to get me to buy it but i got no money right now

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with the dummy proof fuse box so you gotta unplug to pull out
even the ones that work similar dont always have the same fusebox
why would they get lost
theyre like friction fit to the point of being annoying, usually
theyll prob turn up in a couple years
yeh thats annoying
like why even have the external one
gonna have to rip it apart anyway
i have a blown car amp here
i think its got two 12A fuses in series
both external, like wtf paranoia or something
what rail?

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oh did i tell you about the cerwin-vega thing yet?
i walked my resume into vega research and engineering, talked to head of engineering for an hour or so
hell maybe have a tech job for me in a couplke weeks
i guess they are sending their tech to china to handle shit
he gave me his number and said to call him if he dont get back to me by mid week
probably somthing like that
theyre $7?
where did you buy them
i thought they were $5.something
maybe i was looking at lot pricing
rab: yeh they only take a certain number of hits
they break down when actually used
well, like closer to $6
im not sure what failure mode is
hehe i could justify both ways
haha nice
def goes after the fuse
i get those iec inputs with built in fuses

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for that i can prob do my own water blocks w/ a motorcycle or oil cooler radiator
arent they huge tho!?
hmm, i guess i could check on those too
theyre like 2" thick, no?
think oil coolers are maybe 1"
yeh for a nice one
cheapshit its maybe comparable
heh i havent done atv since i was like 7
summer camp, woot
i hope this vega job works out
be nice to have enough money to get into some cheap motorsport type shit
i need to move into a garage or get a storage locker or something

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and even beat bzip by a significant margin
yeh but dont they have another thing that is?
aac is apple vbr, i think
i used red stuff on most the actylic speaker screws
sec ill check the order
i got a tiny tube
Loctite 262 Threadlocker Adhesive, .02 Oz, Red
ive used $5 newegg sinks, no problems
these things are fine running at 85C
im pretty sure what theyre spec'd at

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this is thru your headphones or what?
and how long are the tones?
does ipod do flac?
prob not
i think it can with hax0r firmware
im not sure if my rockbox gigabeat will do it
so like i downgraded to some cheap sony earbuds after my sony monitors fell out my backpack
my sisters girlcat ate the cords
i have no headphones
rab: iunno, but even then i wouldnt be surprised if itunes converted them for export to ipod
apple has their own lossless codex, too, i think
id be amazed if it topped flac compression tho
flac made everything except bzip look silly

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haha @ 2n222/2n2907
just make a pcb dip
pot it
electromechanical audio wooooo
stu aborted that because he didnt like the look of the opamp current source i showed him
no but he is amusing in many ways
he does have good idea every so often
yeh but fuck alternative design
that shit was an opamp and a pass fet
id pretty much call that ideal and get on the pcb
you mean his bedroom with the flowery sheets and curtains?
yeh youre losing me, no idea what youre on about now

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hehe, this wrench head girl was telling us how her bf went away to colorado
then broke the news to her that hes gay
like 10
you need to add an input section or its output is kinda ugly
too quick
and no peak detection
yuou can either do a bar or a peak dot
not a bar with a delayed dot
theyre dip only and kinda expensive too
i bet that kinda shit is usually digital
one of stu's cooler ideas was white led for 0db
rab: cant find a swapin one or its got like integrated bias or some shit?
im prob gonna jack stu for that
maybe his SD raid panel too
im not sure if you meant to word it like that, but it works

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ground rail
man their semicircle net jumps almost look like their dots
ha they just have a box marked BIAS with a pot attached
wtf @ cartoons
spend all day working out the bias points for all those transistors
rab: shitty!
man itd suck if one day they stop making LM3886 =(
prob end up selling for like $50 each

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heheh, no input coupling is kamikaze shit
i mean do you really need true DC response
i mean, bit of 8Hz vinyl rumble looks cool on the drivers, and all...
but you aint hearing that shit and if youre feeling it your amp prob hates you
yeh as far as i can tell youre just fucking up xmax headroom on your woofers
ass to ass 100uF 10V
where does that diode clipper go...

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everything setup for mid range saturation
and very defined, thumpy bass
hehe im pretty sure hard edged bass with harmonics all the way into the high end is a pretty new thing
only thing comparable is maybe fast slap bass, and its not even close to a really hard distort bass line
like you hear the synth bass ringing around inside the system and the venue
its kinda cool, but its not very accurate, as most of the bass is already detuned and doing weird shit
yeh, venue is a big big deal
most venues is a room with tons of bullshit in the cieling breaking up the sound
mmmm, compression
thickness prob my favorite audiophile adjective

