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i wonder if sandi got her brakes done or her fuel line fixed
hopefully she hasnt flattened any kids

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eggsalad: explain dx's controlling algorithm
eggsalad: no
okay altoids nc files are done
ill do that shit in the morning
i wish autocad could be my gf

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kevtris: woah

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i bet that v8 fan with the 3ft blades could whup it
it had a plane prop
hehe, fan tug of war

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i should mount on on top of my monitor
dont think so
i think i just heard you mention it
blackmoon: i saw a truck pullin a trailer w/ 6' fan attached to a v8 engine
heheh, movie blower
blackmoon: looks like its variable pitch
via moving that plate on the hub in and out
oh yeh thats prob what they mean by source

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ugh, gcam died

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haha ive sexed thru my hip pains
hehe i prob shouldnt do that ever again

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haha outs turns on automatically
its integrated into the stove hood, so when it gets hot it turns on
which is scary if you dont notice an open the microwave
cuz it sounds like its still on =\
so like you dont accidentally crush yourself or something?
yeah wtf
NO STEP in white enamel would be cool
like a fighter jet

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05:36 <@mblunt> on a lil badge
05:36 <@mblunt> on a lil badge
fuck wrong button
thats expensive
damn hes like, selling a factory
i mean the helium thinger
for like almost $1M
i thought it was just the blue control looking thing but he selling like a whole plant or something
ya really
youre prob not buying from ebay if you do
yeh paypal prob making like $30K of that or something
thats just a weird listing, heh
hi, wut
most microwaves have those?

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im not sure if i closed gcam or it crashed again
i guess i closed it i dont see one of those sorry for inconvience clickies

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can figure out top/bottom to front brackets
actually i should call that shop on craiglist that was like begging for work
hopefully cerwin vega guy gives me a job and i have monies again
else ill prob end up working in a metal shop =(

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oh weird fan
kevtris: you did emachineshop?
i think i might use them to do side/rear panels for a chassis
then i can use flat top/bottom/fronts

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teh gcam ate it

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wait new people
okay well i know most everyone
i love frozen chocolate

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i wont even try it
it goes into 3d view im like WUT NOOOOOOOOOO
fuck this im gonna go scrape some resin
okay well ill finish this block first i guess
did you do that?

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yeh i was trying to explain that to twingy when he was like, what features would you need to use gcam as your primary cad/cam app
im like, wtf, everything =(
for example, this is pimp...
i extended to a line, almost went to redo a dimension
accidentally hit the dimension with the extend tool, and it extended to the new line, correcting itself
like how cool is that
haha, i did a couple in acad and gcoded by hand
just to do it really
dx^: hell yeh

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no gcam just doesnt do negative
well, the new versions maybe do but he hasnt released those and i need the windows binary
fuckit ill just do the whole fucking thing in autocad

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man fuck i hate this i think i did it wrong
cuz its like coordinates floating on a board in a tin which is flipped upside down or on its side
which would be easy if i could use negative workspaces
but i have to correct everything for positive because gcam release doesnt do negative
computer works really sucks without weed

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ttmustang: neat

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hmm, no
because youtube was failing

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kevtris: oh totally
tokae is like a pro at exploding his contraptions
the kosher part is pretty funny
i wonder if the rabbi was underage

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they broke their server
haha wtf was charles doing in here
okay what did he think he was doing in here
nice kick msg
okay so ive wasted like 5 hurs on fantastic contraption
btw pulleys are fail

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i think he said they sold out to a bigger hax0r site
eggsalad: will gcam negative coordinate system work?
or fuckit
ill just gode it by hand
yeh no shit, ill let you know tomorrow

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