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i didnt make that lcd yo
next time

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breadboards are just kinda ghetto

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one you wont see shit
the other will be totally dark

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i have skinny and fat chisel
this is a high point in my life, fo sho
oh i have rectractable yellow highlighter sharpie, too
so yeh, im straight pimp
take the secondaries and put on a bridge
put the + on ground
- is negative voltage
find caps, put across that, then yeh h4x up a voltage regulator
thats all it takes

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macegr: heh
macegr: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/09/13/train.collision/index.html
its 20+ according to local stations
do you have a transformer?
its being poor is like an adventure
*its ok
you have the little blue one?
and a brige?
you have a glugun?
solder wires to it and gluegun so you done die

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kk came back

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20+ people
100 hurt
yes i know jenny was hiking like 1mi away
theres alot of factories with railroad tracks up to like docks
theres an asshole in #cars in houston
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05:38 < Ryanster> lights just flickered
05:38 < Ryanster> about to be fucked

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atmel boot manager

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almost all of efnet hates this boxes vhosts

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i would were a hat like that
mrtube: hehehehh
see those hats are pimp!

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there arent many places ion the west coast super bush friendly
no we did texas at 70-90mph
we stopped to piss and fuel
panhandle is fucking wastelands
south texas is pretty, still scared me to be there
bush on a farm is such a joke
him and a chainsaw is just goofy
youve been there?
yeh damn
ive lived across from one seven eleven or another fo the past like 10 years
not in texas, no
but maybe west coast, far from a city

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yeh everythings fucked up
like, most the people i know dont get the hours they want
so theyre not unemployed but theyre like not making enough anymore
hahah, i unno, im not an ecnomist
but basically we dont make alot of shit anymore
also yup
factories = jobs
we made shit
its not the war
the war kinda fucking everything global ecnomy wise
and lack of spending on shit here
but its because we dont have tons of industry like before
so we dont make shit and export shit like before
hes gone anyway
lame duck

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oh secretary lady?
im house sitting for her this week
i find out monday about the cerwin vega job
the wood shop i was doing the cnc at is gonna go under
he just cut the workers medical benefits
i heard the supervisor almost kicked the boss guys ass, was pissed
well i saw it coming
the reason they had work is because they were behind
i fixed that
and from what ive heard, theres like almost no work now
i dunno zzzz_ all these songs sound kinda the same =(
and yeh i just dont wanna look for nything until i know about this job
because ive wanted this one for awhile
and he seems pretty positive about having work for me
yeh, subs, they do mobile amps
put its prob off the shelf china import
tech stuff, he mentioned audio electronics and embedded, maybe some pcb
its vega/krk/stanton

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i have a cricket in my room
how long have you lived here?
i like the air, when its got the moisture in it and the temp is cool
hehe im saying cuz i was talking to the secretary lady yesterday
and shes from seattle, so she loves that it never ever rains
im like total opposite
man this is horrible zzzz =(
but yeh i wonder how long it takes for people to come here to get sick of like no weather
winter is like 3 weeks here, heh

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she ganked me
its only 3.3g
heheh, i have to make a serious effort to use this herb to get tons of shit done
(dont question it, i have anti-anti-motivational syndrome)

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but im not trying to have her box stranded at her place
id have to bring it over here anyway
or just go back and forth with drivers
like $60/mo here i think

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girl is finally coming over with her pc and kush
friend's friend
im grabbing her files and wiping xp out
no dude jenny is pretty much forever, heh
ive known her 13 years
sandi is the one i was dating
i think my friend is trying to ger into her pants
she thought i was gonna go over to her house and rinstall her pc there
im like hahahaha wtf no
they overcharge
im charging like $75 in high grade cannabis
to grab files and reinstall xp and make the genuine microsoft nag go away
shes like 'OK SO I COME GET YOU!?'
im like 'eh, no just bring the big box part, not the screen part'
p3 machine, so maybe xp has all the drivers

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rab: Residents living in single-family homes in some parts of coastal Texas face "certain death" if they do not heed orders to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Ike's arrival, the National Weather Service said Thursday night.
heh something like 40% of galveston is still kicking it?

