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something happened
secretarys monitor turned very pink

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meddle, animals, and wish you were here
saucerful of secrets is okay
but im not really super into the barret stuff
yeh darkside is okay if you havent heard it in forever
i should check that out actually
its way too familiar kinda
iunno maybe
looks like i just have animals and meddle right now
eckos is better i think
song is like 30min long or something, album before dark side
download meddle
that shit is pimp

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hey suddenly i dont feel so bad about my room
wtf @ the keyboard

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damn you *really* dont like horses

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thats why cars happened
stupid poluuting horses

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horses scare me
theyre like dogs that can totally fuck you up
horse people are special
like hardcore bike people
they has rights yo

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the guy who started the chan
remember he had me do you programmer boards
but he didnt want me to give them to you
yeh that guy

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besides greycz?

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i havent tried to rejoin, heh

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kinda he asked if i wanted to be unbanned
youre saying he never liked me

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well it prob means i wont have to talk to him anymore

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i think maybe charles doesnt like me again

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nice zombiekid
so yeh charles stopped talking

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i dunno im just talking a bunch of shit at home

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19:52 <Charles> would you like to be unbanned from #electronics?

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lockheed did the landing gear
that just seems like a bad decision
who decided the best thing they ever did was landing gear
its lame we dont have new ones or dont have production rockets or anything
yeh we have like 5 fail orbiters, oh, my bad, 3 fail orbiters

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he wasnt even a fetus
thats 15 years after the original SR71
like, i dont understand how that thing is newer and the edge of our tech capabilities
its because they had like 5 diff huge companies working on it
like, ok lets just invent a development model that any monkey will tell you is fail
lets make all these competitor motherfuckers build diff things
then make them all fit together
w t f
they should have just done a competition
and all the cool shit on the looser would have been integrated anyway
haha looselose

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you can make like 4 guitars for that
they just did it wrong
they should have had a competition
instead of giving every factory a piece to build
theres shit wrong with system sensors, they just call them anomolies and ignore it
either dunno what it is or just cant realistically fix something that small because of the complexity of the system as a whole

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i wanna machine a little I6
short stroke thing with little motorcycle pistons
and a DOHC head
but yeh i have a mill and want a lathe
so i think im supposed to make an engine for no reason
def seems to be the at home machinist thing to do

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im not putting an intercooler on my rex
or maybe superchargers
but yeh those engines were forced induction, intercoolers
thats the game yo, manufacturings ninjas
like, whatever you can make cool shit
can you make it for a competitive price tho
yeh but that prob was 8cyl and under 8L

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so youre still half the rail
i like that era of hondas
if i was gonna have a rebuilt engine put into a honda, id rather have one of those
i also have a crx i could have rebuilt
which is a 50mpg from the factory
dx^-: the late 70s civics are PIMP
i have to call some places
itll prob be like towards $2K
i doubt it
its cvcc magic
and 60hp/90lbsft
its prob been tweaked to max efficiency, heh
well fight about it then

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and with a 1K as the other feedback resistor, you get the +1 match
with the inverting and non inverting circuit
like 30K and 10K
33K and 11K
id use those, cheaper and more common parts even in 1%
we did this alot in my opamps course
more than we had any business doing it
i cant believe that fucker tried to fail me
i was so glad he wasnt at school when i visited
i got my degree i can talk all the shit i want at him now
not so much a noise issue
i its a response and distortion issue
and you have 15V rail
so you have massive headroom
0dBV is usually 1Vrms
thats alot
but yeh not obscene i guess
5 would be like around like 7.5V
for 1.414Vpk in

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also 2
or maybe i said that backwards
but thats what i changed about cowclops outputs
i matched the gain
he just used 10K for all feedbacks so one was running double the gain of the other
is the schematic posted?
sec ill look
6.8K is input bias current compensation
10K and 20K are feedback
10K||20K is prob close to 6.8K
or i did it wrong
it is two gain
thats prob the reason for 20.5K
as feedback resistors on non inverting gainclone circuits
because 21.5 is a standard value

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haha i mentioned moving out into a shop and my mom got pissed
heh, i pay $400 for a room in LA
thats like 1994 prices, eheheh
people rent out room for like $700 now im like w t f
my best friend got an apartment few months ago
same price, one bedroom
yes change the feedback resistors
remember non inverting is +1
prob the inverting
so its 2
and then the non inverting would be 10K and 20K im guessing

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last 2 times with lots of oil detergent, so its prob pretty clean
dont think so
so yeh, maybe buy some oil thickener junk
plan is just to drive it into the dirt anyway
i have to call places about getting a rebuilt engine installed
time and space and tools, yeh
i have a parking lot
i didnt even do the timing/oil pump bullshit because of all the drama, i wasnt sure if i could finish it in a night
if i had a garage it wouldnt be as much of an issue, be fun
i used to know a guy had a honda shop but he hated it and closed it
he like, its no fun doing shit you like when its hard work

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ive been putting oil detergent in
yeh maybe put some of the honey shit in
did you make that up
it thickens the oil?
i dont has a gage =(
honda thinks i just need a blinky light
cuz blinky light
i told you, shit is gonna die
something like that
still running, like 1500mi so far
changed the sensor
first thing
changed oil maybe 4 times

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shitty bearings?
hehe its just a semicircle of metal so you dont wear the block, heh
they work
but as far as bearing tech, its just a close tolerance bit of metal
heh, normally
forgot, theyre usually just called main bearings or crank bearings
they have some name, but i cant remember
yeh this one dont sound like it has no oil
just not enough
yeh no one likes those things
i always get the bosch ones
i dont know if anyone uses fram as oem equipment
castrol GTX high mileage, w00t

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no it is, 16v
SOHC, so still has rockers
heh, there aint shit there except the came, thhe rocker, and the valve/spring
rab: same setup on pinto engine
actually pinto is worse
somehow they can fall off on a pinto
honda = timing belt, interference engine
i got that changed tho
they put that shit around the engine mount
i was so angry at honda
i think on a manual transmission, i could *maybe* do an in car engine overhaul
but im pretty sure i cant drop out the crank on an automatic
and compression is fine
i had to turn the crank with the car off
could hear/feel compression when i was turning it
i know, but if that shit is fighting my that hard, its fine
i didnt say it was easy, heh
which ones?

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yeh works fine
well, aside from engine being worn out
prob a issue with the fuel pump relay
google says they are prone to bad solder joints and fail in super hot weather
my shit started like normal as soon as it cooled off, both days
started fine all day yesterday
yes 164K miles and bad oil
low or bad
it came out black
it drives ok
but you can feel its gonna crap out
i might sell it
yeh it doesnt consume oil really
theres a very slow drip from the drain plug
very very slow
rydawg thinks my main bearings are worn
thats why it cant keep oil pressure up even with new pump
its just bleeding out the bearings
i adjusted the head
most valves were within spec
hehe it still makes a noise but its slightly diff now
its got compression
its easy to do and the head was making mad noise
but yeh the rockers are prob worn where they pivot
this old honda
cam, rocker, spring

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prob be fine

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