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theyre horrible screens, theyre coarser than the brass ones usually
anyway ima crash out
yeh but you suck up big chunks of it
well yeh
k nite
i think i want a foam bed like dx

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they work awesome for weed, but only for a couple bowls
and i cant think of any other application ive seen fine steel mesh like that
usually coarses
this is like, ultrafine sheets
maybe but i think they usually do paper
im still guessing finer
like, its almost too fine for decent filters
because it would just clog too quick
like im sure its used for industry shit
but like ive never seen shit like that one a car or common machine
yeh sounds pretty good
i always have lots of extra screens around
vaporizers use them
the steel fine ones
haha faucet screens

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iunno cuz you want 100?
they wear out!
brass or steel
the standard ones are brass
the cokehead ones are steel
theyre finer
you have to replace them constantly for weed use
and if you try and burn the tar into ash to reuse they break quicker
i think its just normal steel wire
and its tradition to get them red hot to burn off anything might be on them
yeh i dont know why
you can get both in either size mesh
but at head shops, its always course brass screens
and fine steel screens
yeh that coarse
the steel ones are finer
yeh its not like those
some knew, trust
anyway, theyre powder screens
for baseheads

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i should go to festivals with mad papers
by the end of the day, everyone is fiending for papers
you could prob do it at some shows
anyway, i get smoking black papers
i dont really know what the diff is, tho
theres like 3 r 4 diff types of rice papers
yeh the black package is Deluxe or something
but if you look on the side it says its rice paper
red is rice too, im pretty sure
green is hemp, gold might be standard paper
most head shops should have them tho
theyre normal price too, like $2 maybe
mcmaster has those =)
also baggies in all sizes

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if you moisten the whole joint, itll dry kinda like a seamless tube
its just paper
you cant taste the rice papers
theyre usually very thin
i think zag is like .003 about
rice papers are .001
i use them to set my Z
also theyre long
i usually roll a j with about .25 to .5 extra on the ends
and then twist the ends
and pinch or cut the end off
so it kinda has a formed cigar tip
yeh thats why i just wont by zags unless theres no other option
dollar bill?
oh neat, i seen people do that
but yeh the longer ones are def easier to deal with
because you can make the as long as you want, and you have extra at the end to do you tip like however
of it you just wanna d full length and get blitzed
we usually do that at shows
well, did
that guy gone now =(

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like, gummed paper tape
yes, tho i dont know the brand
what size are you using?
i use smoking brand...
theyre like...
yeh dude go get some cigar length papers
i wont even fuck with zag anymore
get those
they come in a bunch of colors, but logo is pretty obvious
are they?
oh huh
neat they make those now too
but no
green are hemp
most of the other types are rice paper
naw, best
i wont use anything else except the clear cellulose paper
like, it sticks to itself
not just wheres its gummed

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so timecop
do you listen to anything besides happy hardcore and rush?
because that actually explains alot
that would be a set timecop
yeh really
thats like the soundtrack of his life
like, i dont understand what you cant understand about the joys of droning, distortion, driven bass
wtf is thump thump thump thump
thats not bass
yeh i guess so timecop
do you even watch tv?
just get the roll

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timecop you listen to fast marching band beats
wanna know why?
because the drug addicts who produce happy hardcore cant manage anything more complicated
look i have a monosynth and i can hit these two keys over and over and over again
that goes away
my friend had two vials dropped on him
on two diff occassion
he was tripping for a long, long time
apperently he saw trails for years
lsd isnt bullshit
thats likely what the trails are

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blackmoon: its just sample clip =(
timecop you listen to happy hardcore
you have zero music credibility
except with stu
because he was a happy hardcore dj
timecop you share this opinion with etarded college girls of the early millenium
its just fast house
house is disco
youre fav music is basically underproduced repetitive disco
or something
my music isnt fail
timecop again you have zero credibility
you listen to happy hardcore
i mean fuck
real hardcore is somewhat respectable
but happy hardcore is like, animu bullshit
panties in vendng machines, blurred out pubic hair, animu bullshit, happy hardcore
welcome to your reality
haha @ mainlined 100cc of fail

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thats a clip
that bass is the shit
'primary goal has not been achieved'
'what.. is... the... primary... goal...'
'to win the game.'
[thrashy distort bass]
i cant believe youtube doesnt have it