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we are so fucking fail
spoiled fuckup navy brat is gonna win
love that repub convention
they did a pretty good job at spinning bottom 1% at annapolis as a good thing

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but yeh, fuck houston people in trouble
we got some people to blow up, er i mean, save
pro life, pro death penalty, fuck muslims because eye for an eye is brutal
fucking republinazis need a lesson in simple fucking algebra
cut taxes
support our toops
wtf how about buy more APCs, stop pretending a jeep is a tank

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how thre fuck you gonna lower taxes in the middle of a trillion dollar war, pretending that shit has nothing to do with our failure
really im just bitching pointlessly because its already done
if we dont stand down at some point we will be put down or we will destroy the world, in a very literal sense
but yeh, stop teaching sex ed in schools, take creationism out of sociology and put it into science
that fix everything
thats another thing
who the fuck cares if hes muslim
unless you think muslims are the problem
in which case, they have every right to hate you
your religion is just as bloody
just as unfair, just as unmerciful, just as laced with logical fallacy

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the sad part is, youre educated
youve made a choice to go along with it
wave your flag and bitch 911 911 911, you guys are the worst fucking thing to ever happen to america
to bitch about a couple dozen million to save some people in houston, when youre down with dropping 1 trillion dollars on an optional war, is fucking insane
get youre fucking priorities straight
yes since i was old enough to understand what a lie we were
what i got no probs with him
tekrad spouting republi-nazi bullshit for years
and instead of debating the point, he usually just shifts into 3rd grade name calling

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we have zero industry
what about having negative money do you not understand?
we have a debt
china, the mideast
they have a bank acct
we dont have industry to make a war machine
and weve proven our mil was more bark than bite
shit we aint even fighting against a military
were fucking fighting people with explosives attached to cell phones
i loved that line
you dont fight it
you stay home
and take care of your own shit
impires fall
neo-con wannabe illuminati fucks have hijacked your political party
they dont give fuck all about you, their money is international
`nico: old, but classic
im down with china
we were chopping kids up in out industrial revolution
we had mad segregation not even 60 years ago
yeh nice, see you have zero response
you had kindergarden tactics

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thats not alot of leds
assuming 911 was terrorists, which is kinda against most logic, but anyway assuming it is
its just blowback from the bullshit weve done over there
they just want us to leave
isreal has nukes and fighter planes and krav maga
they will be fine
CIA admits its blowback
its retibution for bad things we did
were doing bad things now
we will get ours
wave your flag, it dont mean shit anymore
yeh man that was some bullshit
we couldnt even find the weapons we gave them
rumsfeld was shaking saddams hand over weapons deals 20 years ago
hah yeh gota love 'precision warfare'
because the reason we dont have money is because of youre leaders wanting to rule the world like wannabe illuminati
all things involve money
and now we dont have any
i find it rather sad you are down with saving a region that doesnt want the help over helping people here
we control the money
they have money surplusses
we have money debt
we dont control shit
we basically pray our debts arent called in
we rely on a nuclear arsenal to punk the world
shit will only work so long
right, sure
we dont even control iraq
mufuckers are blowing us up daily
yeh thats right, just glass the mid east
thats really gonna fly
tekrad: everyone has positive dollars
we have negative dollars

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yeh really
tekrad: check it out
world trade center aint shit
we just wasted 500K+ innocents
we offset that by so much its ridiculous
do the math man
enjoy being a new era nazi much?
trade center wasnt shit
and trade center wasnt done by a fucker in a cave 15K miles away
tekrad if you believe that shit its pretty obvious what your social circle is like
everyone i know with half an education knows about afghanistan in the late 70s
yes, silly hacking scene =)
tekrad: yeh man that has to do with alot
we funded the terrosists
we took care of them
they did our dirty work
are you denying that?
yes or no
check it out tekraqd
theyre not terrorists anymore
your people made them legal military combatants
any strike on our 'homeland', which is btw a hitler term, is just a military counterstrike in a war
and yes your people
as youve defended that side for years now
and when issues come up, you do some 'hey pass the joint statement'
which is typical of people who cant argue actual points

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haha whatever
1 trillion dollar war is a waste of taxpayer dollars
im down with rescueing people
unless you wanna pay to relocate all of them
and every business
do the math of what their economy generates vs what it costs to save them
and it didnt work
we will not recover 1 trillion dollars from that
thats just a retarded statement if it isnt a joke
our infrastructure is disintegrating and were down with a global war against nothing
rescuing people aint no thing relative to those costs
america is over
no it isnt
its real now
tekrad: islamic terroism was on CIA payroll
and wtf does iraq have to do with terroism?

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the fuck is DNA points

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