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okay ima go sleep nite

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yeh hes awesome
all the fucking time, he doesnt stop
im surprised neo-cons havent had him killed
i think they killed tony snow
just knew too much
i didnt like him anyway

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obama can never be that
hes like this
ive seen this, heheheheh
its good
haha yeh
25 fictional cans of aunt saras moosechunk stew

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unless some wacked out form of life created dna
no wait
yeh that justifies creationism but doesnt disprove evolution
on bush lettng libby off
olberman should be president

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i dunno if he gets super pissed in this
but sometimes he just goes off for 5 minutes
i think when its his last commentary in the countdown, is when he signs off with 'good luck'
you watching this shit?
olberman is good
hes like this all the time

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what kind of fucks challenge 1984
like, as a joke?
i linked to that already
talking points memo #1
hes pretty cool
olberman gets pissed too
that chick that fills in for him sometimes is pretty hawt
she got her own show

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but you can see it in his face
es frustrated, and maybe ashamed, and since palin, embarassed
like fine it aint knew or shit you can write in the paper
but that mufucker is just reading lines now and doing what the brains tell him will get him in office
if he was fureal, hed be running with liberman
i think i read those
if you read them now you would be laughing

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somewhere in that theres a joke about mccain and flashbacks
look i dont think mccain was a fucked up person
i know he was a slimy politician
but that does make him exceptional in the senate
hes a spoiled navy brat so what
theres more oil in the adjacent land
and they arent drilling it
they have drilling rights to tons of the american coast
they dont drill
dude mccain used to be ok
he did good shit, he did bad shit, he had slime friends, he got shit done, he ruined some people
this campaign and everyone around him twisted him
he wasnt party line on some issues

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with a northern accen and a midwest mentality
he cant
its over
he wants to
you can see it
hes embarassed
hes trying to be down
but sometimes hes standing next to her while shes making a speech
fucker has this face like OH FUCK WTF IS SHE GONNA SAY OH NOOOOOOOOO
im not sure what time you mean but probabl
shes not insane
shes a normal person who doesnt know shit about anything
the writer called it
shes in over her head
im not even sure shes a malicious person
shes just dumb, and dangerous running anything except a tundra wasteland
shell bomb someone

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so writer chick is like:
McCain can.t repudiate his choice for running mate. He not only risks the wrath of the GOP.s unforgiving base, but he invites others to second-guess his executive decision-making ability. Barack Obama faces the same problem with Biden.
tho i guess obviously this girl is all about voting vagina
how do you think she came governor?
you didnt know about that?
people dont even know
he said that and i was confused
but not unimpressed
cuz thats not politician shit right there
everything ive seen on vids and read about him pretty much states he just cool with people
yeh that line from her was awesome
honestly the writer sounds pretty sane
cuz really, females who were into her gotta be huting the most now
or they themselves are maybe just to dim to understand how fucking retarded they sound
if you listen to the interview with a simulated 10sec attention span, its just streams of repub party line

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check this chick out
shes kinda wtf about palin, shes a repub journalist or who knows whatever
If Palin were a man, we.d all be guffawing, just as we do every time Joe Biden tickles the back of his throat with his toes. But because she.s a woman . and the first ever on a Republican presidential ticket . we are reluctant to say what is painfully true.
right because the only things hes said wrong so far is... (sec)
"Let's get that straight. She's a truly close personal friend; she is qualified to be President of the United States of America. She's easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America and,'' Biden said, then pausing, as if choosing his words carefully here: "Quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me.
right so, um, he said what basically everyone in the media had been saying
and he qualified it with a might
like omg, fucker was thinking to hard and being honest about reality instead of being a ultraoncifident polician bighead that most normal people hate

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alaska is 680K people
okay the san fernando valley, right
the 8x12mi city where i live
i think like 3M people or something
we dont even have a fucking mayor because were really not that fucking big
this bitch is the gov of like a large shopping mall on a busy day and were really supposed to take this bitch serious
i wish i was hardcore republican so i could be more enraged and spread the word of palin hate to my peers
mccain said maverick tonight
and brought her up
but not by name
what a pussy
tekrad: okay so i gotta know what you think about this bitch'
are you pissed off or what

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palins paegent days
i dont really like fucking the stupid ones dx

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macegr: neat
this is like forest gump gets a sex change and goes to washington

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are you watching?
shes saying good guys bad guys
she breakin it down

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or her heavy fail has overshadowed this in my mind
cbs is squeezing them out in parts
yeh i think theres like 3 parts of day 2
she thinks we launch our spy planes from alaska or something

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its her preffered method of study
someone in the campaign said it to some media boffin
youre watching the cbs vids?
watch out, thats some strong shit yo
make yo wanna fuck up your head on walls and furniture and shit
do you know which is todays?
sara speaks out is 10:26, i think thats yesterdays?
hmm maybe not
this seems like new fail

