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it snaps to what it wants
it makes me wanna stab it

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yay i finished the race!
man im bad normally but im like trainwreck with only one day of practice =\
shelby daytona this week
maybe at le mans, not sure
heheh im in the fastest car, so ill qualify mid pack
but then ill eat it puttin on too much power in a turn

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haha @ detcord
moons next project: shaped charges for panel holes
okay guys
time to race

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why cant you just buy utility boxes like everyone else

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itll gonna blow up
they do
it took me days
its prob not in your working directory
blackmoon: see why having a CNC is neat?
then you have to change another attribute i think
like i said theres 5 ways to do it
read on the yahoo group
i half remember, id just confuse you more probably

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put LF411 as the part value
theres like 5 ways to do it tho
murata for caps and rohm for resistors
i think were the cheapest
i smoke too much
i need weed

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add that text line to the spice file
then put LF411 as the part value
and it should work
theres 5 ways to do it
theres a yahoo group that has good info
in ltspice
hit the text button
and do .include LF411.MOD
make sure its in your work directory
look inside its prob the same thing
or its for another sim app
i didnt even know they had sim files for LM3886
thats kinda neat
i gotta go qualifying in an hour and im still ridiculous slow and unstable over the hillturns
stupid mosport hillturns
anyway if you cant get it working, look on the yahoo group
if i try and explain all the issues i had doing it, ill prob just confuse you
and the only reason i had issues was because of a custom symbol i was using
because i cant stand Vin- on the top and Vin+ on the bottom

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rab: sounds sane, i think you should just got for that
tho yeh if you think you can drill it out at about its minor diameter, and theres enough material past it to catch the screw threads
hell id be impressed
no reason you couldnt do it tho
rab: how deep did you get it?
why the fuck are you using tants instead of stacked ceramic
you bitch i thought you loved me
can you grab the tap?
or did it break to far down?
i bet if you drill it in the center
itll just shatter around the drill
kk gl
.include LF411.MOD

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i hate it when that happens
is it carbide?
those are a bitch to extract =(
theyll just break more if you try and get them with pliers
broke tap is prob one of the few situations where id be into HSS
i hate mine
drill the center @ minor diameter
i wouldnt try without a CNC
use a G82 peck youll be fine =)
carbide vs carbide, feer
aluminum was fun
youre supposed to do that anyways =)
rab: overdrill, press in a copper cylinder, redrill, tap

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so is silicon rubber
eveb if you dont have it installed in your body

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i dont, they oxidize
after assembly i would guess
the msds on that shit is scary
its like ph=nothing

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yeh, thatll be a prob if you try and do wider boards
that looks really good tho
CNC, yayay
okay i gotta go
gonna try get pics together for a not blog post
and then i gotta practice and race
914 @ mosport
canada = dangerous

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thats pretty good
the errors look backlash related
sometimes too left, sometimes too right
but yeh thats really good for a first cut
did a good job on your machine

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the one right on the input
it prob wont change much of anything
whats that ttmustang?

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thats a fuckup it should be 10K but it doesnt matter so much
no thats me copying a resistor but not changing the value
but its not a super huge issue
its the feedback caps in parallel
so 20K and 20K, it should be 10K
R45 should be 10K
thats clops decision
its an input bias current compensation resistor
it almost does nothing
then yeh i boosted it
my bad
anyway, its 20K||20K, its 10K for bias current comp

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which notes?
im cool
everything acting pretty much as expected =)
how come we dont have a weather bot
eggsalad: .wz 91335
because he had gain on it

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mrtube: working ok?
it did you just dont have the capability to hear it =)
thats with the series cap?

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a merc isnt a troop

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i believe is the official wording for tac nuking

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polls dont matter for shit
gore isnt disputed as winning the popular vote in 2000
clinton lost the popular vote one of the years he got in
the electrions is like dead locked in terms of electoral points
wed be pwnt
and then well tac nuke
'immediate end to a conflict on americas terms'

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and you really wonder why we will lose this dx?

