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fuck all that
its in c now and ive heard at higher speeds it clobbers its own timed interrupts
and the circuit schematics are sad
and the circuits themselves are questionable, it can be done differently
i maybe want to built a little pet engine next year
little tiny I6 engine
to try and do an CNC/EFI project with
i have a machine too, i think building a tiny engine is mandatory
find some pistons from a blow or chainsaw or somthing

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cvcc, rawrarar
and yeh people have done it
it prob just needs a new head
its alot of work for me, and i dont have a garage
itd take a weekend, but i cant just leave shit out there
engine installed is prob close to $2k
just an engine for that is prob $500
which is $100 more than i paid fo the car btw
well when the accord dies, i get to decide which one to save, i guess
it already weighs just 1750lbs
sounds horrible
rust your shit out
i need to adjust my valves
but i dont even have enough money for feeler gages
i need to find a timing light i can borrow, too
maybe i can make one

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solobaric L7
theyre good subs
or that
yeh really
mine is pretty but its a G1
the one that works is a 91 accord
i have a crx with a fucked head sitting there
its not really worth selling
but im prob going to anyway just because i want the parking space back
electric would be nuts
my shit got 35mpg dying
50mpg factory
4cyl engine
in 1986, fuck a geo metro

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speaker arrangement
coaxial is just 2 way, triaxial is three way
really it doesnt make sense
because triaxials arent on the same axis
those come in 12 and 15
but id rather have dual 10
those almost have a 20mm xmax
35mm full swing, within spec
and they look well manufactured without being ridiculous looking
dx^: heheh pro audio shit usually doesnt sound so great
95db sensitivity
theyre made for high output, efficiency
somewhat level response, but theyre usually not known for sounding great
usually youre installing a bunch of them and hopefully running them with headroom, so the whole system sounds good
that will literally bounce it
get these...

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trust pyle been around forever, its import shit, you see it in all the ghetto audio shops
specs are right, cost is right, looks are proper
fuck useless plastic
get them then
well they suck anyway
theyre 8ohms, so you cut your amps power in half
and theyre normal drivers, not coax full range car drivers
click speakers, car speakers
bottom right
expensive brand name, not great specs
fuck that shit
youre paying for the ridiculous basket and maybe xmax
looks like db drag lamer shit
for db drag fgs
if you want a good sub...

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id get the first ones
those look stupid and blingish
when the first spec is 'chrome plated basket' you know someones priorities are fucked up
shits thats prob worse for cooling
not like those are ever gonna get very warm, tho
dx^: partsexpress.com
pyle is an old trusted name in shitty low end audio
least power handling
highes sensitivity
claimed 80w rms
i would try those
if they suck youre only out maybe $30 after shipping
no but neither is low cost brand name shit

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specs are better
brand is common but i think maybe lower end than the others you linked
id rather have 2 way
its a passive crossover, so your amp doesnt really like it, and it phase fucks
but not in a nice way like with my active xovers
yes you do fool
its not like your engine is powerering your speakers
yeh which is prob like 10w rms
it prob says 40, and thats prob a peak value

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im prob just gonna stick import drivers from parts express in it
hopefully it doesnt have 6x9s in back
# frequency response: 35-22,000 Hz
# sensitivity: 92 dB
haha yeh right at the response
thats prob at like 1w
and -6db
and still bullshit
and still bullshthats pretty ok sensitivity
ugh lag
thats pretty ok sensitivity
sensitivity is literally how loud
standard test is like how many decibels spl (sound pressure level) at 1 meter with 1 watt
above 80 is common, above 90 is good, above 95 is awesome
above 100 is wtf good, and maybe a lie

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i have an mp3 cdrw player in my car
i love that head unit
built in parametric EQ, built in crossovers, 3 amp outputs
heheh, i have shit driver in my accord, prob factory
so i crossoed it over at 160Hz
and i can blast that shit full volume
hehe, no bass =(
drum n drums
my car is not worth taking pics of
i dont plan on washing it
haha, nice
just make sure they are wide response and high sensitivity
youre not gonna find a response data on them, so thats kinda all you can go by
at least 90db/m/w sensitivity
and id try and get some 80Hz 3 ways, at least
so what high end is the devil why do you want more

