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is this new to you or something?
oh no
s parameters
im supposed to know about this shit

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ill pay you in a month or three
but you can ship it to me now so its out of your hair
do you have hair?

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i should do that
my mom actually found a dentist that takes medi-cal

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hahah cool
i need to go back to sleep

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D-, harsh
thats pretty neat
you need to get a black jolly roger decal for the top

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headphone amp
removed C3
im like hmmm how do i use pot as input impedance on half biased amp
i think anser is i dont with stable input impedance

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i did a nice one
.5" diamater ones kinda work
i could also just saw them short

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i think it was like 20.2mm or somehting

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it would have to be perfect
within .5mm on both sides
damn pricey

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kill it with reverse voltage

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1/8" endmill
today is race day
mini @ spa
lucky for me they are not doing the everyone has to change tires rule
but stupid mini has a tiny fuel tank

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cute ^

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yeh, two under $2 in 10 qty
those 10VA ones looks neat
ha, 10 and 30VA
2.3 2.7 1.4", dual 15V/1A secondaries

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we need a bot that just repeats what everyone said an hour ago
i just have to do tin bottoms now
the clear rubber feet dots from all electronics are awesome
they were all stuck onto the altoids i stuck them onto months ago
had to pull hard
they have feet dots?
oh, hmm
hmm i dunno
those are pretty symbolic looking mechanical drawings, heh
they make alot of them tho
rab: yeh that looks like all the right power/voltage ranges
and pricing

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fureal man wf is this doped silicon bullshit
heheheh, i want vid!
heheh copl
sadly most of my favorite vocalists really arent that good
this is my idea of a good singer
chino is a genius
deftones - bored
im sure someone in canadia has it

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stacked ceramic is soooooooo awesome
yeh you walked into that
when my friend moved, the gov called her dad wanting her new adress
they are soooo nosy
all asking their neighbors questions about them, heheh
all our phone convos as kids prob on tape somewhere
no youre more steampunk then terrorist
its a shit media format

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stop buying that shit
carbide ++
i dont think you can do that
i love how they sell TiN coated bits like theyre actually made of titanium
the coating doesnt hurt
doesnt do much either
not worth the extra $ usually
its prob more the metal holding the edge and the cutting speed youre using than the coating
yeh thats neat
i hate tantalum
they will die

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i knew what all the parts were
i had no idea what they were doing
(pcbs when i was a kid with a screwdriver)
hahaha @ stepdrill technology
i cant believe you bought one of those

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like 2x gain on the main amp
and i think the tone controls were +/-12db
pls, be responsible
i found some low noise/offset ones
they named them after the best production porsche ever
3mV max offset, full operating temp range
20nv/rthz noise
so like, TL074 is a bit better, kinda
but this is 5V rail to rail

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altoids tin
i was doing the left side holes
dide you see pics?
new pic
that tin has dremeled holes and shit in it tho, was just testing the gcode files
so yeh it didnt raise up and went thru the tin lip =(
thats rf h4x0r shit, yo

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its submitted
hahaha ty
its cool i got more tins

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twingy: ill send gcam and.ngc file
did i ever feature request .ngc as default file format for emc export?
also an .* filter for that would help =\
i can fix the gcode easy
it just fubars that one Z and then doesnt let you undo it
i dont think
k brb

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kapton or silicone
ive seen steel ladders
like for lasers
guy said you gotta replace that eventually too
fuck that
blackmoon: prob not
im thinking it depends what youre cutting
cuz that dictates feedrates

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vobcopy, mencoder?
or on a mac
there was some goofy dvd decrypter for macs i had to find for sandi

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they dont even spec them differently anywhere in the datasheet, other than the mechanical drawings
so yeh if theyre the same, getting the non insulated and having to add a washer is prob less thermal transfer performance
natsemi maybe agrees, Note 12

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its the B dimensionin the datasheet
they dont make them wider than 19mm
then theyre floating heatsinks or they found the right washers
id never buy non insulated
fuck that
screw the chip onto the sink
heatgrease, done
im pretty sure the diff in thermal dissipation to junction was almost the same
4669 has a bunch of extra holes in it
LM3886 is like one of the only power chips i seen with a fully insulated tab
he buy non insulated

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making a clean hole in kapton film is prob a bitch tho
pic is wrong then
well pic is wrong and its 20mm wide
and its very, very likely that the edges would be the points on which the chip rest
im ussuming length is the height

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tho i see the silicone pads waaaaay more than the little mica things
then get kapton
and make them
you need a good way to make the hole
its to-220-13
its like 3 of those
12x12" of .005 thick kapton (polymide) is $20
theres thermally conductive stuff thats .002 thick for $12

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mylar too
LM3886TF ftw.
heat grease, done
well, next time =)
im sure they did somewhere
mice washers always scared me
because its prob really like .003 of plastic
like, something move funny and i could see an edge or surface feature dig in, tearing or breaking it
yes i know they work

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o hi
dude insulating mica is like prob .003 thick
'so like if theres a scratch in the tab metal or heatsink it could maybe short out
like if it was a silicone heat pad, maybe you could do it cuz those are like .02 or thicker
ok that ansswer is pretty awesome
i would just get silicone rubber and make my own

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