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blackmoon: im still reading the lincoln sucks article =\

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It was revealed that an astonishing 99% of the brittle weld failures
occurred with the Lincoln "self-shielded flux-core" weld metal.
thats alot of percent

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Five million of those dollars will be used to demonstrate the financial and technical feasibility of retrofitting a pre-Northridge- designed steel-frame building, chock full o' E70T- 4, on the Cal State campus.
my best friend goes there =(

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everyone though just the facade wall on the side fell
but if you look, the whole second story is collapsed
it was resting on desks and filing cabinets
thats a medical building
kaiser permanente, if it had been during the day, there prob would have been like 100 people on the floor
ill have to read that
god light
makes sense

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yeh that looks horrible
damn these articles are long
that was across the street from my apartment
we could hear it crumbling

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dammit moon im reading the LA building weld one, wait
you cant fit the has cans onto 3M masks under a helmet
just the flexible dust ones
real world engineering, w00t

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yeh, reading
thats home
if northridge quake hadnt happened at like 4am, there would have been hundreds or thousands of deaths instead of a couple dozen
k have fun

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not welded yet
jezus fuck they should just make a new one
that shit is so broken
old engine lathes are neat

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i think theyre usually switched
so you can orient the weld before hitting it with current
mm tig

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like they would have to be trying to fuck you if parts are spaced close enough to gap short at 120vac
fat caps and switches and some $50 diode
that shit is never that complicated
yeh i dunno all those big machines always have huge lug diodes
i wonder what voltage they use
i dont think its incredibly high
oh you can prob totally do that with normal caps easy
shit ive accidentally welded tools to caps not even 10mF

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damp heat steady state
general guidelines only
wtf is 20A NO?
no i know
so like the NO circuit is 20A and the NC is 10A?
yeh rly
oh on the coupling caps?
drop them, if it works, youre fine
if you dont like the offset into the amp, put it back
thats just the plastic they are using
with no heat
the other numbers is like, yeh this is when i melt
how much do you need for that?
no cmon its not nocurrent
okay then itll prob be fine
like, worst case, theres something inside really, really, really close
and itll short with mains voltage
but like, itd have to be reeeeeally close

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no one likes tantalums for anything anymore
wtf does he use?
1% polypropylene for everything?
those things are huge
i told you
table page two, resistance row, jumper type column
max 50mOhm
5% = 0.0, 0.05 would be ok
because they just give the % for the family
no im saying why they would call them that at digikey

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man theres 0R and OMIT value parts all ovee the system im doing at work
like almost every subsystem is capable of being completely isolated
its 0
okay you know what it is
youre thinking to mathy
5% is two significant digits right
so 0.0
so 0.01 would be ok
blackmoon: yeh but on a resistor
5% is basically 2 digits, 2% and 1% are three
thats the only sane thing i can think of
ceramics are just good caps

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its paranoia coupling, its a bipolar system
so it has coupling on the inputs of the crossover and amps, because theyre made to be independent
theres also output coupling available on the crossover
so you can use that with another amp
less parts, less lowend roloff
minimalist would say less chance for noise injection
its subsonic
thats a tweeter driver tho
im prob gonna try the bridge amp direct coupled
no servers
just to see how bad it is
isnt it
i wanna know!
i need a temp probe first, heh

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but yeh if they can get them super reliable, thats prob how itll be done in the future
because everyone fucking hates coils
cuz most systems...
coil to down convert the voltage
convert to DC, and then because the DC you need the inductors and switch to make AC again
then filter back to DC
where as this is like, rectify mains to positive AC, turn to DC with a switch and a cap
yeh thats it
ttmustang: k gl
that cap is mostly there to deal with direct input without the crossovers
well, within a couple mV i think
itll make the input roloff less sharp
on the low end
yeh thats pretty sane

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like jezus fuck thats gotta be an exciting mode of failure
you know honestly...
thats prob how theyll all be in 10 years
like the only loss is really switch time
yes months ago
back when ttmustang started on this
switch mains to fill a cap
and just turn off the switch when the voltage goes over a certain level
its like, logical but scary
so yeh, thats your idea, in a chip, ready to burn down buildings
ya rly!
that makes an SMPS look totally safe
smps is like, edge of destruction, every cycle
but youre not feeding them rectified mains usually