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his wife died hes extra pissed
couric has this 'wtf are you talking about' look on her face most of her interview, heh
the whole fucking time
shes just going thru the flash cards
all the ones labeled ECONOMY

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i hope you make me look stupid
fuck i pray for it
but im really kinda not so enthusiastic
ha im still regged republican so i could vote for obama or ron paul in the primaries
i wonder if that makes it more likely my vote is counted
fuckin add
note the timestamp on the pic i posted

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if you had a less than horrifying answer you prob would have said it by now
and thats maybe the whole point
yeh she fucked up remembering her flash cards
i cant believe they let the flash card thing get public
theres basically two things in play
and the republicans willingness to cheat
our chances are minimal
ron paul can win

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somehow i dont think so
i have no idea how
theres no logical reason why not
but i bet somehow it just doesnjt go down like that
theyll prob fly planes into biden
and the demolition his ass with c4 and thermite
ive seen every interview shes done
ive read prob 3 dozen articles on her
the bitch is dim
but dx, so are most of the party line republicans
and they got elected
theyre legislating, voting
mccain wil win
and then hell die
bet you $20
most of us in here could prob be president
we couldnt become president
but we could prob be president, and do as well as most of them
dx^: do you agree palin can be controlled?

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i want obama to win, i genuinely like him
or what he says, at least
is a longshot at best
they own the machines, theyre more willing to cheat
is this new or is this him being scared shitless of palin?
cuz thats like a month old
two weeks is the new month
you dont read any of the memos
and im as scared as him
ive kinda always liked him
i wanna see her asked about book banning in an interview or at the debate
i want creationism at the debate
if they dont come up, the whole shit is rigged dx

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that was as a pretty good movie
i wish i remembered more of it
i just compared something to the thing that it came from
i dont know if thats fail or awesome or what
fine gibson into fallout
dx^: this is a 40 year plan
at least
they wont let go now
neo-cons will sooner use aerospace black projects to fake an alien invasion than give up their chance
this assumes that obama isnt just the next step in the plan
if theyre driving the world, then it doesnt matter who wins
just because youre paranoid, dont mean theyre not after you
that was by far the wisest thing that junkie ever spoke

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we will go to war
and we will lose
and we will tac nuke
and eventually an american city will be nuked inr etaliation
and they will say its terrorism
but really, thats just war
war is a bitch
palin will likely breakdown before the election
shes worse every appearance
it wont matter
we will lose
also obama is like CFR
hes possibly a step towards globalization
id take that over limited nuclear war, tho
id rather have gibson amd orwell instead of fahrenheit 451
hehe, AMD, Double Plus Good Processing For All Your Party Needs
skynet is gibson
well, no
i guess skynet is gibson into second terminator trilogy

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02:44 <@renesis> and i watched the sec of state forum
02:44 <@renesis> they all agreed with obamas talking vs isolating position
02:45 <@renesis> it sucks but obama is a bit too intellectual
02:46 <@renesis> like some of the give and take in his debating style prob be lost on alot of people
02:46 <@renesis> like, obama would be like, okay your right, and agree with mccain
02:47 <@renesis> mccain would be like, no your wrong, but then basically agree with obama aside from one detail
02:47 <@renesis> george stephenopolous got old
03:01 <@Turdis> pretty much, yeah
03:11 <@renesis> mccain has that fuck im angry smile alot
03:13 <@Turdis> yeah
and thats about all i gotta say about that
03:13 <@Turdis> yeah
03:13 <@Turdis> angry chuckle too
03:13 <@renesis> he only blew up once
03:13 <@renesis> yeh
my bad that too
who voted?
no one wins til november
for sure
but thats been the case the whole time
he will win, dx
i dont think so
oh i saw that yesterday\
mccains biggest fuckup this debate was trying not to show up
it would be nice
i didnt like kerry
i like obama
he wont win
repubs own the voting machines
repubs dont care about rules
media wont pickup election corruption stories

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what pkg?
motorola sells their shit thru freescale?
wacked out on psych meds pissed off at the world and ignoring all my friends
oh is that where they came from?
i helped a non techy program his freescale based dsp mixer yesterday
i got paid to take that shit apart
this is like some godsent job
02:38 <@Turdis> overall mccain did pretty well though
02:38 <@Turdis> the only thing he really got nailed at was foreign diplomacy issues
02:39 <@renesis> yeh
02:40 <@renesis> no surprises
02:40 <@Turdis> yeah, no major gaffes on either side

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heh cool

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yeh all the 5mm LEDs suck for output

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i think cheapest leds at digikey are 3mm green tint clear lens green leds
i wouldnt be surprised if it was just glued onto the panel
only 35 degrees
10mA test current
the 2mA test ones are usually pretty cool
unacceptable as an indicator

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i def gotta post before/after pics of the boards
sorry i found that i fucking adore linkwitz riley xover bodes
T-1 im pretty sure
they do
t1 led discrete
it might be t 1 3/4
t-1 might be 3mm
you prob want 5mm