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good distortion tones is heaven
mrtube: yeh pretty much
tubes is for preamps, yo!
well, it wont be cheap AND reliable
but theres plent of stage amps do 1000W prob run fine indefinitely
theres no reason you couldnt soft clip in the preamp and run into solid state
for the same type of sound
i dont think tubes can hard clip, prob something to do with capacitance between the elements and the insane impedances
you can prob get something pretty squares off
but clipping in any transistor amp is pretty fucking blatant
yeh thats an issue too
there are sounds today that literally just didnt exist then
hell most club systems cant deal with hard jungle low end and mid bass

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enough headroom and youre fine
and most amps are prob run under 5% most of the time
size, cost and reliability of tubes is fail, tho
well yeh but in that sense, im down with fucking up good equipment in the name of creating a sound
haha sabbath basically fucked up their amps until it sounded cool
i dunno enough about solid state soft clipping circuit to know if its worth it
but if you can round off a hard clip on a solid state amp, i dont see any reason to use tubes
yeh but they like clipping

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its the output transformers
prob rolling off high end
read: instrument amps
carvin dropped tubes in the redline amps
in the preamps
they have a tube sound switch or something now, solid state
yeh totally
but it becomes hard to explain that to musicians
that their amps dont sound like that because of tubes
but because of design

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amp aint supposed to sound like shit except what you put it
'tubes is so warm' thats called lack of high end, its not a solid state amps fault you dont like how your source material really sounds
like, musicians i understand
because theyre about sound, they really like clipped tones, so theres is a huge diff between solid state and tube clipping
but besides that application, the tubes = warm/fuzzy feeling statements kinda piss me off
highend is supposed to sound cold and harsh
its fucking high end, get an eq or something if its that big an issue

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makes sense i guess, to snub transients from the ac breaking the DC + diode drop threshold
would be easy to try on your setup
i alwaqys kinda laugh when someone is like I ADDED A CAP HERE AND SOUND IS AMAZINGLY DIFF
like cmon, they have like 90db PSRR or something
youre prob just hearing it in your brain
its like a racecar
one change aint gonna make a big diff
its like a ton of little changes in the right direction
not surprising at all

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i should build the amps without servos
see how horrible they are uncoupled, no servos

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the little plates to cover the amp screws are neat, heheh
so that screws into a particle back panel?
looks like 6 bolts
thats awesome
ha its got low handles too?
paint it black =D

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or just tubes
prnot considering price, the aluminum standoffs + screws
the other way is prob cheaper by a few dollars
1/4" wrench and a screwdriver
dont even have to worry about loosening the bottom screws
also it looks cool
ha nice
well its enough to get heat onto the rear panel
thats steel or aluminum?
thats prob good enough
i would put them on the outside
the fins
and heat grease the bar and the fins to the panel
yeh what you said
they run fine on cpu heatsinks without fans
you have waaaay more aluminum that that
not as efficient but you have a ton of it
haha i love the back s of those cans

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the 100 packs of 4-40 external tooth lock washers are prob like $2, tho
yeh i got the stainless button screws
how much are yours?
like $.50/ea?
the .5" ones are like $.27
not at all, its perfect
the amp is built on the bottom
so you open the tin up and the board is almost at the top
its the only way to do the jacks
you need them to almost sit with their tops
oh dont you need like 1"?
er, tops on the bottom of the tin

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neatm mclaren has a north american electronics division now
i wonder if my oil pressure issue is just bad contact
it did it once since i had the oil pump changed
thats funny cuz im not sure what a slotted nut it
but castle nut makes perfect sense to me
okay yeh
one alot of suspension parts too
yeh but thats not bad for integrated lock washer

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just buy used controllerds and swap them
have you cleaned them yet?
theyre usually pretty okay when you clean them
they used to sell those retail, tho
heheh new pads w/ orange buttons, for the NES
hehe prob half of the used ones will buy will have same issues
just keep searching for repair kits i guess
i know they exist for NES and SNES
oh the edge connector?
the new edge connectors work awesome
no power button flicker at all after that
ha nice
id just wiggle them around in our busted ass tester socket

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eggsalad: gimme some bullshit i can paste to orby
hmm, try gamedude.com

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speaking of that group of friends, j hasnt called and i lost his new new new number
his ass better show up in a couple years doin ok or ima be pissed

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few of my friends tried to be into house, as a tribute to very old hiphop house tracks
im like fuck you guys, just cuz krs did a house track dont mean it aint disco
drunk girls can dance to house
im thinking that was their other big reason

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tooling company ^
was doing .008 space/trace pcb with the 30deg pyramids with the .005 tip
oh nice
rab: its just hard house =(
kung fu samples are cool, but eventually i want some intelligent drum patterns

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haha hardcore = hard liqs
you cant live on that shit, start in the morning and your day is ruined
also most people i know dunno wtf gabber is
3.2 millimeters = 0.125984252 in
if you have spring collets, sure
set screw collet, maybe

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i meant in like 1994
NIN = best drum n guitar production
i mean its amazing how many different and awesome ways you can distort a guitar
and almost no one popular programs distorted drums
whats up with that!

