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ha nice topic
aw they got me

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trreny died
the yellow one

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"so like, youre gonna get a babysitter when i come over to fuck?"
dx^: omg did that happen?
dx^: omg did that happen?
dx^: omg wtf did that happen?
tell her this:
fuck that just ignore her ass from now
she just dumb
dx dont even got money
and with kids, he aint finishing school
they will spit your cum into the hand and stick it in the poon
and then youll be fucked

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she is so much cooler than palin
timecop: i think its supposed to be offensive
thats some x86 shit fuck all that

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a) thats rudy ska shit, not reggae
reggae is like, were too wasted to play our instruments fast lets cut this like 40 bpm
also im pretty sure toots predates marleys pop ass by like 10 years
that was b)
c) marley is 90% boring fucking music
folk shit, toots is fun
i cant stand folk
marley has like maybe 3 songs i really like =(
the rest is very well written very beautiful music with a great message that i find rather boring

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hmm maybe
im bad at dating clash songs, it could be a couple years earlier
happy unbday
pretty sure that song is older than us
actually, the song is like 10+ years older than us, but their versions maybe just a couple years
hmm weird or maybe rudie cant fail isnt a cover
fuck dogs

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what did i post?
oh hahaha
there that should fix it
hey respect debbi harry!
or at least young debbi
she kinda scary now
blackmoon: haha wat
thats how old hiphop videos were, was just live shows and them walking around n the street
<3 <3 <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA8LWKiOTGI

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rab: those tats are kinda sucky =\
hmm, some of those amputees are pretty hawt
i do her

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what are they for

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well see how the election goes
bbl, school

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but its 2x reg dank prices
now normal reg dank prices gets you dry low dank
pot shops decided to categorize weed and charge a spread
original gangsta
just means standard cali kush
og is just a term for original or old
its either og, purple, or bubba
purple or bubba taste nice but arent as strong but sell for about the same
anyway, my bro hookup is gone, too
i was getting reg dank for like 60% standard cost from him
and good shit that would cost 1.5x now because of the shops
also i dont have time like before to market my warez
also alot of my buddies moved out of town
so in general ive gone from smoking for negative money to just smoking for cheap
im prob just gonna get a medical card
and shop around
you can still find deals that community service is profitable, or at least a break even situation
but itll prob never be like a couple years ago

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well, im guessing 12 to 18 months ago
non fail mode explosions
m1a1 abrams were awesome in sand
was like a boat in open water
whats that
i havent had weed since last week
i have zero money and weed ecnomy is fucked
thats why the prices are fucked
all i can get from non legal sources is og kush
so its by far the best herb you can score

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well i want the other one
some ass removed the outlines on my soics
like yo, i dont care if i get .002 of overlap
palin did 911
im go to class early so i dont have to stay whole class to beg if hes like NOWAI
and really i wanna work for like 2 years min so i guess no rush to calpoly
if i get the job i want they prob encourage me to go anyway
she died?

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too bad i hate the ui more than my dad
i only used it for like a month
they know who you are =D
dx^: wut
oh iunno how
i have to go to school
he not gonna let me stay =(
no i mean i have to go to trig
i was gonna just take one class cuz i wanna work full time
but i thought school started this week cuz it usually starts week of the 7ths
i wont use autoroute because i think im better than everyone or something
anyway i gotta go bai
yes likely
tho i would prob just take 2 days and not sleep
timecop: weird i wonder if i can ask them to do that

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jezus fuck these are easy
`nico: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/dtcs01.1_prototype4.jpg
look is done
i have to rework input for rev2 but for now i can just leave off the ultrasonic filter
sounds good, no noise at low level
i dont have headphones anymore tho cuz stupid girlcate ate the chord
im sorry
(about using orcad)
ive used it, it hurts more than eagle =(
it does one thing no other pcb apps can do i think
you can size top and bottom pad diameters diff on thru holes
yes timebutt
i dont think you can in eagle or ultiboard

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i have to go to class tonight and beg to stay
i missed first week he gonna be like NAW GUY