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no we have a reason
they are muslim radical extremist terrorizers
blackmoon: perspective
i wonder if he learned that from me?
i wish i knew the name of the dnb track with the wargame samples

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anyway wake moon up
it just sounds like something he would know
shit id be surprised if he was sleeping
its only 12:45 here
anyway ima go crash out
have to start this whole sleeping like a real person schedule at some point

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oh no your way is prob right
ok so anyway, 350ps is 1/105 of 27MHz
so thats under 1%
i could be totally wrong, ive never done this before
but yeh you basically want a ratio of jitter time vs cycle time
and i think you can convert that pretty easy into ppm
makes more sense now?
because the times are absolute
but ppwm is relative to the value its attached to
timecop: hahah ya rly

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likely picoseconds
i guess if a 1MHz xtal is within 1ppm
it would be 1us max jitter
yes fool
pico, nano, micro
well if you didnt use your fucking cap chart like a lame maybe you would know this
yeh sounds like it
Ghz would be a nanosecond
so about one third of that
take the cycle time for your xtal
yeh figure out what that is in seconds
and divide that by 350ps
prob like 400ns
er, 40ns i guess
yeh i did it backwards

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nights and weekends
you have a board?
cuz i need money
timecop: going to eat and watch cspans and cry about the world
well, email anything you want me to work on
thats cool i wanna work on amp module this week
try and get that board out with first paycheck
like, im contracted so theyre not witholding taxes
so like im supposed to like, just save money, and pay my taxes
this sounds like fail waiting to happen

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tum tum tum

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so daytona brakes have a bug
thats why it pulls hard right once they start fading
but it didnt start till lap 18
and i was 4 laps down on a 24 lap race
hehe, 9th place of 12, two DNF
fucking amazing race
monaco #1.
(bday gp, yayay)

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but im like, i cant stay forever
pizza mofo
free pizza
get the student deal
anyway gotta go
`nico: haha, ty

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the 160VA will be a better value, youd prob just save $10
split tooling and shipping if you use the module thing
i added the series feedback cap locations
3x 1210
they dont care unless you want it cutout
ive done it
the optotriac boards were panelized
and moons programmers
all the internet girls i know are far
then you go hang out with them
and they are like STAY FOREVER

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oh cute
euro plate on this img
haha no
why is your roomate reading the scroll
roommate: GO AWAY
`nico: i would just get a karmann ghia
aaaaw jeah\
you can put a porsche f6 engine in it
itll handle like total shit and you will prob die
but im sure it will be fun anyway
`nico: heh k dont get a karmann ghia
thats thats cool, overkill by 40VA
they were 30W, no?
def AB
they have alot more in the product family
parts express doesnt have them all =(
160VA 18+18V =)
its usually scaled based on VA, more power is cheaper
well, cheaper per VA

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i think im going to sell my failhonda
before the engine totally craps out
and save up for a bit and prob get a 240sx
i kinda want a 280z or a 914
but it would be irresponsible, both those cars would need tons of money dumped into them
rly want a 914
but you either pay $4K+ for a kinda nice one, $8K+ for a restored one
or $3k for an average one, and like $10K making it useful
=( =( =(
240z/280z kinda same deal
whats that
i just want something for like 6mo or a year
then im try and get a scion tc or g1 xB
hmm neat

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qualifying in 30min
race in an hour
shelby daytona @ monaco
chances of me and the vette drivers finishing 24 laps = 0%
next week im in a 914 again, yay
rfactor, historx historic GT mod
hehehe, cool
a bunch of #cars people and some non-efnet guys doing a sunday league
kinda, we were working out bugs
prob gonna make our own classes next season
theyre not very well matched, heh
well, old cars
so you kinda have to a little bit at least to go fast!
jussie <3s drifting
she has a trumph TR6, heh
we all make fun of her!