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mmm, RF
haha i totally forgot all the math for transmissions line and RF circuits classes, but the general knowledge i picked up is pretty amazing
kinda life altering, makes you look at everything diff
big light you cant see, feer
we like the funniest people on efnet, yo

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and go fool, its free
handle it

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for some reason lately i been thinking about like what if i stayed in montreal
i prob would have if i wasnt hardcore about finishing school
but yeh that was a neat place, cool girl
do you have to pay money?

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shes prob far
i have enough far people, ty very much

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fat is such a subjective term

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that sucks
hello, birth control
pill mofo
and most of the girls i been with would straight murder a baby inside them
im like, damn yo
im glad i dont have to make that decision
fuck that, thats their issue
has nothing to do with us
you cant make a woman have an abortion
if your part of the country, that would happen alot
i happen to like girls
ha cute
*country decided

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tits are awesome
small ones big one pointy ones round ones big aereola tiny nips
tits are cool
big ones can
its kinda like a front butt
ass is neat
they always come with both, tho
sandi had not much boobs
heheh, jennys boobs get bigger every time i get a chance at em
that fairchild nurse was a pretty bog girl
huge tits
id rather not see them because they are sucked into my mouth like jello
those kinda feel neat
like mud between your toes!
vagina is pretty ugly man
mouths and hands can do that
im not so into it
well i mkean im into it i just dont think mouths are amazing or anything
tho im kinda a whore for long lips
hahah, either set
wtf are you mad

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hmm, i wouldnt mind some boobies sometime soon

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in alot of instances too, you could emulate a simple core to click thru instructions
which emulating a full blown core
yeh its doable but it seems more like bragging rights than useful
'look i did a pic'
nice $20 PIC
well, no i dont think so
its maybe been done but itd be a pain
but the cores are just cpu based on some standard architecture
i wouldnt be surprised
but theyre having silicone fabbed, pretty likely
heh, yeh have fun with that
good lucks
youre good at that shit tho, heh

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uc + fpga is fine
but i mean, its pretty easy to simplify the argument
cores do one thing at a time, you can just copy the same circuit over on an fpga
bam you just doubled/triple/quadrupled the chips efficiency
in some instances, where the processing is fairly simple and doesnt take alot of discrete logic, its even more so the case
i would never do that
when i could just take an avr and put on the side
youre definitely right in a ton of situations
which is pretty much what id wanna do
high speed driving of ram storage, implimentation of filters and other quasi-linear processing
im sure you can find that from someone
prob not cheap tho, but i mean everyone and their mom makes ARMs
so its likely
if you need something portable or something to run more typical inline algorithms, sure
thats what a core is for
but a core is like 3 or 4 layers of logic

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i would think that depends on the designer and application
encryption crackers are usually mad parallel fpga
x86 is a cpu
so i dont even thinks its relative
im not trying to build a mobo
gotta go get mom some cigs, heh, bbl

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id still prob try and do it fpga, just more versatile
and i know discrete digital logic
depends on what
and i cant afford an asic
therees alot of things i want to do where a program counter based core is just a waste
like 3 layers of logic i dont need and a lack of real parallel computation
yeh like i said, depends what youre doing
i can think of tons of things where a single core proc clicking thru opcodes would just be silly
isnt massively parallel?
a cpu core base uc cant even really do parallel processing, unless you count peripherals which are more often timing and comm
yeh but im not having asics made
im talking off the shelf
arm9 or similar core based chip
or discrete digital sex
you cant get a proc to do the kind of things parallel digital circuits can do
its just how cpu work
yeh im not comparing to those
because im pretty sure you can get fpga towards GHz speeds in that case