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some ghetto reg to drop like 300V to power the smps chip
well yeh im pretty sure thats whats gonna happen if i find some app specific
like, WOW
depends on what tool
but generally like .007 or .008
good luck with first board
also, i do like half width overlap
takes longer, but you get less weirdness from copper being pushed instead of cut
also the more isolation, the easier it will be to assemble
i usually do like .020 or so
heh @ inductorless
theyre just chopping mains?
twingy had that idea and i called him nuts
i still feel that way, heh

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i want a buck supply with low voltage reference
for current mode
that you can feed like 300VDC
do like 100mA out
for like <$3
k, someone slap me
yeh heheh
but yeh they make pwm controllers you can set the reference
oh i want it to be minimal parts count to
i bet the only yurnkey solution is a low availability maxim part
i wish i kept those propaganda pamphlets they keep sending me
i think they had mains powered current drivers
yeh not sure might have just been 40VDC rails
i guess i could just do it with a pwm controller and creativity

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if it didnt have strands i just be sticking it on
and i was doing the first couple with kynar scraps, was easier
anyway, i gotta like, do stuff

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kynar doesnt get there until monday
well it sucks cuz you think you did good
then you rotate the board a bit
and theres like a single wire all sticking out
.001" from shorting on something else
stereoscope is awesome
hello, did that
cmon i know how to tin wires
a strands always wants to kreep away tho
i hate it
i do, its like the very tip
where it gets smooshed by the snip
yeh until you hit it with the iron
vias are easy
shit i could do that all day
stranded onto a qfp pin
the via shit is like cake, half second stuff
so its literally like a tiny tiny little wire sticks out
but its almost on the next pin
why not

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11-35ns propogation, 16-35ns transistion
low number is 25C typical, high is 85C max
i think thats close to VHC, i wouldnt trust me tho i havent looked at logic datasheets in forever
should be fine
i was soldering a tristate like that ontop of a 8soic watchdog chip
then two 0603 on top of that
had to wire that shit into a qfp with stranded core 28awg
stranded core is not to rework with =(

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like 2x, same @ 100
well if you need the space, its there
dunno how fast it is
what voltage?

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im prob gonna spend alot of next week going over that shit with him
the hardware is pretty simple
yeh i figured, the passives look huge and i know you dont even like using 0603
ha youre doing them yourself?
you have any boards and cheap chips you can practice on?
yeh but @ $45 i wouldnt even wanna fuckup one
TTL logic is 70s shit
tiny logic and gate is prob like 2x or 3x that?

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timecop: i had to rework some boards with 0805 onto 0603 pads
caps all on their side, heh
oh haha
we have a freescale chip on one of the dsp mixers
like *all* its dc caps are on the backside
their assemblers hate BGA/MLF i guess
other tech is at work right now prob dealing with firmware/driver/software conflicts
trying to write system and board level test procedures
poor guy

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theyre sexy, tho
im pretty sure the $6 ones are isolated
im not positive tho and they dont say
its 60hz or 120hz buzz?
or just random noise
id guess its the digital shit in the ipod
so you dont need help with it or what?
oh thats not much
you can figure that out

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thats pretty neat
like all that machine work
and its just mounted to an unfinished plank
they have them at partsexpress
then i gotta take shower and get some shit done
$6, $30, $50

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theres a little town in a redwood forest above chico like that
i think its like 400 people or something
just labor or what?
or everything
oh thats neat
yeh thats easily like two full days work
haha fail

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thats just how some people are
if you seen enough sane shit fail over minor details, it makes sense
always assume failure until its working in front of you and testing within spec
youll be a much happier person =)
some pet owners might
that makes sense to me
like the mechanics i took my shit to
tried to tell me $250 for what i wanted done
im like, nowai
i knew he was gonna call back and ask for more
'i know, thats why i gave it to you guys'
'i know'
haha wtf 300

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so like the manufacturer, the subcontractor, and us can be on the same page
haha awesome
russian engineers are usually pretty funny
thats fuckin awesome

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i kinda get the feeling they wanna bring more design in house
yeh shit like that is important
design them into the next thing, shrug
we dont really have any kind of standard inventory to design from at work
head engineer mentioned working on that when he gave me the tour
so theres not so much ordering
they can just walk to a set of bins and try shit
dont think so
amazon prob bought 10K of them
wtf, pls2email, sir
we have a wiki and a bug tracker at work
that someone set up for this project
seems pretty neat