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i dont have those characters, sir
`nico: hi
timecop: you still have chinascope?
ill have monies in a week or two
hehe, i start cerwin-vega job 10a tuesday
signed tax stuff and contract last week, suck is feel like im disintegrating
and full time
$18/hr wooo
ha, sexy
do you have those fucked up expensive ribbon probes?
check ebay for china gear
thats why you should buy cheaper than china, from timecop

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blackmoon: iunno, but colors is heat treating
it might be a diff alloy

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but getting heat treated plates and like stamping those out doesnt sound very expensive
use a smaller hole
yeh thats kinda just how sheet usually is
unless its thick the sheet screw will just like move the metal out of the way
thats pretty thick metal
and fine pitch machine screws
those coarse ones arent that coarse
and theyre weak as fuck
yeh thats pretty thick, shrug
pc screws
will strip their heads before they can strip the threaded holes half the time
the fine pitch ones are
the coarse screws are just cheap
those are heat treated

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but doesnt seem useful to drill way smaller than the screws threads minor diameter
i think its usually heat treated or cast/forged
who is sux2bufux?
oh, yeh thats prob just mild steel and paint usually
maybe heat treated plates
i doubt they heat treat it after, just for panels

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but wire wheels are awesome for alot of shit
theyre usually self tapping
id try to match the inner shaft, tad smaller maybe
yeh, def not
but theyll prob open up a smaller hole fine

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burrs in sheet?
i just use knives or files to deburr usually
yeh sheet is a bitch
really coarse sandpaper works for machined parts
maybe work for sheet if its tiny burrs
thats neat
deburring on a lathe can be fun
wrap sandpaper around part
lean back

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some people are just more adapted to water
like i known how to swim since about as long as i could walk
i dont really like swimming but water dont scare me, i dont think id ever drown
i used to play in riptides at zuma =\
like kinda let them carry me, swim to the bottom, push off to the top
then someone told me that was dangerous and shit, heh

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it prob really doesnt happen much

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haha @ breathing hole pillow
thatd be awesome for when you get too drunk
yes too often
thats where i safely blackout
i spend like an hour wanting to die
trying to puke
yeh, with water
shower blasting
but yeh
then i wake up
like hours later, ok
theres always this period where i dunno what happened
but i assume i just spent it moaining and wanting to die

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dx^: status of foam matress

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hmm, id compare the thd curve to the gainclone chips
output is a back pin
all the power pins on the front row
Vin- and Out being on seperate rows is kinda a bitch
only 8R capable
unless its like $3 doesnt look that amazing
$3 in 25 qty

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then measure mount hole distance, do some maths, drill blocks, be amazed when they perfectly line up

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290 looks like the more pimp one, actually
lists a bunch of industry spec and a mil spec
you need caliper micrometers
measure distance from chip back to opposite chip back

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thread sealers are 5xx series
294 looks like better shit
temp probably
Penetrates threads by capillary action. Secures set screws and other assemblies after settings are completed. Seals welds and porous metal parts.
290 meets more specs
both are rohs, 294 says its good on oily parts
prob pretty similar, id buy cheapest

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prob extra non conductive
check manufacturer site, good shit to know
that is annoying
Medium - high strength threadlocker for pre-assembled parts.
290 ^
Medium - high strength, high temperature, wicking grade threadlocker for pre-assembled parts.
294 ^
270 not in threadlocker list...

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sounds like a plan yo
im hungry
so its a pretty short bus ride to work
5min of bike to orange line, de soto bus down to vega building
maybe 30-40min depending on wait
so im prob gonna sell this honda
save some paychecks
then either get something totally iressponsible
like a 280z or 914
or more responsible, like a 240sx
914 is by far the sexiest and most irresponsible
i wonder if those numbers relate to holding power or what
they have descriptions?
and i seen green in tons of small electronics

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make sure to take washers into account when you select screwlength if you use them
the red shit worked well
it was tight but you would still get the parts undone
the chip is like 1/8" thick maybe
the non insulated bit thinning, but more than 1/16" im pretty sure

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yeh i would just buy 3/8" or slightly larger for your clamp offset from the surface
and sink them into the threaded blocks
throw some thread locker on them if youre worried
arent you clamping the chips?
oh neat
then yeh just drill and tape and make sure screws are just long enough so they dont interfere with the mount screws
if you drill for tight fit and tape cleanly, yes definitely
*tap cleanly
with some thread locker, no doubts
tho screw head/lock washer/disc washer prob enough

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for thru holes or nuts?
oh you said outer diameter
id get the biggest one if it fits the application
use flat head screws and countersink them?
how are you gonna bolt the chips in
yeh but how will you tighten them
the board is in the way, no?
how close to the chip edge of the blocks are the mount holes?
the inside edge

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#8 nut with matching thread pitch
pretty sure #8 comes in more than one tpi

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#0 = .060

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#4 is like 1/8" basically
i thought they were .118
#5 is .125

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wtf how small do you need

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