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i didnt say i dont floss
i just said it makes my gums bleed
i got tape instead of string last time, its neat
iunno i floss pretty much every day one or two still be bleeding
theyre like all close so its hard to get the floos in, kinda snaps thru and then feels all stuck
heh i should go to dentist be like yo i still has my wisdom teeth whats up with that
yeh i hated the string stuff, the tape works better
that stuff is weird
yeh thats what i got

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efnet stoner
she like the only normal girl person on efnet i know =\
she got like a husband and kids and good car and a house
omg no!
respec legsy!
haha i got jussie boob pics
yes, girls like sex too
that too!
altho masturbating with girls is the best
i should redo this amp nice and sell to rhett and get some weed
he like 5mi away so i get cash, wooo
flossing make my gums bleed
and it only happens on a few teeth

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yes kevtris lives where legsy lives

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mofo just needs to do that, over, and over, and over, and over
and we will win this shit
i wish he had mentioned that palin had used lipstick to compare herself to a dog =(
thats okay tho
because i guess dogs are better than pigs
with skill
i dont remember the 2nd one

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macegr: http://fantasticcontraption.com/?designId=1476123

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baloo- made a walker that stepped by wagging a stick dong around

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i made a wood platform
around the one circle, and start a two wheeled vehicle on the left side of it so it tipped the right side up
then it drives off in an arc to the other circle
for unpossible i made a ramp shooter and a tether

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conveyors and tank treads, ok
pulley systems, total fail

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i has a basted egg/cheese/bacon pita
dx^: haha @ girlbuffer overflow

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old, but classic
ya rly
theres just so much content involved
you never seen those guidos?
theryre not even making the kissy faces in that
k im making my own bacon egg and cheese in pita
dont have sesame bagels =(

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haha yeh i read that
heh, hackaday still ded

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gonna burn the motor out
dx^: recovery was uneventful
go for it, yo
oh man
i would not stick my penis in that
yes he likes those old things

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wait how do you know that?
where do these keep these statistics?

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wow nice 3d animated cad, that
looks cool tho
i think ima go spend money i dont really have on a bacon egg and cheese on sesame sandwich
or maybe i give that failthai place a second chance
remember to switch into bare floor mode first =\
or possibly use accessory tube
i cant do that with mine because it has metal bits and cutting oil just inside the edge =( =( =(

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im not sure if theyre mandatory or not
most meters have them, tho
hmm no i dont think so
why to keep the dust in or something?
macegr: did you see headphone amp spam?

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were built for rolling quake like 100mi away, so we did pretty good
hehe quake valves are funny
its like a bigass ball on a pedastool that falls into a matched end on the incoming pipe
thing there might be a spring involved
ha, sounds cool
never seen those
meh, my net is slow even google pics
okay that makes more sense
ball falls onto the output pipe end and pressure keeps it in place

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thats like a friday storm, no?
i has a #cars buddy lives on the north side of the big lake in new orleans =\
hehe, he built a fence like a month ago
it broke it =(
haha ya
fema said he makes too much for them to help him out
he spend like $600 getting the fuck out and kicking it in tennessee
his house okay tho besides a vent on the roof that got ripped off
fuck that tho, ill take earthquakes anyday
least when your shit get all fucked up in a quake, its till in the same spot
its not like stuck in a cow next county over
yeh but prob not, LA residential really good against quakes
we just had the one apartment go down, and some people houses caught fire, prob cuz they didnt have quake valves
and that was a pretty big quake like directly underneath us

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prob like $.50
heh, $.042

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need to move the pot holes up like .02"
heh the silicone rubber works awesome the better doesnt even move around
im gonna redo in a nice tin, not previously cut up, tonight
key works fine, its got lock washers
id i can get them super cheap somewhere i prob include key in the kit

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guys, prototype1 is completed \o/
also vega guy remembered to ask me about twos compliment, got my number, in meeting says will call me back later today or tomorrow
also \o/

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omg fuck shopping at the gap for jeans
if youre gonna pay $40 for jeans best be some not on sale levis
i dont understand guys shopping at girlstores
tin is almost done \o/
need to move the front panel holes like .020 and its perfect
im using a previously cut the fuck up tin to test
cutting the bottom is fucked cuz the center of the tin bends inward as you try and cut it =(
holes coming out clean tho
silicone sticky rubber vise bumpers ftmfw

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