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sailors are ghey

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its like youre screwing it in tight
def not loose tho
i think theyre like .118 diamater or something

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.125 is tight fit for #4 screws

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bigger is fine, youll fill the hole with solder anyway
sounds like a plan

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eggsalad: fatburger is better than in-n-out
eggsalad: and not just because im so fucking anti
i dont mind it
ima make a diff engine from a wii or something

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dx^: im signing my life away thru the end of the year to cerwin vega as we speak!
or type, as the case may be
wait i bet you are not even here that was just your shit autoreconnecting

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how did they end up doing dj control surfaces

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andthe carbide pcb drills?
goldmine-elec.com or ebay
and .035 works for most thru hole parts and dips, .045 is to-220 holes
everything else is kinda just what it is
guys guys
vega sent me contractor agreement doc
eheheh im a consultant
1.1 This agreement is entered into by and between Stanton Magnetics, Inc., a corporation (hereinafter .Client.)
heh, they used to make coils and transformers i guess

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his board was $6 unit cost
that is so high for chinapcb!
but yeh $7 chipamps, and he needs five per board, so 10 per set
also the low Vos amps are not cheap
for the servos
but yeh besides that everything was pretty cheap
.1% 1206 resistors
i think those sucked
like $1 each or something
yeh pretty much
i dont wanna think about how much ive spent on electronics and cnc shit in the past few years
i think it was worth it, i know a ton because i actually do shit every day
but yeh i dont wanna know a dollar amount that would prob hurt me
i think oven is preheated enough

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actua;lly the -3db is scaled becaise youre taking the voltage 1/22 up a divider
yeh im not sure
that works
because it wont let DC thru
im not sure it works exactly how i think tho
anyway i gotta go feed food to cat
bike, yay

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i think accord died
thats so sad it was running so well yesterday
yes i know
yes i did
simulate it
okay then do that
i would just use a generic opamp and throw that circuit across it to see the rolloff
its 3Hz -3dB
22K for the whole feedback network

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okay i need to optimize curiously strong to use fewer types of passive parts
i hate soldering all this diff shit
timecops shit is like, okay now i do twenty .1uFs
okay now im done

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morning channel peoples
eagle export is on crack
im not so happy with acad export eagle

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