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okay so buy some water clear T1 leds
and swap into your advent
mrtube: you kind if i post your amp pics on my notblog?
i prob blow the dust off stupid wordpress tonight or tomorrow
smt leds are ridiculous bright
k hopefully its working fine in 20 years

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dude i think they had glass leds back then
for the clear lens shit
yes theyre usually called water clear
you can still buy diffused
i dont know if its actually glass
its seems like it would be a bitch to manufacture
but on alot of old amps and bullshit ive taken apart, the leds arent typical looking clear plastic shit
and it just feels ultra hard
blackmoon: maybe
i feels slick like glass, very high clarity, and very hard
i think they might be tiny glass lenses with the led potted in from behind
or its just some awesome plastic

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they dont has it there
they sent back a picture of something with a fake engrish label
piezos onto boards
it was clear glue
the shit the china factory found, the real shit is black
they make shit to undo it
its prob just as expensive
mrtube: humming?
i think youre putting the tweeter current thru your rcas
is there any other ground paths?
the big amp is bridged
so its just going thru the rails
oh ok
and the RCA are isolated?
yeh there some current spinning
you would just cut the grounds on the cables
heheh, h4x
i cant think of a pretty way to do that
its okay how you have it now tho?
diffused lens?

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like they couldnt figure out why one of the watchdog circuits was testing ok
even tho the circuit was all fucked, a tristate had reversed polarity
and was being driven by a force program line
so when you tried to program it with the watchdg circuit in, itd just reset the fuck outta the thing
or when you try to blip the watchdog, itd put the controller into program mode
so like, were correcting the circuit and wondering why nothing changed
turns out the guy cut the enable trace to his circuit
thats why it was working, but the watchdog circuit wasnt
also instead of dual pole switch velocity sensing
they use a piezo sensor based design
thats totally fail the way he implimented it
and only kinda okay the way weve reworked it
oh, yeah well we wasted a bunch more time today testing diff shit on that circuit today
crazy glue dont work for shit
china bitching about the loctite glue that works well

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macegr: me and the other tech and the coder guy are calling the subcontractors idiots constantly
mrtube: they are very, very dissapointed =(
er macegr
even the head engineer doesnt like the subcontractor
they have a small stack of documented moments of fail
one of the best is like, theyre trying to get this shit ready for mass production
everyone is working around the clock, the subcontractor hasnt done any of the verification tasks theyve asked of them
and like, head engineer calls him up, asking a bunch of specific questions
this is now apperently a running office joke
the guy doesnt document any of the revision changes

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okay so some subcontractor design fail on my project...
they put a bugger amp on a motorize pot to an avr adc
right but theyre idiots so they didnt use rrio amp
so the local tech suggested putting resistors on the rails so its work
they put the resistors in between the rails and the opamp
instead of the rails and the pot
making the problem even worse
so they had to reorder rrio amps
and put 0R resistors on the opamp rails
macegr: the tech i work under already knows
macegr: heh

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mrtube: one of them will only go to next command if the previous didnt exit with an error code
last time i went to ratshit i got gel flux, kynar wire
me i guess
i has junk
mrtube: may in chico
mrtube: i can put all of dx's digikey shit in it
its maybe shit coming in on mains, going thru the transformers, and looping thru the caps into your ground
no idea
theres too many m people in the chan

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melt it and try again
heheh @ permanent power save mode
getting an group loop thru the caps probably
depends what you mean
screen or &
or &&
one will bg the command in a terminal, i think one will only go to next command in an entered line if the previous command didnt fail out
like make mrproper && make && make modules
or whatever that drama was
it changed for 2.6

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i like my dragon
im lame i dont use it enough lately

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okay when it says hours
i should subtract an hour for lunch?
i think probably
i usually sit in the little office for our project and watch a movie
on my eee
dont count as paid or dont count as unpaid or what
so take 30min off
like today i ate my sandwich, watched movie, and dissassembled the mixer panel

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i wanted to writeup my headphone amps this weekend
i took one to work, other tech and couple engineer guys who saw it thought it was neat

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might work
im thinking it depends how far you are from the ground with the sensor
and what the ground surface is light
im guessing itll either work or go insane, heh
yeh iunno, seems like a perfect surface for a mouse
the only thing id worry about it is being able to track the surface
wow neat

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that shit is old
macegr: yes
yeh i think so
and i dont have monday yet
maybe monday
my hosting is pissing me off because the server is all paranoia and no resources configged
i havent posted since like may or some shit
cuz its a secret, shhhh
google knows, tho
but yeh i found out the shit i installed dont always completely work because they have php safe_mode enabled
also large images dont process because they only allow 16mb of script mem
also i think they got more popular cuz site is slower in general

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timecop: hmm weird at desktop eee
kinda ugly + door
doors = fail
gotta go to bed
er work
man see you got me all confused

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