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dx^: hmm

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oh shit guys
check this shit out
im reroute the power traces for servo amp a bit
then ima put an soic-8 footprint inside the dip-8 footprint
and have them parallel
so now you can use soic servo amp instead of just dip
no wait not that
no and then
too wordy

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versatile audio amp pcb is looking pretty sexy
star ground just happened

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twingy: um, by programming the backlash in after measuring it with a similar load?
if i do that and set XY zero approaching from the same direction, i almost get no error, maybe a couple mil over 4"

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windows is shit for control
ive had zero probs with emc
he should have had it powered down

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for an hour?

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eggsalad: Sarah Palin is fail
eggsalad: Sarah Palin is fail
eggsalad: Sarah Palin is fail
eggsalad: Sarah Palin
i never said that
i dont like fish

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dx^: two more days!
D= D= D=
hmm possibly not
she kinda has
guys yayayayay
eggsalad: Sarah Palin

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thos holes are sub mm?

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yeh smallparts.com just goes down to #000 too

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tried mcmaster?
they has everything
#000 is .034
yeh looks like they have nothing that small
yeh thats the smallest i can find

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