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fuck home depot
enco, mcmaster-carr

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guy the sim works again
yay me
guys it worked

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hmm sim is failing

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i should add a capacitor spot in parallel with the out to neg feedback resistor
get up two poles LPF with the optional input filter
and two poles HPF with input coupling and series feedback cap
you could totally do active crossovers with just the amp

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so i fit the mute circuit w/ electrolytic cap
and also 3x 1210 in parallel for the optional series feedback caps
up to 30uF/35V in ceramic
im add extra 1206 dc rail caps
so you can do like 1uF/.01uF instead of .1uF
this board has everything yo
also options to bypass everything with 0R resistors

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thats why marijuana is illegal =(

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dude this chick walked up to me wanting a ride to burbank airport
she like, black chick, stoner voice
i had to go other direction, she all talking like maybe we had similar interests we could find something to do
im like, wow you must mean weed or fucking, but i have to go take a quiz bye
she was still a hot black chick with a valley stoner voice
she was little i could prob take her
actually after this one tj story i guess maybe they do

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wtf dx
you are tired of LEDs?
we might have to ask you to leave

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eggsalad: some bullshit about your algorithms
eggsalad: because they dont make logical sense
eggsalad: no you dont have nerves
eggsalad: what am i going to be doing at cerwin vega?
wow he is timecop now
eggsalad: say again

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i wanna learn mcurses
graphical terminal fail
ir slo
k happy?
he wont
eggsalad: short sentences are the best
his brain file too big again

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oh i saw those at home depot
endmill, CNC, done

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okay so fail honda started
feedfooding the cat again
haha what
user hit teh X
so it might be a bad solder joint
on a main relay pcb
i guess when its really really hot inside the honda itll fuckup
and then when it cools down itll work
my honda does that

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oh stanton does make real dj shit besides just control surfaces
heheh i always thought the autoleds were tacky
k mad respec but i dont wanna be them

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mufucker that switch is retro pimp
the tradition of metal paddle
in a sub minature package
how do they make shit so small!?
i dunno
but yeh id take one of those over a little slide button switch
not always timecop =)
sometimes they push down on a contact
that switch is not 21st century
the amish rule the 21st century
they are EMP hardened
you cannot take them out, nope

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wonder if that is sketchup
he drew the insides of the switch so it would make sense
fuckin madman
thats alot of work!
see what hes talking about has happened to me
i just resoldered the wires, it took like 10sec and me feeling like a tard
he documented it with art
like hes bitching about resoldering some wires but he prob spend an hour writing that shit up
its a 2min fix =(
timecop: i has a new job, send me your scope
i will pay when i feel like it
sounds good?

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wow hes mad because the switches are backwards
he made some nice diagrams yo
everyone is good at something
stripping floppy wires kinda sucks
they dont seem to have 3 lead ribbon jumpers and if they did they would be like $3 each and i need 6
i love those submini switches
mostly because they are called submini
like, when switchers were as big as toddlers
like half the size of minature microswitches
i <3 those switches tho
Miyama is the manufacturer... Anyway! Here.s the deal:
thats weird i never think about who made my electromechanical junk

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i think that weather station blew up
now its reporting 92F in chatsworth
which is 5mi away
maybe my honda is like FUCK YOU ITS HOT

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mxman has like 10
but i checked and its 104F out
im wait till it cool off before trying stuff
no efi
when it started yesterday it popped like it was flooded

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no it spins fine
it did this yesterday when it was super hot
then later it just started

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blackmoon: heh
ok honda is pissing me off
not starting again

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dx^: maybe
ran out of dirt
$20 is 1g here
that sounds about right
thats $70 for 1/8
purple and bubba kush are regarded as lower quality than og cali kush
but usually sell for as much just because its kush
weed economy is shifted to mostly kush here
its better than any of the labeled shit from the shops
naw kush turns you little kid status
regs is like, youre fine after an hour
i aced all my lab courses with no lab partner for like 3 years
totally stoned
i was more catious =\
just a little bit
i did =\
oxy-fuel too
i gotta move my car brb

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`nico: no it raised it
theres prob like 5 potshops and as many drs in a 5mi radius from me
regs is normally $40-50
reg dank
however reg dank is dying out, due to pot shops charging a spread and introducing lower grade varieties
so now theres is a spectrum of grades, but its all bullshit
kush is still 1.5x-2x
so like $60-80
im used to paying like $200/oz for high grade dank
$150 maybe
i should do it, if you shop around you can find deals
mex brick is $40/oz
i dont even know where to score it
`nico: i should get a medical card
even my mom wants me too
i lost student aid one year because of it
also alot of time in court dealing with clerical errors and bullshit
also prob $500
and 5 days in jail because those assholes 5150'ed me i think
because they asked if i had ever been on psychotropes and i was like no not in like 5 years

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ok now i start tues. at 10a cuz engineer guy im working with is doing stuff or something

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