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do a nice edge
theirs are like hollow arrows i think

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nothing of this sort will be realized

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need ballmills
its a machine that machines perfect spheres

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i should make new ones
havnt even thought about it since yesterday
okay so i noticed theyre pointy
thaat should be neat to figure out

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they dont make 15A triacs with optoisolated gates
yar came from dx
k laters
thats what i made
mine prob cheaper
those are really parts
they usually come in pretty neat packages tho
but i dunno they always seem like in the small system/device category
like a bunch of shit potted into a box

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like 2 years, maybe
i think like 18 months
yeh, thermocouple feedback
pic 07.jpg
its just a to-220
that is the triac
the dip is an optotriac to trigger the triac
you trigger the small one with an led
and triacs are very suitable for driving triacs

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a) plastic bad
b) screen bowls bad
c) plastic bad
looks neat tho
big bongs = pull lag, double pulls, lack of portability
8-16" glass, pls
yeh fine i used to make bongs from a 10" aluminum stem with a threaded anodized bowl
just poke it into random bottles
im not proud of it
acrylic w/ glass stem/bowl is prob the lowest cost thing id consider since the last decade
thats not on the notes/ thing
thru http://darkertechnologies.com/image/albums/b/vap_proto-07.jpg

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comparator, relay
small/medium-ish dummy load pre-relay
quick turnon time, rawr

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youve never seen this stuff?
its been on for years

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yeh but thats entirely different!
i havent smoked cigs since like sunday
i spend alot of time like...
what now

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apestate: i succeeded in banning you i just didnt kick you
cuz im weird like that
i dont want to behave

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