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you do R&D there, no?
i think thats pretty common
yeh so like, it helps to have shit around
but youre never gonna use it all, or some of it at all
thats bonehead, but not surprising
but yeh, you still paid 4x the price of as many as you needed
and its not like electronics go bad, but they kinda do
my dad used to do that with his pharmacy
it used to totally piss my bro off when he was helping him run the company
dude we needed like 100
dude we needed that money
3 reels is funny
the canadian subcontractors did all sorts of goofy shit
like, using the same logic part, but in three diff logic families
or just designing with the wrong part, not verifying the circuit, and ordering production quantities or them
for a circuit that just dont work

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is why larger switcher psu are a bitch
like if youre doing short run, youre likely gonna end up winding your own
thats pretty cool theyre willing to do that for you
dude we have this huge warehouse at work
but were not distribution
im like, wtf is all this shit
so apperently its old B stock, stuff the company doesnt sell anymore but they plan on selling outside of normal distribution
but i guess its like, a non-priority
he prob knows a local distributor for microchip
or a rep at the company
its diff with every company
like, maxim and i think microchip are direct
but atmel gives sample requests to local distributors
those are cute
all purple and gold

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mine avels will buzz a bit with very small loading
im not even sure if they buzz, you can feel them vibrating tho
oh the enclosed donuts?
either magnetic or environmental shielding
ive seen them potted into metal domes with just the wiring coming out
and im pretty sure they deal with magnetics manufacturers is theyll make whatever you want, if you want like 1000

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theyre higher unloaded, then they start to dropout with load
better the transformer, the less itll be affected by loading
oh neat
toroids are supposed to be pretty ideal, but i think because of that theyre capable of doing massive currents
without dropping out the voltages
yeh sounds pretty sane
Caution: The metal chassis should not touch both ends of the mounting bolt. This causes a shorted turn, which would overheat the transformer rapidly and cause its destruction.
hehe, awesome
itll race current thru the loop
i think itll head up the chassis which heats up the toroid, i dunno if its a direct effect on the toroids operation
maybe decreased efficiency

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it depends on the toroid, they kinda have surged over current protection
but yeh a big one like that will prob do mad current
im pretty sure the inductance keeps the surge at a top end limit, but im not positive its any kind of usable value
moon and kevtris know alot more about magnetics
note what you mean, but i think they can be built to keep the in/out ratio within certain values

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like its up to interpretation so you can fight it, but you prob wont win
your shit lawyer vs the most overpaid lawyers in the world
yeh like, these are your terms. for now.
we reserve the right to fuck you however we want later
btw dont fuckup because we will pwn you
they were sending me pre approved applications constantly
im like, hello guys, why are you trying to give me a CC
like because my mom has a stable income?
i was a fucking student i wasnt making any kind of money
low intro rates with huge jackups after initial period
and penalties from hell
the few i actually read i was like, omg hell no fu
yeh people will just trancer all debt to new low rate cards
over and over to keep from paying interest
but if you fuckup, you fuckup on a huge balance

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im sure in most situations they make bank, tho
credit cards scare me
i was watching this congress hearing
and this woman testified that she had been paying her min payment for years
never late, never got fees
they claimed she was a risk and jacked up her interest and min payment
like, damn you guys are making mad money off this woman already
the CC company people were just reading the company line
looking like asshole, looking ashamed
but just making the typical statements anyway
alot of the small print is vague enough they can do whatever they want regardless

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jezus fuck that typo error gonna get someone killed one day
so my insurance company is gonna autocharge my bank acct
which has $6 in it
they say the 27th, but last time i didnt happen until the 30th
i get a paycheck tomorrow, but i dont think it will clear for a couple days
this is gonna suck
haha i havent even called my old job to say i cant work there unless he wants me in on weekends
'we have no control over it'
'we cant overturn the fees due to prior abuse by customers'
yay parents

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this tape floss stuff is so much better than string floss
does like hurt and shit when it snaps past the tps of my back molars

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