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well, thats def a step above cradeks thing and ace converter
those are pretty literal dxf tp gcode, cradeks being the more literal, more versatile, of the two
english teacher would slap me for the last comma
ace converter will do that
no tooling radius comp
cradeks you haver to offset on the z axis
teh ebay, 5 and 10 packs
are you gonna do pcb?
wtf was the name of the tooling company...

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okay well since you know about all the in between halos, theres no way you can tell me youre not a fan
hehe, all those albums are like 10-20% awesome
ttmustang: try cradeks thing
i havent but ive seen them talk about it enough, should be functional
yeh thats a bit much
$75 is cheap for good software

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cut paths on their own layer, think you have to insert text to control feeds and possible other stuff
i dont think it does cutter compensation, im not sure really
but thats easy enough with the offset tool in acad
offset and tan-tan-radius circles is how i did most of my CNC program course work
oh and the one drum track
because its almost identical to an intro drums on a perl jam album
wtf ttrent is supposed to be doing amazing new stuff, not amazing same stuff
ace converter kinda pissed me off, dont remember why, tho
ace converter is from the turbocnc guy
i was a kid for the first 3 albums maybe i didnt know any better
but that shit was amazing
hell we didnt even know it was just white guy hiphop, back then
fuck eminems wigger ass, trent did it first

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i think mach is demoware, mach v2 might be free
anyway it ran like shit on a standard xp install
would lock up, dwell the machine
ace converter
try realize
cradek (chris radek, i think) is head emc dev
you need autocad tho
new NIN is pretty typical
like i havent really noticed it playing in the background for hours
the only melodical stuff i can remember is because it sounds like previous albums
i think that will prob work
you have to do 3d stuff, basically offset paths on Z

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i should be doing dishes
im eating chips and salsa and reading F1 gossip
<3 teh mole

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18nv/rthz on TL072
LF411 (non -A) max Vos is same as best TL072 typical Vos

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Vn at 1kHz(Typ)(nV/rtHz) 18 18
that might be higher...
wow no shit
its 7nV worse on natsemi LF411
same current noise

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you guys employ a machinist full time?
guy at vega told me they have a wood shop but no CNC =(
oh awesome
does he know gcode?
the M words are the most machine specific
like, tool changers, setup hardware (popup pins, vacuum, tables, locating vices, collet engage, coolant/lube)
everything else is pretty standard
M words and learning tooling offsets for that machine the hard part
everything else, you learn once, you good
hasnt changed since they were doing this on pneumatic punch cards

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so not surprising
yeh 2mV for 411, 3mV for 412
i think that slots into the middle of their TL07x grades
wonder what is special about the natsemi parts
like if theyre a diff chip or theyre just so good at making them they can bin enough tested low ones
yeh either way justifies the price
so youre already starting with a low supply

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well like 12V spread is the best ive found so far, looking at natsemi stuff
which is awesome for battery stuff, but 6V+6V rails is not so great
theyre rail to rail amps, tho
anyway, its something people who buy the kits can play with
i have to cnc an altoids tin, then rev1 of that project done
itd be interesting to put a 2mV Vos standard amp in there
see how bad it does
im guessing under 5mV, you kinda scale the Vos up
doesnt hurt to try tho, with socket'ed dip
ha LF411 dont come in soic
and audiophile people like swapping out opamps anyway
Ti makes an LF411A too?
yeh thats almost the same as their tl07x in spec

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or something
anyway thats like 1Hz response
so that controls response time
the 205K controls how much is mixed in, so kinda like servo amplitude
no im just checking
and then offset voltage on the amp
thats likely where you 1mV max offset comes from
and the cap on the feedback is something you do in half supply biased amps, typically
by terminating it in a coupling cap, you get the AC thru but offset your feedback from the ground
well, im pretty sure youd get higher offset
i was considering using better amps that are cheaper
but those are hard to fins in 30V supply opamps!
yeh, lower offset, instrumentation amp style
but most them seem to be lower voltage rail to rail parts

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i can prob do that
you wouldnt short it just leave it open
not sure yeh i have to do a bom for it
just PCB, prob like $5
its ground isolation
natsemi has it on some of their amps
you need a big cap
yeh prob not gonna add that =\
it has spots for input coupling, so you could do simple BPA-200, no servos, per natsemi spec
yeh they seem to work awesome
oh neat
the integrator caps/resistors are .47uF and 2.21M, no?

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my firefox is failing
think its time to clean up CNC area
also dishes
new NIN is ok i guess
the song 1,000,000 intros exactly like a perl jam - vitology song
and sounds like something off the album before with teeth
i think
you have to time it right or itll fuckup your high end i think

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