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kevtris: no
rev a and rev b were fine
then rev c had a cut trace from an edge route
i saw pics its wtf shit
theyre on rev g and rev h
and theres still rework has to be done
like, they got work done by these people before and it was ok
but i guess the specific people who did their other shit arent there anymore, just failpeople
tech guy says normal concept to mass production ready units is usually 6-9 months
i guess they been working on this for 4 years now
tech guy only been there like a year

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when im less tired ill give all the fail details
but like we basically had to build a watchdog circuit on one board
two 0603 on top of a sot23-5 on top of a soic8 on the board
all wired to each other, with leads going out to a qfp pin and a test point
all three of us, me, the tech i work under, and the french coder kid...
were all looking at schemas and gerbers and the boards like WTF
and then when we reworked one
we realized that board worked because the canadian guy had cut the signal trace to the watchdog enable
but didn document it
didnt document any of the revision changes
they are very, very dissapointed
but they were kinda in too deep when they realized how fail the guys boards were
some errors its like, wow you didnt run a drc before getting this rev fab
like, traces cut in half by edge routes
w t f

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dx^: epic

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oh, i didnt mention...
job is way fun!
i did some crazy 0603/qfp rework today
they got stereo microscope thing for me to use

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stanton contracted their controller deck/mixer pcb to some canadians fools
theyre in final preproduction
thos failboards are so fail
the tech i work under was just telling me some of the issues
jezus muther fuck

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