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all those slightly sub mil numbers add up
yes i run .00025 steps at 1/8 microstepped
its not exactly uncommon
i change a jumper in the xylotex step driver
and change the resolution in the controller software config
a machine that steps at .00001 prob hold the location better
but its not like your parts are going to magically come out at .00001 precision
step res is just what you add all your error too
if it is its prob like shaking at .0001 or something
yeh and i pretty much got the same results
its just quieter now
hehehe, its doesnt make those awesome harmonic noises on arcs
twingy: which is why im not trying to mess with ARM9 anytime soon =)
its basically a wtf device
id rather do FPGA for speed

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wats going on
haha @ rockshox
hes being such a bitch lately, its awesome im on ignore so i can sit there and criticize everything he says
me ans mx were talking about megasquirt electronics, and hes like
so i obviously laugh and put a few cents in and continue the convo
like an hour later, he comes in talking about he has to do c++ at work instead of php
rab: yes sir
resolution doesnt mean much at all
i have like...
backlash, runout, vibrations, temp expansion, table misalignments

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ttmustang: youtube is being broken

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twingy: sweeet
eggsalad: tum tum tum
what are you using?
no programming interface
the open jtag stuff?
that does sound like it could be a problem

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god gonna ban him from the afterlife, watch
then he just gonna come back to efnet
what do arabs have to do with it?

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i have no clue
i think i might try cradeks cam script
for acad
hehe i put silicone pads on my vise for the altoids tin
it works neat!

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in what context?
the 2nd is embedded shit, im prety sure thats what it stands for
its like tuneable predicted next values based on a history of values
proc id is a *nix thing
you kill -9 by pid
the embedded shit is control theory, say for speed prediction in an EFI system
shit fool i thought you were gonna teach me this

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kevtris: hi
where did you get the docs to do you fat32 asm?
everything = everything, timecop
oh i can find that shit there?
i guess they would have useful docs
cuz yeh sd cards are awesome
oh shit i think my sister is here

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hahaha timecop wtf did you do
btw how much is that shit?
oh its just epoxy
i thought maybe it was special super cool shit
haha you bought a bucket
guys see street kings
hardcore crooked LA cop shit
this shit might even be as good as training day

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eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm

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ha i bet those armored hummers are ridiculous
see its so sad that concgress got pissed about that
hello, hummer = jeep
maybe if you had actually paid for enjough APCs, we wouldnt have this issue
Heemeyer took his machine of insanity out for a spin on June 2, 2004 by crashing it through the wall of his workshop.
ateam shit, awesome

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honeydew > watermelon
mmm, spray
The armor in some places was over a foot thick and had concrete between sheets of steel, making it pretty much unstoppable.
do not
with this exhaust shop

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fuck IP, give them assault weapons too
theyll be fine
ac-130h: arguably genetic engineering started when people started domesticating animals and growing crops for ideal traits
they just werent as good at it =)
yeh same deal, i would think, we just better at it now
we hacking at the core level now, feer
rab: ok well thats obviously not very nice use of the technology
the seeds just wouldnt work right

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i was retarded for suggesting the use of larger resistors so his leds wouldnt burn if he left a gio on
oh franken food?
genetic engineering started with plants

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dide stu ever finish his contracted knightrider led blinker?
the one where instead of using proper resistors, he was gonna like pwm them and pray

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charles never said shit

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me being banned?
stu says its because i was talking shit to charles everytime he showed up
nevermind charles talks shit to someone, having no clue about context, every time he shows up
haha like how he thought my psu looked like too much capacitance, then he said how much would be cool
and i calced his suggestion and it was like 84v ripple on a 18V rail or something
no idea
that sounds awesome tho, hahah
the best was when me and stu were talking about LM3886 amps
and charles came in like, YOU CANT DO THAT MAN
im like, wut, its an opamp
then emostormed off
haha @ opchipamp
thats just so ackwards to say!
yeh that way too
but thats typical charles
come in, have no clue whats going on
talk some shit
then when people talk shit back, because what hes saying makes no sense, he storms off or bans
because he licks stus ass
and stu needed a bitch to do his opping cuz no one wanted him to do it

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17:59 [efnet] -!- Cannot join to channel #electronics (You are banned)

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